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  1. This is a background script I use to make sure a server partition is always mounted. We had irregular diconnects and this will reconnect the drive within a 10 minute time frame. This is meant for a very 'low' use computer running background apps. ;-)
  2. Wim, I made sure I have the paid version. Re-added the user and system dsn. When I add that table and go to view after three records I get timeouts and no data. Hm.
  3. Ah. Good thought. Testing now. 3 key relationship: minimal (incorrect) return. 2 key relationship: minimal but DIFFERENT (incorrect) return. 1 key relationship: minimal but DIFFERENT (incorrect) return. Testing DIFFERENT SINGLE KEYS no joy. Always a maximum of 3 records returned. I am now noticing one other large record count table that has the same problem.
  4. Hi all, Hope an FM SQL guru can help. I am accessing a large list of tables and one table has ~500,000 records ~30 fields. Using 3 or more key fields to create a smaller subset fails to show more than a few records either in a portal or gttr. Other smaller dataset tables ~5000 return complete sets in the ~100's or less and very quickly! I do have a built in report on the SQL side that returns subsets quickly but is in-flexible as to key fields and output format. I see two ways forward I haven't tried. 1. Try a scripted find then copy to a native fm table. 2. Try using the same key fields as the built-in report and see if that provides results. Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? TIA.
  5. On both my iPad mini and iPad. Hmmm. All my older version created files work fine local or server shared. Any other helpers with observations?
  6. Created a new file in FM 13 advanced on Mac 10.9. Running in FM Go 15 crashes when I try portal text entries. Do you also have container entries? I do. Will try recreating in FM advanced 15 this weekend and see if it does the same. No obvious reason why it crashes. Shared from FM13 it's fine. Shared from FM Server 15 it's fine. Probably is a FMgo 15 issue with FM13 creation. Will see 😀
  7. I'm sorry. I have to comment. This must be the most droll trolling - ever. This IS a beginner forum, correct? And a beginner question. Sigh.
  8. We can't allow the data offsite legally. Sigh. Would love to have it hosted.
  9. Exactly as you understand it in YOUR experience - how does the cost and management affect your situation as a developer? Do you see a greater or lesser uptake with the current product? We used to holler "Yeah small workgroup!". Right. That's going to be the next question from my boss.
  10. Hi LaRetta, I really like FM. All the benefits of quick and easy development while maintaining the ability for elegant, complex solutions. But we are a small company. The cost/benefit ratio can be onerous to prove. So we went from ~$250 per seat per year with server less than 3 years ago and a two year upgrade cycle to now more than $500 per year. If we go to an annualized server license it actually costs more. AND we now have to purchase and dedicate a server box and manage it seperately from our existing webserver. It makes management of costs a priority. That complexity of usage is exactly what we've avoided so far. That meant the management costs were almost non-existent. If I have to devote X hours and X dollars to sufficiently manage just the product it becomes difficult to justify. So, no, you are not convincing me against my will. I just can't justify the costs anymore as we use the product now. I suppose the "How do you use it?" is the most cogent comment.
  11. Ok. Long time user. In house developer. We ran FMS 7-9 reliably with a fixed cost. Now between the poor user experience managing and installing FMS 11-13 and the very much greater cost associated with FMS 13 we are NOT pleased. Go ahead. Convince me to continue using FMS.
  12. If it wasn't EXACTLY the same issue as v12 I would agree, sorry. Just because FMI says its so and it has been so for multiple years doesn't mean it's not their fault. I can tell you your window is broken and I might apologize for breaking your window but I still broke your window. And some think the html5 console is better. And some are ready to pay a subscription and multwebiuser fees. And I say "Really?" Always have enjoyed using the product though, when it works. Sigh.
  13. I call BS on the whole Apple/Filemaker argument AND the Yosemite argument. Same thing has been happening with Mac OSX 10.7 and up with FM Server 12. Ha. The PTB (many places and filemaker inc) say " Java!" or "SSL" but you have to reinstall everything and cross your fingers. How many screen shots do I have of this issue on my desktop? How many times have I reinstalled FM Server when the console stops working?
  14. Thanks Loretta. Good info as I have several apps that require extensive custom font usage. Will let you know if there are any other issues or items of interest. PS I think that Filemaker deprecated Type1 fonts in v11? and that Mac OSX deprecated truetype for Opentype when they got rid of Rosetta in 10.7? Filemaker will now only work on subsets of fonts depending on platform version. Sigh. :-)
  15. Sorry, I have to reply to this inappropriate response. Just because YOU don't have a need for normalizing text in a field doesn't mean someone else does'nt. And yes HE IS trying to force the data associated with the bolded and colored text to be represented seperately with the mentioned custom function. Just think about it before you suggest someone is performing what you consider unneccessary work. TIA.
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