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  1. Thanks guys --- I think I will just run a simple script on entering a layout -- it will look up a user option field and then set the tab order off of that? Does that sound like that would be a nice course to take?
  2. This looks great -- But how can this work per record... When you add a record to this example, the tab structure is not independent with the prvious record... Meaning if you select tab1 on record 1 and select tab 2 on record 2, and then go back to record 1 the tab shows record 2. Can this be stopped?
  3. Great thanks guys -- makes me feel better... Great Joseph
  4. Sorry let me clarify I am running filemaker server 11 on a server 2003 (32bit) system. I want to run the workstations (filemaker pro 11) either on windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit. Does your answer based on 32 bit JRE and 32 bit ODBC still stand or is it an easier install? Thank you
  5. Buying new computers with windows 7 Professional installed. Are there any issues with running a 64bit operating system with FileMaker Pro 11? Thoughts? Concerns? Comments? First hand accounts? Thank you Joseph
  6. I have redone my example, I hope this helps.. Setup: Tables Insured Questions Answers Relationships: Insured::id = Questions::id This populates the insured table with the questions... I have the ablitly to use different id's when i only want certain question to appear that relate in content to the page that the portal is on. (For future expansion) The problem comes into play when I want to fill in yes no for each different question and each different insured... As you will see this part does not work -- I need the answers to be not related per question and not related per insured. But the portal related to the insured as a whole... Please help. Thank you Joseph Portal_Question_-_Final.zip
  7. Hello everyone -- Setup Tables: Insured Due Diligence Two Records joined by INS_Insured::ID_Insured = DUE_Diligence::id_Insured Is there a way to make a portal on the insured page from the Due Diligence page that would already have contents (questions) in the portal... have the portal self-populate it self with a list of questions to be answered by check boxes... Example: Think of a questionnaire -- that scrolls... There are about 25 questions that have to be answered on each new insured --- Each question should be on its own line... Is this possible? To help better explain please see example attached Version 2 might be closer but still does not work... any one know how to get the answers different per insured. Thank you Joseph Question_Portal.zip Question_Portal_Version_2.zip
  8. Got it --- Really confusing b/c I am used to seeing the related files have the same id.... Thank you for all of your help --- do you think this is in your opion the best way to handle adding doctors if you have already typed their info? The reason I ask is that you might have a better thought than this.... One last question: Can you make this pull down auto complete -- meaning if I start typing can it find the name if its there... this option would sure make this method faster --- I figure when we are up and running this doctor list will be 5,000 long.... Thank you again for your help... Joseph
  9. Sorry My description was confusing... I looked at your example and it works perfectly... wow great.. Two Questions: 1) when you add a doctor to an insured from the list does it associate the doctor by id_insured? 2) Is this possible to do with a pull down instead of a portal? If not can or is it possible to move that portal to the physician page? The reason I ask about the pull down method (using auto complete is that this Doctor list will get huge over time...and it would be nice to search if you will (or auto complete) to speed up things... Thank you so much for your help --- make you realize how little ones knows... really cool. Joseph 3)
  10. Really cool -- but when I select the name on a new record it does not get added to the new record... can that be done>? Thank you
  11. Hi everyone... I have run into a small snag -- I have included a sample to help me explain my situation... I have two tables -- Insured and Physician... a insured can have many physicians. Also the physicians can also be used for other insured in the data base. (makes less typing). I would like to have a way to go to the physician layout and either select the physican from a list and it auto populate the table or have a field that auto completes itself and the rest of the table when the correct name is selected.... BUT -- if there is not the name in the listing I would like the option to fill in the physician table manually. After I fill the table in manually have it be added to the list of available physicians.. Not sure where to began... Please look at the example... Thank you Custom_Auto_Fill.zip
  12. The thought had crossed my mind --- Might just do that -- but basic database is done now just making it do what I want --- LOL Thanks for the input and Help in the past...
  13. Too Funny -- I did a *** poor job of explaining my issue - But I think If I combine (see thread) the checkbox script with more I can get this to work -- will let you know... Thanks guys...
  14. Does any one know how to make a script trigger work with a container field and script? I have a container field that works as a checkbox -- images other than standard x. But when I assign the script trigger to the checkbox cell (Container field) nothing happens.... Help... Thank you
  15. Its From a Digital Phone System -- huge Digital phone system --- Do not know where to began.. Any help would Help Thank you
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