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  1. Thanks for the great feedback. I'll take a look at cleaning things up a bit more. For now I think I'll stick to letting ExecuteSQL() do the SUM as a rewrite on that would just be to time consuming. As I don't even know if it will be a huge benefit in speed to get away from it at this point. Sorry about posting in the wrong area, I forgot all about the FQL section.
  2. In a solution I'm writing I've used several ExecuteSQL () unstirred calculations. Some of the first were written very similar to this as I have a need to use variables to grab information. Does it slow things down to incase it in a Let function (see Let Code)? In several areas I could easily rewrite it to be more clean as I don't need to base anything off of variables (see clean code example). Let Code.. Let ( [ $event = event_item::_kf_event; $item = event_item::_kf_item; $type = 1] ; ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT SUM (Qty) FROM "itemtrans" a WHERE a."_kf_event" = ? AND a."_kf_item" = ? AND a."transtype" = ?" ; " " ; " " ; $event ; $item ; $type )) Clean Code. ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT SUM (Qty) FROM "itemtrans" a WHERE a."_kf_event" = ? AND a."_kf_item" = ? AND a."transtype" = ?" ; " " ; " " ; _kf_event ; _kf_item ; 1 ) Do you think I will see any noticeable improvement with what I'll call cleaner code. I really do like ExecuteSQL () as it's kept my TO's way down but for some reason I was hoping it would be faster
  3. I've got it working. Goofy permissions issue.
  4. I've done some PHP development but I'm far from expert. Right now I'm attempting to setup a file were instead of going straight to the data file for the table occurrences and layouts I'm creating a new file where I want to create all TOs and Layouts specific for PHP. Everything seems to be working except for one (kinda major issues) no data displays. is this even possible. I've attempted some additional testing and data stored in a local table and layout loads right way in PHP. So can a 2 files system be used in this way for PHP?
  5. Oyseka I'm also experiencing a similar issue with the default font. I'm unable to use the format painter set the fields, if i select a field or object with Verdana and try to use format painter to make other objects match, the object I paint always comes up Helvetica. Objects with Tahoma and Arial work fine. The twist is that my home machine works fine so it must be a setting/bad file/permission or something. I've tried reinstalling but no luck. If I find a solutions I'll post it here. If anyone has any suggestion I'm more than willing to listen. Developing a layout takes about 3x as long with format painter broken. Update: I don't really have a resolution but new findings and very inconsistent results. It appeared that (my) issue could be with some objects not working with format painter after a conversion from 11 to 12. New objects (more specifically buttons, created in 12 appear to be working fine). However new plain text is still not functioning correctly. This is very odd and frustrating.
  6. capsprojectos, The piece of info about having the Data Viewer open while stepping through is the key. With Debugger and no Data Viewer the difference is no existent. Stepping through with Data Viewer open I see what you're talking about, that is painful ever step i see the spinning beach ball. Is it odd that with Data Viewer open and no debugger it performs just as fast. It's as if Debugger and Data Viewer aren't getting along. As for systems, i'm i5(dual core)/2.4 GHz /4GB/ OSX 10.7.3 Oops I replied to Jeremy, meant to reply to capsprojectos (fixed that).
  7. I did not see any slow down between fm 11 and 12. if there is a difference it's imperceptible to me.
  8. Change your "Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) - Time ( 0;30;0 )" to something like this. Time ( Hour ( Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) ) ; Minute ( Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) ) -30 ; Seconds ( Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) ) )
  9. We have a solution that has been working well for a couple years now. It's related to students submitting scholarship applications, the use is kind of 'seasonal' not hit year around. This year we've noticed an issue with some fields only being partially complete. It's not just one field it happens across many fields. Example, "PO Box 123" we only get "PO" or "North City" we get "North" since we only get the first word, I checked to make sure Filemaker wasn't doing anything on the back end with a Trim and nothing. It really seems to be coming from form submission. Also it doesn't happen on every record. It seems to be a bit random. Is anyone aware of a new browser or browser update that might be causing this issue? Suggestion are always appreciated. TIA
  10. While probably not the cleanest way. (Hopefully I'm understanding clearly also) In the Social Table create a global or calc field with a value that matches your Active Status. ( isAcitve="Active" ) In your Main Table create global or calc fields with a value that matches your field contents ( isIntro, isSingle, isPaired ) three fields total as you describe. Create three table occurrences in the relationship graph Status = isActive and isIntro=SocialField Then you can do your Count Calc fields based on those relationships. There is mostly likely a must cleaner way to do this but as I unless i missed something this will get your numbers.
  11. I've not started this project but I'm trying to get my head around how I might go about it. The client is a doctors office and they have asked about giving a patient an iPad to fill out information on, instead of those paper forms they give us then have to retype them later. I know that at the time of the visit a Patient should already have a minimum of First and Last name already entered in the DB. Do to this doctors work there is almost zero chance of a walk in appointment. How might you go about handing the patient the iPad ready for them to input their own info. My first thought is to have the receptionist first find the record, input a security code to lock FM Go to this record and when she get it back he or she could unlock it by entering a code again. Getting ready for the next patient. I've not really thought threw this 100% so any suggestion or gotcha's to look out for would be greatly appreciated.
  12. grumbachr


    I'm searching for any info on how to get FM to populate a PDF form ODBC style or with a plugin. I'll keep searching but if anyone can save me some time and point me to any resource that might be for doing such a trick. TIA.
  13. It looks like you are hoping to design one layout to work on all platforms. This will require some very big compromises. Without know more I would suggest creating a separate layout just for printing. Put a print script on this layout that opens a new window with a printer friendly layout. This can be scaled/stripped down (smaller type sizes, no backgrounds) to fit the printed page. If you haven't check out. http://www.rcconsulting.com/FMGO-Web/index.html http://www.soliantconsulting.com/gotoolkit/ Two great resources for making FM Go work for you better.
  14. It kind of looks like you designed it for a vertical orientation but you are viewing it in a horizontal orientation. Do you want it to fit the screen no matter which way you turn the iPad?
  15. In the "Edit Privilege Set" (File>Manage>Security>Privilege Sets> Edit ) window make sure the privilege set you are wanting to allow has access via fmapp, fmiwp , fmphp etc..
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