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  1. As I said, even if I use a non-repeating field and make "Limits" be a single value of the largest number anyone is allowed to use in the webform, it fails. It is validating against the value in a related file as you suggest, but it fails under FMU 6 and works under FMU 5.
  2. The last most convenient way I have it working under FMU 5 is: I have a databse named "Locations". Each location has a repeating field named "Limits". Some locations require that they receive a separate attendee name for event held there, others will allow a party of three to sign up under one name. So, if Location A allows three people to sign up under one name, I enter into the repeating field on that location record the values 1, 2, & 3. Now when a person goes to the website and chooses to sign up for an event held at Location A, and they enter into the "Number in Party" fiel
  3. I've been trying to move my FileMaker Pro Unlimited hosted web site from 5.0v3 on OS 9 to 6.0v4 on OS X. The problem I'm having is that after hosting the site with FMU 6, the validations I have been using under FMU 5 don't work any more. I have a form that is filled out online that goes to an error page if filled out improperly that works perfectly under 5, but fails every time under 6. I am using validations in the field definition, and Range, Not Empty, Data Type all work fine, but if I try to validate using a value list or a calculation it ignores the validation. I have tried using
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