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  1. I have a monster legacy file with 300+ layouts and so I need a plug-in that quickly reports all layouts that a given field appears on. Also the scripts and relationships the field appears in. After an hour looking, I’ve found Developer Assistant, but it doesn’t seem to report layouts for fields or fields on a layout. I’m in Filemaker 11. Many thanks! Jennifer
  2. Please forgive me for not responding sooner. I'm hoping you got this resolved, and I'm just late. There's a tiny syntax error in the calculation, having one-too-many double-quotes ("). Should probably be ... $AgeFromInDays & "..." & $AgeToInDays] FileMaker usually catches these and doesn't let us save a calc with syntax problems. Maybe you have it right in the database but mistyped it here. I'll try to check back sooner than last time!
  3. Have you had a chance to review the "file references" that are stored in each database file, as part of the Manage External Data Sources? For databases long-in-the-tooth, it's common for multiple file references to have "built up" as a result of being deployed on different computers. FileMaker resolves these "paths" in the order they appear. If each file opens, then at least one of the File Paths does indeed "work," but FM may be having to resolve several "old" file paths before reaching the "right" one. Maybe it will help.
  4. ... maybe double-check that all the fields you're setting with "numeric" criteria are indeed "Number" fields. I've gotten weird results from having my field type wrong. Next, in steps where your calculation assembles a criteria string, such as the "Babies/AgeinDays" and "Babies/gestationWeeks" fields, try using an "Insert Calculated Result" step instead of "Set Field." That's tripped me up many times, too. Finally, using the "%" character in the "Languages/% Lang" field diverges from FM's naming recommendations, so referencing it in calculations requires it be "escaped." I doubt t
  5. Like a "sidebar" ?.. I wish there was a way, but unfortunately, no.
  6. I wonder if "Export Records" is Server-compatible ... FileMaker 10 introduced a distinction between "IWP" and "Server" compatibility in the Editing Script window. I'm still using FM 9, where it's identified simply as "web compatibility." It shows "Export Records" and "Export Field Contents" are not web-compatible. I think that's true for Server scripts, as well. ... just a thought. Hope you get it worked out.
  7. I think you're asking a great question! Learn all you can about Accounts & Privileges. The effort you spend on security will likely reduce the amount of coding you would do, otherwise. Next, take a long look at the list of Script Steps that are NOT available under IWP. Depending on what you're trying to accomplish, scripting for IWP can make your life difficult. Your existing scripts will almost certainly need to be edited or completely revised. Finally, study FileMaker's "Help" about anything pertaining to web publishing. There are many subtleties. That's a lot to
  8. All good points, sir ... I need to give it more thought. Thanks again for your time and providing such good details to consider!
  9. Thank you both, and your point is key, Vaughn, about secondary scripts having the ability to run. That bias is in place for a reason. I've been setting a variable as you recommend, DJ, and it looks like that's the way to go. Rich's post prompted me to ask whether a better approach existed. Much appreciation.
  10. Hi Vaughn: I'm having trouble making that work. I built a Test script that sets Abort to OFF, then enters Pause indefinitely. A separate button resumes the script (with the "Current Script" option set to 'RESUME' in the Button Setup), and the Test script completes its execution. During that Pause however, any other buttons I click (all using the 'PAUSE' option for Current Script) will execute their scripts. When those scripts terminate, the Test script revives the Pause state. From there, I can terminate the Test script. I'm probably missing something, but is there a wa
  11. Hi: Portals can not be used in Table view ... at least not within the "rows." However, you can have a portal in the Header portion of Table view. As you click on different records in the rows, your portal will display the related records for the current record. Maybe that could work for you ...
  12. In Form view, it is standard FileMaker behavior to advance to the first element (field or button) in the Tab Order when entering Find Mode. You could add a "Commit" step in your script after entering Find Mode; however, it can confuse users when no fields are active. What about having your script advance to a specific field, ie, Go to Field? List view and Table view ignore buttons in the Tab Order. You can customize the tab order in List view and determine the first field to enter for Find Mode. In Table view, though, the Tab Order defaults to the order of fields, from left-to-rig
  13. I get that dialog when I'm running 2 versions of FileMaker. It seems whichever version first launches a database that permits Extended Privileges for networking, it will "seize" network access. For example, using FMA 8.5, I launch a file shared by FMServer, and it opens fine. No problem. I then launch FMA 9.0 and open a local database. If the file has Extended Privileges involving network access, I get that message. The database still opens, but those Extended Privileges are blocked. The only remedy I've found is to restart the computer and open my database under the version
  14. I would agree. You can have a searchable numeric field, instead. In your Parent table, create a calculation resulting as a Number. Modify the following calc to fit your relationship and field ... Count ( childrelationship::IDfield ) It's critical that the field being "counted" always have a value. Most developers use the ID field. Hope this helps!
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