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  1. I have used all three and I can tell you that the ESX will give you the best performance. I just got done setting up a cluster of Mac Pro with multiple FMS virtual machines
  2. Background... Worldcloud routinely resales FileMaker licensing to it's clients. Other than our monthly and/or shared server clients, it is a better value for our clients to purchase AVLA licensing as opposed to renting licensing monthly from Worldcloud. This in fact is part of the reason why FileMaker created the FBA program. Once a year we renew the majority of our FileMaker licesning with AVLA licensing. This year, our annual PO is due on Dec 22, 2013. Normally, our users would not care when our licensing renews, as we can resale new licensing at any time through the FileMaker FBA website. The 'catch' this year is that FileMaker has been particualrly generous with the 'conversion' of FileMaker Server Advanced licenses. Not only is the least expensive SKU to get 25 concurrent licenses, but they are also allowing us to increase of these licenses as long as the increase is done on the same aggreement as an existing FileMaker Server Advanced AVLA order, placing us in a unique position to make 'awesome' deals to our clients. Offer... Since Worldcloud has the ability to purchase multiple FileMaker Server Advanced / FileMaker 13 Server + 25 Concurrent license on Dec 22 under FMI's current upgrade policy, we are offering 'almost half price' on a license which FMI normally sells for $1,848. This is a one year, AVLA license. Offer #1 $999 for FileMaker Server 13 + 25 Concurrent licenses think of it as WebDirect/ Go for under $28 per user!!! for use on any FileMaker Server- including your local servers offer expires Dec 21, 2013 Offer #2 $799 for FileMaker Server 13 + 25 Concurrent licenses think of it as WebDirect/ Go for under $20 per user!!! when ordered with a Worldcloud Dedicated FileMaker Server** offer expires Dec 21, 2013 Offer #3 20% Off on Annual Service Plans at Worldcloud Shared, Dedicated, and/or virtual clients expires on Dec 31, 2013 Why... We have our own reasons: We realize the number of licenses we purchase from FileMaker is part of the critera used to determine whether a vendor may be considered for FBA Partner status If we sell enough of these licenses, we can get better 'Tier pricing' on our entire order and will save us money on other licenses on this order. It's a way to promote Dedicated FileMaker Servers from Worldcloud It's a way to stop (some) of the compaining about FileMaker's new pricing It makes us money - not much, but about what we would normally make off reselling a FMI Server license It's an oppotunity to sell additional licensing- we give (modest) discounts on all FileMaker licensing- call/email for quote We are in a position (as an AVLA FileMaker Server Advanced license holder) which many other users do not qualify Normally, we do not go into the specific details of our license renewals in a public forum; however, in this case we felt that if users understood the situation they are more adpt to beleive the creditbiltiy of our offers... ** see Worldcloud.com for pricing of dedicated servers, price not included as part of 'Offer #2'. Monthly and annual pricing available http://worldcloud.com for more info 865-384-8353 sales joe@worldcloud.com
  3. it most be late, because I read this as Europe, when it clearly stated Southern California. We rent a suite in the One Wilshire Building at 6th and Grand in downtown Los Angels- one of the most wired buildings in North America. We offer hosting 'free' for 30 days to anyone which wishes to give us an opportunity to earn your business... Thanks... worldcloud
  4. Among the hosting providers mentioned, none actually have servers in Europe- we all realize that FileMaker is network sensitive and closer is better. Worldcloud, Inc. is an FBA member, which has servers in Europe (Sweden) as well is in the United States (3 locations), Japan, and several other locations. Worldcloud also offers 15K SAS drives (RAID-6) on all of our FileMaker-centric clusters. We also offer SAS 70 Level III+ datacenter protection, which is much more rigid than ANY on-site server. Experaince why Eli Lilly, State of California, State of Washington, US Depsratment of Justice, and many other trust Worldcloud with their FileMaker solutions... http://worldcloud.com
  5. IWP promises a quick, easy method to get your FileMaker solution to the web; however, IWP does not currently support many of the features which we utilize everyday in our FileMaker 12 solutions (themes, conditional formatting, screen updates, auto-commit, etc). At the annual FileMaker DEveloper's Conference last week, Worldcloud, Inc. introduces a new service which will deliver a full FileMaker 12 client, including plug-in support, to any machine with an HTML 5 client- legacy Mac, Android, Kindle Fire, IE, Firefox, etc. These clients are lightening fast because of the 'FileMaker traffic' (between server and client) stays in the datacenter ona private network and only the screen changes are streamed to the HTML5 clients. If you are frustrated with IWP, or are simply looking for a more powerfull web-based solution, email joe@worldcloud.com for a free trail account...
  6. So many thoughts, so little time..... FIrst thought is Windows Server 2008R2 64 bit takes less drive space than it's 32 bit counterpart, so since it's the same price/ license we see no reason not to utilize it. We use this for all of our new installations. Windows 2003 will save some drive space but everytime you change the config it wants an install CD, plus there is an increasing number of features which are missing or greatly improved Win 2008. Most of our drives are RAID-6, as we get paid to be crazy causious; however, we've been playing with RAID-10 on our SSDs. If there was a single 'best' RAID solution, the others would just 'go away'. The fact is that we have different RAID models to fit each user's needs, level of risk, and budget; trying is argue that there is one 'best' system is like saying that all FileMaker databases should use sixth normal form/ the party method. What works well in one case, certainly does not mean that it should be used all the time. We are always playing with server configurations and have written a Server baenchmark tool, which we plan to release as 'freeware'. One of the advantages of a 'cloud' environment is that we can spin up and spin down multiple machines and do 'real-world' testing. If anyone would like to 'play' with different server configs, let me know and I can create some trial accounts for you.... Joe King CEO, Worldcloud, Inc. joe@worldcloud.com 865-384-8353
  7. We are developing a 'certified' EHR and have dealt with some of these issues. We started with 24U Phidgets as they have a RFID reader, but it's a 'weird' standard. We are currently working with Troi Serial and appear to have a working solution with a HID reader via the USB port. We have also spoken with a developer about doing out own plug-in. We may be able to pool our resources and make this happen as I suspect we are both looking at very similar requirements. Thanks, Joe
  8. The above user implies that 'custom active areas' could be done with a Web Viewer object, but I fear that he is mistaken. 1. Web Viewer objects do no layer with other objects 2. It's tedious to 'kill' the emboss effect on Windows Web Viewer Objects 3. Using a plug-in like Fusion reactor is required to 'connect' to FMP from a Web View object... The only way this makes sense if the entire object was done as a Web Viewer Object and Fusion Reactor or MDS plug-in was used to 'trigger' a script in FileMaker. ---- Moving back the initial request, I need a custom object in FileMaker. There use to be a trick using AppleWorks for Windows, but it does work with FMP10. I fear that adding hundreds of tiny objects is a recipe to added file size, redraw times, and other issues. I think a hint to the solution may be the question to this question. What can we get a 'round' object from FileMaker (layout mode copy) and be able to paste it and keep a 'transparent' background? Ideas?
  9. I just read a FileMaker press release where it clearly stated that one of the possibilities for script trigger were to trigger a script based off of layout inactivity. I have a solution which needs this functionality for several reasons; however, I can not find a way to do this with FileMaker Pro 10. The boolean calc to determine inactivty is one issue, as not all my layout permit any access to the data; and the second issue how to trigger the script. I've searched the 'normal' venues, but have not found my answer. I feel that I'm very close, and I'm pretty sure I can do this with Troi Activator or Worqsmart Events, but I was hoping to avoid third party plug-ins for a function that is technically possible for FileMaker Pro 10. Insight? Ideas? Comments? Thanks, Joe
  10. I may be able to help… I have 20 years of experaince in FileMaker products and I have every certification which FileMaker, Inc. has ever offered.. Give me an idea of what you are looking for and about your ministry… Thanks, Joe Joe King Certified FileMaker 7/8/9 Developer FM Developer’s Network joe@fmp9.com 865-384-8353
  11. Okay... For the record, I still like Broadband card because it keeps life simple, but we'll run with the idea of syncing this thing. I did a database for a large Christian ministry and their where lots of users where adding data, but syncing was fairly simple because 95% of the users where adding data to the database. In reality, you will likely have 30-40 tables in your database solution, some will need one-way pushes to the server, others will be one-way pulls from the server, and hopefully we can keep the number of 'true-way' syncs to a reasonable level. I foresee trying to keep a history of all activity, so as long as one inspector is not changing existing data, then syncing is not too difficult. If you have a database already started,I could give it a look and see what I think... Thanks, Joe
  12. The above advise is solid; however, since your list is based on a Table Occurence, you may also use the List(TO::fieldID) to populate your field. I don't see a huge advantage unless you are using the 'show only second value' option in your value list-- in that case my approach would permit you to show the name, but still set the underlying ID field. Thanks,
  13. titanium: This sounds like a perfect application for FileMaker... The 'collection utility' could be done with FileMaker runtime- meaning that you have all the 'ease of use' of FileMaker, keyboard shortcuts, and robusost interface. Runtime solutions can be delivered to multiple users without a per user expense. There are a number of providers (inclusing myself) which offer FileMaker hosting, so when the inspectors are back at the office the 'utility could' post to the 'network solution'. If I understand your situtation you need a mobile data collection tool, more than you need complete database functoinality on the road. For the record, most 'professional' FileMaker developers can sync a FileMaker Pro database, but I'mnot sure that two-way syncs are required here, and one-way is much less complex. Another option is to use cell-phone based mobile broadband cards, as I type this message, I'm sitting in a resturant using a Sprint card. Third thought, Sybase is not cheap, plus it has to be 'installed' on each machine. I recently completed a 'Tennis Match Scoring App' which ran from a USB Flash drive- no installers, no admin rights- just put it in and it collected data. In that solution the USB was returned to the 'main machine' and the collected data was pulled from the runtime solution. IF you really need full two-way syncand you don't wish to have a developer create a custom solution for you then you may wish to look at the WorldSync products... In short, FileMaker has plenty of options, and should be conisdered for your project. Another factor is that FileMaker solutions are less expensive to development than most of the other options on the market as well... Thanks,
  14. I use pre-user preferences and solution preferences on almost every solution I have created in the past four years. I put all the 'solution prefs' in a table called 'Common Resources'. I place the User Prefs in the User Table. There are two underlying principles that I think you should think of in this context. Don't think of 'prefenrences' as much as you are thinking of 'data'. The rules of Normalization will serve you well. I would also warn you to avoid globals for preferences- not only are they not defined in the principles of normalization, but they can also work differently from dev machine to hosted solution, not to mention it takes a bunch of scripting to handle to global prefs correctly. Hope this helps... Joe
  15. Several ideas: 1. check into Beezwax Inspector and dotcom FMDiff. I've found they can be valuable tools. 2. Send me the files and I will host them temporarily on my Windows Server 2003 based Server with FileMaker 9 Server Advanced. 3. Like they others my first impression is not a file corruption or hardware; so what about the network? What happens when you run 'bad' copy of the database on FMP Client without hosting. 4. The fact that backup failed is a sign. Did it only fail once? 5. I know that you stated that most of your data was 'text' but I would be looking real close at any binary data...
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