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  1. You can use a webviewer (although it might not be the best option). You can define a webviewer as... "file:\\YourNetworkPath\" & yourTable::YourIndexField This works on windows systems (I've never tried it on a mac, it depends on the "default web browser" that filemaker uses). The downsides are: You have no control over how the files are displayed. (Although the user can, same as with any explorer window) The user could navigate away from the folder displayed. (The webviewer must be interactive for a user the use it this way) Permissions for the folder are not handled by filemaker. Filemaker will not create the path for you. (Although that could be done with a Send Event Command on windows or Apple script or whatever is used now on the Mac OS) This will only work on local networks. (Any users not in the same domain as where the file path exists will not be able to access it.) I have done this and it can be a good solution depending on the environment you are working in.
  2. aholtzapfel

    Cloud-based file sharing

    The only new feature in Filemaker 15 that really interests me is the "cloud-based file sharing" but... where is the info on it? I can't seem to find it.... other than a blurb on FM's website(with no links or additional information). Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. aholtzapfel

    Javascript Not Loading

    OK. Evidently, you can override the IE version that gets used by default. (IE8) The following is a VBS script that will write a couple of registry values. It tells IE to use IE11 (or change ver variable to 9000 for IE9) for filemaker's webviewer. (To use, copy and paste the script below into a text file, save the file with the .vbs extension, open the file.) set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") '11000=IE11,9000=IE9 ver = 11000 'FileMaker Pro WshShell.RegWrite ("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BEHAVIORS\FileMaker Pro.exe"),1,"REG_DWORD" WshShell.RegWrite ("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION\FileMaker Pro.exe"),ver,"REG_DWORD" 'FileMaker Pro Advanced WshShell.RegWrite ("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BEHAVIORS\FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe"),1,"REG_DWORD" WshShell.RegWrite ("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION\FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe"),ver,"REG_DWORD" WScript.Quit This script must be run on each user account on the client computer that uses filemaker. If your interested in this issue, it doesn't appear to be new... http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10720/~/webviewer-update-for-filemaker-pro-and-filemaker-pro-advanced-windows-only and if your interested in the valid values for the various IE versions... https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee330730%28v=vs.85%29.aspx (Fyi, you could put this script into a text field in filemaker, use the Export Field Contents script step, and specify the Automatically open file option, making sure you used the .vbs in the path. Filemaker would need restarted before the webviewer was updated.)
  4. aholtzapfel

    Javascript Not Loading

    That would explain it. (IE8 does not support the HTML5 Canvas Element. HTML5 Support started in IE9.) Thank you. (RANT ... IE8? Really? I can understand using an older browser but IE8? It's 6 years old.... lots and lots have changed since.... :sigh: ... Rant over.)
  5. aholtzapfel

    Javascript Not Loading

    I have a web page that I want to display in a web viewer. It uses an HTML5 Canvas and Javascript to display a map. The page loads fine in a browser but in a webviewer the HTML loads but the referenced javascripts never run. Does anyone know why? or how I can get it to work? link to the page I am trying to load in a webviewer Any insights would be appreciated.
  6. aholtzapfel

    Now how can users change passwords?

    Thank you all for your responses. I knew when I asked this question that this was beyond the scope of Filemaker. (Needs to be a web based/OS solution.) As I said in my original post, I've done some searches on the issue. I even found a 90% solution but it failed to encrypt the passwords that was sent. (:face-palm:) I would think the best solution would be to use php(compiled with LDAP). I was hoping that this was a common enough issue(in an FM Server environment) that someone here might of written or know of a solid solution to this problem. At the moment, my solution will be that users can NOT change their own passwords. Not a great solution but it works. I will likely look into this more in the future and if I come up with or find a solid solution, I will share and would welcome you all to do the same. Thank you again, Allen
  7. (Long story short.) I'm moving a complex solution from a local network to a hosted service. The solution uses (and needs to use) external authentication. In order to divorce the solution from the local network completely, we will no longer be using our active directory on the local network. Setting up security groups and users on the hosted server and configuring FM server to authenticate against it was very easy. Only one problem remains, How can users change their passwords? This isn't really a Filemaker question as the question becomes, how can you let a user change their password on windows servers if they do not have desktop access(on the server)? I have done a couple of google searches and found enough to know I could write some sort of custom solution (or likely adapt one that is already out there) but before going down that rabbit hole.... I thought I would ask the helpful people here.
  8. aholtzapfel

    Webviewer "file: changes

    In Filemaker 8-13, if you direct a webviewer to a file or folder, you would set the webviewer to something like... "file:\\yourserver\somefolder\somefile.txt" In Filemaker 14, "file://///yourserver/somefolder/somefile.txt". In addition, If the path doesn't exist when the layout loads, you then create the path/file, filemaker fails to find/display it (even if you call reset,reload or set the URL.) Oddly, if you enter layout mode and then return to browse mode the webviewer does reload the contents.
  9. I'm upgrading a solution from FM 8.5 to FM 14 and moving the server from our LAN to a Hosting Company (we will have a stand alone server). One of my tables has a folder associated with it to hold documents. (See Attached File, uses a webviewer to display the documents folder and send event to create it.) This has worked well for me for years and will continue to work IF I want to leave these files on our LAN. (Why I posted example file, someone may find it useful.) I do not really want to leave these on the LAN. I want to move these "into the cloud" and need advice for the best way to do this. I have considered using container fields for these documents (and maybe I will) although it seems to be overkill for what I really need. I have also considered using php and a webviewer to create/display/upload documents to these folders. Is there another solution I should look at? Should I avoid containers? (Have found them buggy, unreliable, and hard to maintain in the past but have not revisited them in a few years) Thank you in advance for any thoughts on this matter, Allen DocumentStore.fmp12
  10. aholtzapfel

    Ghost Records with Values "?" in the fields

    Re-Index fields in the problem file.( FM 8 corrupted indexes in this way until the first update, first I have heard of this in 12.) It's worth a try. Edit: Likely you just need to reindex the field that the find was using. (Order_Num ?? Reindexing, even if it fixes the problem, does not say what caused the corruption to the index and you may indeed have a larger issue with the file.)
  11. Filemaker server wants it's own box, it wants to have nothing else running on it and does not like sharing anything (except thru a FM client). Nothing else should be running on your filemaker server (it is possible to get things running on the same server but is not worth it). Anything that touches that server can have an effect.(this includes antivirus, system updaters, you name it) This is not uncommon with database servers, they can be made to play nice with others but few (if any) company will support it. They all want their own servers. (are just way too many things that can screw it up, why take the chance with important data)
  12. aholtzapfel

    Field update priority

    I like the idea of filemaker allowing a developer to have access to the "Field ID". I have seen many times that this would have made rewriting a legacy file alot easier to deal with. Having said that, this is what filemaker uses to "tie" tables together (not the names associated) and if someone was to go changing them willy nilly in an existing solution it would certainly break stuff in the file. Prehaps as an option in filemaker advanced, with lots of warnings not to do it. (but there are times it would be the best way)
  13. Also... disable your virus scanner from scanning C:WINDOWSTemp
  14. aholtzapfel

    Does anyone takes us seriously?

    I find I spend most of my time figuring out what SHOULD be done rather than doing it. Doing it seldom takes much time but deciphering requests and delivering what is wanted (not what was asked for)is the hard part. If I delivered what was asked for, I would have lost my job years ago.
  15. aholtzapfel

    Replacing fields to fix indexes

    What version are they running? anyone accessing the files with an unpatched copy of filemaker 8? That would destroy the indexing in the manner that you describe. Just a thought. EDIT: BTW if that is the issue, there may not be any serious to be done to get them back up and running other than preventing the unpatched copy/copies of FM8 from using the files and reindexing the fields one more time. (fm8, unpatched, seems to destroy indexing on whatever fields it touches, example, if they do a find on a field, that fields indexing is damaged and will affect other users reguardless of the client version they are using.)

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