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  1. I'm getting an error message when trying to sign up for the weekly videos: http://filemakerfree.com/signupHandler.php' Error Subscribing: (-1) Invalid Email I enter a valid email but still get the error message no matter what email address I use.
  2. Because Windows is a very stable platform with a lot of backwards compatibility, you can still create runtimes using Filemaker Pro 13 or 14 for WINDOWS users for years to come. It will be the Mac users who will hurt the most since the Filemaker Pro 13 or 14 isn't guaranteed to work with future versions of OS X for creating runtime solutions. Since there are obviously many more Windows users than Mac users, you can still generate a lot of profit by targeting Windows users for your solutions.
  3. ​The developer is actively developing FMPro Migrator. Realize that it is a huge task to completely convert a Filemaker Pro database to Access and Access to Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Pro to PHP or LiveCode or SQL versions - and to keep up with Filemaker as it creates new file formats that are incompatible with the old versions. He wrote FMPro Migrator in LiveCode which is why you can convert Filemaker Pro to a LiveCode application. It initially a year ago did not support the new Filemaker Pro 12 file format, but now he is. And it is possible to convert Filemaker Pro 13 databases to an Access database with nearly the same appearance and layout as your Filemaker database. That is the attraction of FMPro Migrator - it does a lot of the work for you. In regard to Access versions, realize that Microsoft does a really good job of converting an Access database to and from different versions. Within Access 2013, you can open up an Access 2007 database and instantly convert it to the 2013 format. You can even downgrade an Access 2013 database into an Access 2007 or 2010 database - something you absolutely cannot do with Filemaker. And you can open up an Access 2007 database, use it and keep it in the 2007 format. You aren't forced to convert formats like Filemaker Pro does. What allows this to easily happen is that Access underneath the interface and Visual Basic scripting language is simply a pure SQL database that is the equal of Filemaker Pro but is much deeper. I think Access is every bit the equal of 4th Dimension though as a Microsoft Product is more disorganized in its approach, but in many ways a lot easier to use than 4D since it doesn't have the kitchen sink approach that 4th Dimension has used through the years. Every action - such as doing a query and creating a script is converted into the SQL language in the background by Access. The interface is simply a front end to an SQL database. If you want to program Access totally and directly in SQL instead of Visual Basic, you actually can simply do it. An attractive option is to use FM Pro Migrator to convert your Filemaker Pro Database - keeping the layouts, look and feel - into a LiveCode compiled stand-alone application. LiveCode can compile the newly created database into an app that runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linus, iOS, and Android. You can sell it as a stand-alone compiled app on each platform. In regard to LiveCode, it started its life as Runtime Revolution - an evolution of Hypercard. It still uses a card metaphor. Then it morphed into a cross between Hypercard and RealBasic. There is a free community version if you want to get your feet wet in it. Given its roots, it is a lot easier to code and rapid prototype in it than using Objective C or Swift. Should we lose Filemaker's runtime solution and should Filemaker not offer a better solution (i.e. a compiled app solution), then FMPro Migrator offers a really attractive option for your existing databases. You can use Filemaker Pro as the prototyper.
  4. Luckily, you don't have to start from scratch. You can create a solution in Filemaker Pro 2013, then use FMPro Migrator to convert it into a Microsoft Access 2013 Database - which has a runtime solution you can sell. Or use it to convert your Filemaker solution to a stand alone LiveCode Application - which you can sell on the Mac App store. It works great for doing the conversion. You can prototype in Filemaker before doing the conversion. I wish Microsoft would create Access for Mac so that the entire office suite would run on OS X. With an Office365 for Business account, Microsoft can host your Access for web solution for use within your company. Its a great solution that costs a lot less than a Filemaker server solution. For $150 a year per person, you get 5 copies of Office for Macs and PCs, 5 copies of iOS Office, soon unlimited (currently 1 TB) for the only HIPAA SECURE cloud storage on OneDrive, Skype video conferencing for business, and any number of your Web-hosted Access Databases. And for PCs, you can create stand-alone runtimes of your Access databases. Obviously, you can still run Access from Windows in Parallels on OS X if you don't want to run it on a PC.
  5. For the past year, I have been using Filemaker Pro Advanced 12.x with ScriptMaster 4.132 (4/4/2012) with zero problems. They work well together and have been rock solid. And ScriptMaster 4.132 had no problems with the scripts I have been using when I upgraded to Filemaker Pro Advanced 12.0.5 My computer is a MacBook Pro 17" 2011 2.3 GHz Intel i7 with 16 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD, OS X 10.9.1 I did not realize there were several updates to ScriptMaster in the past year. So I installed the latest one: ScriptMaster 4.205 (7/24/2013). 1. When the 360Works_ScriptMaster.fmplugin 4.205 is installed, Filemaker takes 30+ seconds to start up and show its Open New or Existing File dialog box. 2. When the 360Works_ScriptMaster.fmplugin 4.132 is installed, Filemaker takes 2 seconds to start up and show its Open New or Existing File dialog box. I tested it by reinstalling 4.205, deinstalling it and reinstalling 4.132 several times. Each time 4.205 prolonged Filemaker's startup by 30+ seconds. When I disabled 4.205, Filemaker startup speed returns to normal. When I try to re-enable 4.205, the plug-in takes 30+ seconds to be enabled. With 4.205 enabled, Filemaker takes 30+ seconds to start up. Obviously, ScriptMaster 4.205's slowdown of Filemaker Pro Advance start up time is unacceptable. It looks like it is a problem with loading the ScriptMaster plug-in version 4.205. Version 4.132 loads so much faster. I had to downgrade back to ScriptMaster 4.132 despite the potential improvements in 4.205. What is causing the slowdown? Unfortunately, 360Works doesn't allow us to download all of the previous versions of ScriptMaster. Help!
  6. I have a crash issue with FM12: 1. convert database from FM11 to FM12 2. open the manage value list window 3. duplicate a value list. FM12 then crashes. I have to create a new value list to avoid the crash on duplicating list bug.
  7. I suspect that one of the slowdowns is caused by the removal of Field Border Effects from Filemaker 12. Field Border Effects were an easy way to add dimensionality to the look of fields in Filemaker 11 and earlier. The problem is that the conversion of a database from Filemaker 11 to Filemaker 12 still maintains the Field Border Effect (e.g. engraved) rather than converting the effect into an HTML/CSS equivalent. For example, Engraved field borders could be converted to a 1 pixel solid line border with the top and left borders selected - resulting in a similar appearance. Thus, two methods need to be called to redraw the layout: one to render the HTML/CSS parts of the layout and one render the old-style fields with Field Border Effects via the old method. This requires much more CPU time to draw a layout - particularly a complex layout. I converted a list layout with numerous fields set to engraved field borders to a fields with a 1 pixel solid line border with the top and left borders selected. Scrolling the conversion seems much more fluid and faster. Perhaps now, only one method is being used to redraw the layout as opposed to two methods from the original conversion.
  8. The speed loss from Filemaker 11 to Filemaker 12 is like going from Mac OS X 10.7 back to Mac OS X 10.0 beta. It is really that slow for many things - such as running scripts, scrolling, etc. FM 12 is sluggish. Hopefully, the programmers that be at Filemaker can sort this out and greatly improve on this release soon. Otherwise, I'm downgrading back to FM 11 - despite having paid for the upgrade.
  9. Thanks. This was driving me nuts. It is a change that was entirely unnecessary.
  10. I use a lot of conditional formatting to show the status of various fields in a database. I can see why this is now much slower in Filemaker Pro 12. I will have to see about dismantling all the conditional formatting to see how much of a speed up I can get. This is unfortunate since conditional formatting is a great feature. I would love to see Filemaker Pro do some compilation of the code just like Safari compiles javascript to greatly speed up processing to near native speeds. As an aside, in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, the powers that be unfortunately removed the scroll arrows from the scroll bars. I seldom used the Page Up and Page Down keys until now.
  11. Looks like conditional formatting is very very slow. Apparently, as I understand it, Filemaker switched to an HTML/CSS format for describing objects. The problem is that creates a lot more code to parse the same objects in Filemaker Pro 12 than Filemaker Pro 11, slowing everything down. Despite having a top-of-the-line MacBook Pro i7 with 16 Gigs RAM and a SSD drive, Filemaker seems to take up more CPU cycles in FM 12 than in FM 11. I hope Filemaker can come up with a way to compile this code. It is possible since Safari uses a javascript compiler to greatly speed things up.
  12. One of the biggest pains in FM 12 is that selecting objects in Layout Mode selects anything that is touched. Previously, you have to totally encompass an object before it is selected. This allows one to be highly selective of what one selects. Now, I have to be really careful since background objects can inadvertently be selected. I have to do a lot of click selections now, instead of lasso'ing them. It take a lot more work now to select items than before.
  13. Thanks! Sometimes even demo-ware installs plug-ins into your Filemaker plug-in folder.
  14. Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced is slower than Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced. It is a huge, perceptible slowdown. This is easily seen in list view if you use a lot of conditionally formatted fields and objects. Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced uses a lot more CPU power when you scroll down the list. This is very very very disappointing. The primary reason I upgraded was that I expected the latest version to be faster than the older version. Certainly, this was true of the jump from Filemaker Pro 10 to Filemaker Pro 11. I was very happy with the speed bump. But a huge slowdown is a huge and disappointing let down. It takes away productivity from the user. It looks like I will have to simplify the formatting to help speed up the scrolling until Filemaker fixes this issue. Slowdowns in newer versions means that the program is getting bloated and that the programmers were lazy as hell. Unfortunately, this affects us all.
  15. You also have to be careful with field names which have periods (".") in the name. This disrupts conversion from FMKR 7-11 files to the new FMKR12 format. But this may also affect other functions within Filemaker such as the new ExecuteSQL function. Looks like the days of free naming of field names and variables are over. I wish Filemaker could clarify what the naming rules are so we don't have to pull out our hair when bugs occur.
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