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  1. Hi, Is there a simple way to round up numbers to next x,0, x,25, x,50 or x,75? For example, 16,58 would become 16,75. Thanks in advance, Jari V.
  2. Sorry for asking a probably very basic question, but I' didn't find this simple case either in FMPro help or searching the forums. I'm simply trying to manually parse a csv-file from a number of text, date, time and number fields. I've tried a number of combinations around the field names, but haven't succeeded to get the "" 's around the values. GetAsText(DateField1)&","GetAsText(TimeField1)&","GetAsText(NumberField1)&","&TextField1&","&¶ should produce something like (with correct prefixes) "1.1.2009","12:30","8.5","Abc" I've tried to put " and "" (among others) around the field names, but there is always something wrong with the result. I'd be grateful, if someone could point out what I'm missing here. JariV
  3. Thanks a lot, worked perfectly. I was also wondering this myself. I checked these again, the values were 0:07:00/27:00:00*27:00:00 (at least when formatted as time). However, one of these values is calculated by an external plugin, maybe that calculated underlying value is not exactly even seconds? JariV
  4. Hi, I'm trying to round a calculation field (time). The simple calculation is RestTime/RestTimeTotal*PayableRestTime (all times). For example, with the following values: 0:07/27:00*27:00 the calculated value is 0:06:59,999999 (hhmmss) If I set the time format to hhmm, the value is 0:06 instead of 0:07. Is there a simple way to correctly round up the calculated time value, I seem to have a mental block with this one...? Thanks in advance, JariV field
  5. I opened the file in Notepad and in Excel, both showed the same. After examining the data in Filemaker closer, I think the problem is actually in the data in those fields. In Filemaker the data appeared to be correct (formatting looked ok, calculations worked), but when I manually re-entered the existing value in the field, the additional space in the exported file disappeared. The data, that I was exporting, was imported from a runtime solution, that was used in South America. Would it be possible, that due to some Windows regional settings etc., some invisible characters were added into those numbers? JariV
  6. Hi, I'm exporting data into a .tab file. For some reason, number fields don't get exported correctly, for example 3800 becomes 38 00, 170 becomes 1 70 etc. (there is additional space after hundreds) There is no extra output formatting selected in the output format options window. Any ideas what might be causing this? JariV
  7. Just to follow up - committing the record after Set Field solved the original problem, thanks. The subsequent problem of Go To Portal Row [Next; Exit after last]-loop forgetting its row after Commit Records was easily fixed with a calculation based looping counter. Jari V
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. A problem with committing a record inside a Go To Portal Row [Next, Exit after last]-loop is that after committing the script "forgets" the current active row, and the loop gets permanently stuck in the first portal row. I can't see any other way to try this, but to make some other kind of portal row navigation counter, I'll try that to see if committing solves the original problem. Jari V
  9. Main and Sub are separate files. Both files have IWP on, also the account privileges in both files allow access via IWP.
  10. Hi, I'm just in the process of learning to use IWP. I'm stuck with a script that does not want to work in IWP, but produces an error: "FM Web Publishing: Web Scripting Error: 101, File: "Main", Script: "SetUpData", Script Step: "Go to Portal Row" The script navigates to a correct layout, where there is just one portal with existing related records (simple one-to-one relationship) and then it should loop through portal rows and copy a set of related field values into a global field. The script has a following structure: Allow User Abort [Off] Go To Layout ["Layout_5] Set Field [Main::gTemp;""] Commit Records/Requests [No dialog] Go To Portal Row [First] Loop Set Field [Main::gTemp;Main::gTemp & Sub::Field_1] Go To Portal Row [Next; Exit after last] End Loop Commit Records/Requests [No dialog] Go To Layout [Layout_1] In FMPro the script works as it should, but in IWP it doesn't. Any ideas where the problem might be? Jari V
  11. Thanks for your reply, I'm just getting familiar with the more complicated scripting. Could you point me somewhere where I could find more information on batch or shell scripting with FM? Jari
  12. Hi, Is it somehow possible to have FMSA 9 to close/open all databases according to a schedule? (for example, close all at 5:30 and open at 5:45 on a given day) I was looking in the FM Server Admin program scheduling functions and the documentation, but could not find anything there. Jari V
  13. Thanks a lot for all the explanations and sample files, they were very useful. I will now play around with these to see which one is most suitable for this solution. Jari V
  14. I'm still running FM8. Does 8.5 have something new that could be useful here? I'm getting first an error "Time1 is defined to countain only specific values. You must enter a valid value." [Revert Record/OK] (even if a valid time is entered). Then, after clicking Revert Record another error message "Revert all changes to this record since it was last modified" [Revert/Cancel] If you could reduce the number of error messages to just one, and then customize that, that would actually be quite a simple way to implement a reasonable user-friendly locking feature. The question is, how can you customize internal FM error messages? I'm still quite a novice with scripting, could you point me somewhere, where I could find more information on using a script parameter? This one seems very clever, and potentially much less work than creating individual scripts for each lockable field. However, I didn't quite understand the mechanism, that determines which one of the two lockable fields (on top of each other) is active? Again, thanks a lot for your help. Jari V
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