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  1. Cable

    Server 16 a bust?

    Is anybody else having major problems with FileMaker Server 16? I'm having certificate problems, connection issues, scripting errors and now major calculation errors. It started out with repeated errors stating that my SSL certificate (which worked just fine in FMS 15) wasn't being recognized and I kept getting the "cannot verify server's identity) error. I keep having problems with multiple stranded connections. For example, there have been times when I know not one single person is logged in (because we've been closed for hours and hours) and yet there will still be dozens of connections on the server. Then when I look at the detail some of them will be for the same user showing as being connected six or seven times. A reboot fixes. Then starting yesterday I started having problems with calculations giving completely wrong answers. For example, I have a chart that bounces sales numbers against a sales goal. The report this morning showed one salesperson had a goal of $32,479 and actual sales of $32,770. The chart showed that she is at 3% of her sales goal. Not. Even. Close. If I run the report manually, it is just fine. I also have a problem with some scripts. For example, I have one that checks a table for items that have been inactivated and deletes prices in a related table. Except instead of doing that it is just randomly deleting hundreds to thousands of prices. Again, if I run the script manually it works just fine. Only a problem when the server runs it. Something seems to be majorly wrong with Server 16. I'm close to declaring it a bust and going back to FMS 15. I just really hate to lose the new PDF generator (from the server) which I have been needing for years.
  2. Log viewer shows errors up the yin-yang...
  3. I'm having multiple connection issues with FileMaker Server 16 running on a Windows 2016 VMWare server. Background: I had my solutions running on a virtual server hosted with FMS 15. I started to have problems with overnight scripts not running and random slowness. My VMWare vendor suggested moving FileMaker to a new virtual server. I figured as long as I was moving I might as well upgrade to FMS 16. That process was completed yesterday. The old server was called Bloodgood and the new one is Bonsai. I'm still having problems with my overnight scripts running and I think they're related to additional problems I'm having. I have a SSL certificate for the server. When I log into a database using FMPA 16 on the server, I get repeated errors that "the connection to fm.willowaynurseries.com:5003" is not encypted". I'll check off the box to always permit connection and hit the connect button and the lock will turn green. After a bit (seconds to minutes) the lock will turn orange and I'll get the connection message again. It is noteworthy that the SSL cert is ties to willowaynurseries.com and when the server was on Bloodgood if I tried to connect using the Remote button and let it find the local.Bloodgood server over the network I would get the connection error message but it didn't specify a port and once I told it to allow the connection I'd have no further problems. Also, if I open one of the overnight scripts, it shows that same message but also shows that scripts referenced in other databases are "unknown" (see attached). As I scroll through the script it will also pop up an "open file" dialogue box, but won't tell me what file it is trying to open. Even more oddly, none of this happens if I'm using FMPA 16 on my computer. Only if I use it on the server. Does anybody have any idea what might be happening or how to troubleshoot/resolve?
  4. Cable

    FM 16 bottom toolbar

    Ok, yes, you're right. That put me onto the (clunky) solution for me. I already have a keybaord shortcut set to switch from the custom menu to the standard one. If I do that keyboard shortcut first, then the ctrl-alt-s works. Not as easy as just clicking one button as before but it will work, thanks!
  5. Cable

    FM 16 bottom toolbar

    It ends up being extra work either way. Either I modify the login scripts to recognize me and put the menus back or I add a special button bar and hide it for everyone but me. All because of a new "feature". They should have just left it alone but apparently forgot to consult me.
  6. doughemi esplained what I was suggesting
  7. Cable

    FM 16 bottom toolbar

    What is that word you keep using? I do not think it means what you think it means. lol. That's exactly what I'm saying. FM 15 works just fine. ctrl-alt-s doesn't work in 15 either but I hit the toggle button and wa-bam. I think the difference is that I see the menus in 15 but I do not see them in 16. I'm kind of not liking 16 but when FileMaker gives you lemons at least it isn't MS Access...
  8. Cable

    FM 16 bottom toolbar

    ctrl-alt-s does nothing on the screen in question. I don't think shortcuts work if the menu is off.
  9. Create a relationship with a reverse date sort and only show the first record?
  10. I have a similar problem as I mentioned in another thread. Mine's even worse, though. I have FileMaker running digital signs. By default I turn off all toolbars and menus. In FM 16 I would then just hit the button in the bottom toolbar to bring the menus back and switch to a standard menu when I needed to work on the file. Can't do that anymore! I also REGULARLY used the menu in the bottom toolbar to switch between modes. Can't do that anymore either. It is really a pain now. I am not liking 16 very much. If it wasn't for the ability to create PDFs from the server I wouldn't even be considering switching. But so far that seems to be irrelevant because I can't get a critical web viewer to render to PDF in 16. /rant
  11. Cable

    FM 16 bottom toolbar

    From what I can see once you turn off the menus there is no way to get them back, even with Advanced. I have no buttons because for most instances where this is an issue there are no buttons, no menus, no navigation. I used to hit the bottom toolbar menu to bring them back.
  12. I have several reports that use Google Charts displayed through a web viewer to display a "'gas gauge" type of chart. This is a very popular style for our dashboard reports to the point where it is a requirement. I originally started using them in FileMaker 14 and they worked great. When FileMaker 15 came out they wouldn't work at first but then did after an update to the code. I'm now testing Filemaker 16 and they're back to not working properly. They do display on the screen just fine but if you try to print preview, print, or Send to PDF they do not show. Does anybody have experience with this or know if a setting changed in FMPA 16 that could be causing them to not print?
  13. Cable

    Thank you..

    Good luck. So far for me it has been a Factory of Crashness. I've had 3 full crashes and multiple times it was locked up for long intervals since working with it today. Also had a crash yesterday after first installing it and trying it for an hour or so.
  14. Cable

    FM 16 bottom toolbar

    I'm old and I fear change... Is there any way to get the bottom toolbar back in FM16? I used it ALL THE TIME to change layout modes, change zoom level, and turn the top ribbon on and off. In fact, I have one solution that I couldn't edit at all in FM16 because there was no way to access the menus. I ended up going back to FM15 and telling it that when my account logged in to turn the menus back on so that I could work with the file. I used to just log in, click the icon to turn the top ribbon on, and then switch to standard menus as needed. Also, my Alt-tab functionality is pretty much ruined now that each window shows up separately. I also don't like that the window order in the window list re-sorts with the current window at the top. My OCD is going mental today... But it is all worth it to have the old behavior (don't even remember the version) back where selecting multiple objects shows you the position of the group without having to actually group and ungroup them! lol. But anyway, is there an option I can't find that would turn that bottom toolbar back on?
  15. That was it, thanks guys! :-)

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