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  1. That works perfectly ! Thank you Mr Vodka for pointing me to the file , and thanks to Comment for uploading it
  2. Thanks for the reply , and pointing me in the right direction - I had a play around with some sort of filter calc , but have to admit that I just couldn't get my head around it. with regard to the 4 portals - should I set all four portals to the same 'initial row' of 1 (and then the filter calculation will sort out the viewable records), or set them sequentially 1 , 2 , 3 and 4? here's an example of the database, if you would be so kind as to give me an example of a filter calc . thanks Example_database.zip
  3. i worked out where i went wrong - the images have to be in a specific place for them to appear on FM Go.
  4. I have a 'products' table that I would like to incorporate in a layout that will be used by customers to browse through products in a shop. I would like around 4 records viewable at a time (2 fields - a container for an image and a description field , and then buttons to shift to the next set of records 1-4 , 5-8 ect. like this: has anyone successfully managed to do something like this? any help would be appreciated thanks
  5. I have a database hosted by FMS12 and run by a few FM12 clients and am wanting to use FM Go 12 on my ipad as a client as well. I've got FM Go running the database but all my images from a container field are not displaying on the ipad (they are fine on FM12 clients on Windows PCs) The images in the particular container field are referenced to a folder on the server , as apposed to Filemaker itself holding the images , so as to not overburden the clients and this has worked out great in the past. Any ideas why the images are not showing in FM Go 12 but are on FM12 Windows clients? thanks
  6. thanks for your replies. Comment - so what you are saying is that: Substitute ( Product name ; """ ; """) won't achieve what I need?
  7. I have a field that sometimes has a " symbol in it. Hi I have a field that sometimes has a " symbol in it. - this field will be exported to a .csv file and imported into a web server. My website people told me to replace the " with " so the import script their end understands the difference between field contents and the start and end of each field. I've got this far , but am having trouble with the last part Substitute (Product name ; """ ; " " ") I can get it half working if i put this in - but when i remove the spaces , it doesn't accept it. any thoughts welcome !
  8. I unchecked and rechecked the option to perform audio enters and it worked - strange
  9. yes I did. I'm going to go back in to that dialog box and set it up again though to see if it makes a difference.
  10. I've got Filemaker to import a .csv file (a mailing list - via a FMS Scheduled script - it's downloaded first from a web server and then imported). I've set the import parameters to update existing and add any new which works fine. I now want to add a field that contains the creation date of the new record , so I thought it would be a simple case of adding a Date field to my table (auto enter Creation Date) ,So when a new record is created , it would automatically populate the date field, but this doesn't seem to work. Apart from getting my website people to add the field their end and have it import, is there a way for this field to be populated by Filemaker itself? any help would would be appreciated. thanks
  11. thanks for the explanation and the example , i shall try that.. thank you both
  12. Thanks , I shall take a look. I wonder why the Round (fieldname ; 2 ) doesn't work better in this application
  13. Hi, I have 3 fields in a table that contain a currency amount in £ and I have formatted the fields on screen with currency £ and 2 decimal places which for on-screen use , is fine. I need to use the fields' contents in an email and find that I loose the formatting of 2 decimal places when doing so , which I can understand why - but I want £132.00 to appear as £132.00 , not £132 when using the data elsewhere, such as emails. is this a job for a custom function? and does anyone have an example I can see. many thanks
  14. I've been using this plug in for a few years now for plain text emails and want to start getting in to html emailing. I've played around with adding a background colour , and embedding images and got that working ok , but I would now like to display multiple records in a table and get them into a table in my html email and was wondering if anyone had some examples of this that I could take a look at. My filemaker table would have , say 10 records and 4 fields per record - the fields would be 'Item' , 'Quantity' and "price' Any help would be great thanks
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