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  1. I have the same misgivings about spending $200 for a publication which I don't know will be helpful. I checked with lending libraries in hopes of finding or information something useful but have been unsuccessful. I have set up an account with a Availity and have been doing some test uploads to their site but I am no where close to a clean claim.
  2. more useful information. thanks.
  3. It's on my wish list as well. Thanks for the link. I'm a physician also working on the same project.
  4. Xoomaster, I'm working on a similar project. You might check with the site: http://www.wpc-edi.com/content/view/577/1 for the purchase of the specs. I haven't been able to find anything for free online or at the lending library.
  5. Ms. LaRetta says "I have HCFA-1500 for printing and manual mailing (for private insurance) and electronic export of calculation (tab-delimited) for electronic." I'm sure I'm not alone on this... many physicians that are trying to combine HCFA-1500 with a FMP solution. Can anyone help with information on this topic?
  6. I am creating a header for the office stationary which included name, address and telephone. Was trying to embed a font icon of a telephone into a calculation just prior to the phone number to avoid writing the word telephone. Actually the calculation is very easy to do with TextFont(text;fontName{;fontScript}) but what I can't find a Font symbol for a telephone icon that is supported by my LaserJet 4000. Any thoughts,comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. JMO, You are so right! Thank you for your quick response. Another small step out of rookie status for me..... My best regards, MJL
  8. I'm running FMP server 8 running FMP 8 to 6 site within my office. Set up a global repeating container field [8] to hold icons. I also have a calculation that checks a text field to see if the text field is empty. If ( not IsEmpty (Prescription Text Box 1); GetRepetition ( Container_Global; 7); "") The problem is disappearing icons in the repeating global container field 5-8 when the computer is turned on/off. The icons that are stored in repeating fields 1-4 never disappear. I might add that one of the 6 served site has FMP Advance running and I'm not sure if this plays in the problem. Any insight into why 1/2 the icon disappear from a repeating global container field would be appreciated. Thanks in advance to the experts!
  9. Presently using two separate databases in my medical office. My FM EMR and a separate commericial electronic billing program. If there was an open source FMP solution concerning electronic medical billing I would be glad to get involved. It would be wonderful to combine everything into FMP. I'm sure there are many physician's in the same situation.
  10. Thanks for the insight. I really don't know much about the server FMP maybe that is the best solution to a remote access... I'm still learning. Back ups? once a day for our small office should be okay. Thanks again.
  11. I am presently setting up my surgical office with electronic medical records (EMR)on FM 8 pro Advanced Windows (5 pack) and have it networked in the office (front desk to the examin rooms). The combination of Scansoft's Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice recog software) and a wireless microphone putting data into FMP is awesome. I was wondering about the ability to connect the office computer running (FMP) to my home computer (FMP) and visualize the same records and making changes to the database. Of course security is an issue with medical records. If anyone has any suggestions (VPN, communication software...) it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all
  12. Maybe someone can help with an up grade problem that I have with going from FM6 to FM7? In FM 6 a text field would recognize the text within the field and not slice the word at the end of the line (just as the text is done in this field). Whereas in FM 7 the same text in the same field is now sliced up at the end of the field (right margin) and the words are not respected as a word but not are just characters. I'm sure there must be a simple solution this this upgrade problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. FileMaker Version: 7 Platform: Windows XP
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