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  1. Hello, I am using FileMaker Server 9v3 with Mac OS X Server v10.5.4. I have observed that FileMaker Server will not send email notifications on port 587. I can get it to work with port 25, but port 587 does not work. This does not work despite the fact that when I click "Test SMTP Settings..." in the admin console, I receive a prompt stating "The SMTP test was successful." No, it wasn't! Anyway, if anyone knows how to have FileMaker Server 9v3 send emails via port 587, I would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. If it can't be done, perhaps someone on the inside can log a bug with FileMaker? Last I checked, they wanted to charge me for support, and if they determined it was a bug, refund my money after the fact. I don't play those games. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hello. I am using FileMaker Server 9.0v3 with Mac OS X v10.5.2. I am attempting to use the Database Upload Assistant within the Admin Console to transfer a database from a computer running FileMaker Server 8 to the 9.0v3 server. I am choosing to upload to the Default Folder, and to NOT open the database after the upload is complete. When I click the Next button to actually upload the database, an error appears that reads as follows. "Could not create the folder: /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/" Has anyone seen this before? If so, how does one work around it? Thanks for reading!
  3. Vaughan, Thank you so much! I had tried a loop previously, but was unsuccessful. Cheers!
  4. I am using FileMaker 8.0. I have a database with a value list field whose options are "Yes" or "No". I would like to write a script that will go through all records in the database and change any instances of "Yes" to "No". Is this possible? I tried doing it the following way but was unsuccessful. Show All Records Go to Field [Contact::RSVP] Set Field [Contact::RSVP; Contact::RSVP = "Yes"] Go to Field [Contact::RSVP] Perform Find/Replace [No dialog; Contact::RSVP = "Yes"; Contact::RSVP = "No"; Replace] Thanks for reading!
  5. Could the Clear step in your script be affecting the last record?
  6. In the record that is not being updated, is NewReqDate a later date than Req_Date? If so, perhaps its prior to 1900? If neither applies, I would wonder if the record that is not being updated is actually being found by your calculation.
  7. I have created a database with different layouts for each table, but the header section of each layout is the same. Each button (New, Delete, etc.) uses the New Record function. Since the New Record is only created for the table currently being viewed, I don't have to write a script for each table. I will suggest that you double-check your relationships with such a setup, as you may not want to delete related records from a different table when you delete a record from the current table.
  8. FM 8v2 with Server 8v2 I have a script with a step that reads as follows: Go to Related Record [show only related records; Match found set; From table: "Spots"; Using layout: "spots" {Spots}] After that line in the script, concatenation is done based upon the results of that script step. What I am observing is that if there are no (zero) related records in the Spots table, I am getting a concatenation of ALL the records in the Spots table (which are unrelated to the record I am currently working with). Is it possible to skip the subsequent series of steps if the number of related records is zero, as opposed to proceeding with the script for ALL records in the table? Conceptually, perhaps something like "If the number of related records is zero, do nothing". Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  9. I am using FMP 8v2 in conjunction with Server 8v2. I have a field whose value is a calculation using the Get ( FoundCount ) function. The problem I am having is that if the number of records is reduced, the value in the field using Get ( FoundCount ) is not updated. For example, if Get ( FoundCount ) finds 3 records, the number 3 appears in the field using that function. If I delete a record, I now have two (2) records, but the field using Get ( FoundCount ) will still display 3 for a value. Is Get ( FoundCount ) supposed to update dynamically with the found set? If it is, I think I found a bug. If it is not supposed to update dynamically, is there a way I can force an update without initiating a find again? Thanks for reading!
  10. You are an excellent mind reader then! : Would a PDF of the relationships graph help?
  11. Comment, Thanks! It works your way, but can you explain why it did not work my way? I would like to understand why it did not work, as a means of building up my FMP knowledge.
  12. To the 20+ people who read my post, thanks for reading. I managed to solve the problem quoted above by changing how my tables were related to one another. However, I still have a problem with value lists. Perhaps this other problem is easier to solve. When I click in the LocID field, I now see a value list of all of the LocIDs affiliated with a CompID. However, when I choose a LocID other than the first one displayed, the LocID field seems to ignore my input and it continues to display the first LocID in the list. Now, here's where the problem gets interesting. If I type the second LocID value displayed in the LocID field's value list into the LocID field with the keyboard, then the related fields show the data with the LocID that I typed in (which happens to be the LocID that FMP is refusing to let me choose from the value list). I suppose the question now is why would FMP refuse to acknowledge my choice in the value list, and what can be done to make it accept my choice and display the related data in the fields? Thanks for reading (again, if you are revisiting).
  13. Are you using a custom value list, or is its contents based on the names or contents of other fields?
  14. I have a database that has tables named Company for Location, Contact, and Location. Each table has its own serial ID field (CompID, ContactID, and LocID respectively). The company table contains the company name. That gets related to the location table to match an address with a company (via CompID). The Location table is related to the Contact table via LocID. I have a contact table with names that I wish to associate with a company. Since a company may have more than one physical address, I want to be able to choose from the multiple addresses associated with a company. This is where I am having a problem. I thought I could use a value list for the LocID field in my Contact table configured as follows: Use values from first field - CompID (from Company for Location table), Include only related values starting from - Location (table). Conceptually, I think this makes sense. I want to see the LocID values that go with a particular CompID in my current view, and choose the one that contains the address data I want. Yet when I click in the LocID field and expect a list of values associated with a particular CompID, I get nothing. If I remove the Include only related values starting from option, then I see the LocIDs of contacts that are already associated with multiple CompIDs...not what I want. If someone could tell me what I am doing wrong, or perhaps a better way to do this, I would appreciate it. Thanks for reading!
  15. I understand what you are proposing. However, at the moment, all of my buttons that take me to layouts are not scripts, they are simply buttons configured to Go to Layout with the desired layout specified. Hence, while what you are proposing makes sense, it means going back to every button and changing it from a simple one-action button to a script. What I've described in the previous sentence is what I would like to avoid. Is it possible to avoid it and achieve the desired result? If not, so be it. Thanks for your response!
  16. Is it possible to write a script that changes the title of the window to the name of the layout without having to assign said script to every button on every layout? Conceptually, I am thinking of something that monitors what layout is being viewed and says "Ok, you've switched to layout X. Let me set the window title to X." Assigning such a script, manually, to every button that takes the user to a different layout is going to be like reading War & Peace in this instance, and is thus something I would like to avoid. Thanks for reading!
  17. Is this thread applicable? http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/172810/
  18. Danielle, Thank you for the example file. SlimJim, Thank you for modifying it and explaining what was going on. Thanks to both of you, I now have what I desire in my database!
  19. You are correct. If it were that way though, then how would I keep company data separate from contact data? My goal, conceptually, is to only have to enter company data once, but be able to use it in more than one table (without creating duplicates). Thanks for the info! I wish I knew that earlier. So then is it impossible to select data from a table and not create a duplicate in the process of selecting what you want from said table? Yes, conceptually I can see this. However, in my relationships graph, it is drawn as one - one. Is there a way to change how it is drawn (make it one - many)? Thanks for your response!
  20. Are you trying to use Set Field from a layout that does not contain the field? I have discovered in order to set field "X" to a value of "y" that you must navigate to the layout that has field "X", then go to field "X", then set field "X". This is a drag, but it appears to be the only way to use set field.
  21. I have two (2) tables. One table is for company information, and the other is for contact (individual person) information. In my contact layout, I have the company field configured as a drop-down value list, referencing the company field in the company table. I have a one-to-one relationship between the company fields of both the company table and the contact table. When I go to create a new contact in the contact table, I choose the company in the value list that the contact is associated with. So, let's say I'm creating a new contact and want to associate that contact with company X. When I go back to the company table, and search for company X, it now has a second entry. The act of choosing company X as the company associated with my new contact is creating a duplicate entry in the company table. In the edit relationship dialog, for the Company table, I have to check off the "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" option, or the drop-down value list of companies does not appear in my contact table. Is there a way to keep the drop-down value list of companies in my contact table without creating duplicate entries of the companies that are chosen from that list in the company table? My first instinct was to disable the option noted above, but then I do not even get a drop-down value list in my layout. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  22. Using Vaughan's approach, here is my script. -- Go to Related Record [show only related records; From table: "Spots"; Using layout: "spots" (Spots)] Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop Go to Field [select/perform; Spots::SpotNumber] Copy [select; Spots::SpotNumber] Go to Layout ["Home" (Project)] Go to Field [Project::ScheduALL Notes] Paste [No style; Project::ScheduALL Notes] Go to Related Record [show only related records; From taable: "Spots"; Using layout: "Spots" (Spots)] Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last] End Loop Go to Layout ["Home" (Project)] -- Now, this script is looping in the sense that it makes it beyond the first record. However, it is not exiting the loop. It is stuck in an infinite loop and I must press Apple-period to make it stop. When I look inside the text field that the script is pasting data into, the data the script grabs from the last record is pasted several times. So, my question is now this: Why is Exit After Last not exiting the loop? Is this a scripting syntax issue, or something more sinister? Thank you everyone for your help! I'm almost there!
  23. I still cannot get this loop working properly. I suspect I know what is happening, but the real problem is how to get around it. What I am doing is taking the contents of a portal row, and inserting them into a text field. I then want to go to the next portal row, insert its contents into the same field, and continue until all of the populated portal rows have been processed. I am trying to use the Go to Portal [Next, exit after last] option, but it keeps going to the first row of the portal. I suspect it goes to the first row because when it leaves the portal to insert data into the text field, its going to the portal from the text field, and since its coming from outside of the portal, the next row is the first row. If that logic is indeed what is going on, then is there a way to have FMP know what row it was at last, and then go to the row following the last visited row? Thanks for reading!
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