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  1. I've tried the Open URL command, and it works with the mailto: entries but not with the http:// entries! It's works ok if I've typed the web address into the script, but nothing happens if I'm using the field. Just tried it again and it worked, opened up the new webpage and everything, but tried a second time and I get nothing!!!! Am I making some simple mistake somewhere?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to write a script to use information in a field, but can't get it to work. I've managed to get a new outlook email window to open with the email address from a field, but can't get a new web page to open from an web address in a field. Any ideas?
  3. I'll talk to the IT guys to see if they're got Acrobat hidden away somewhere. Otherwise I guess I'll have to just continue with snail mail and Fax. Cheers
  4. How would I go about printing to PDF, I think we've only got Acrobat reader 5.1 on our system. Thanks for your replies FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Windows 2000
  5. From reading the help page, and attempting to use the mail script, it seems to allow you to send mail to an address in one of the database fields. I can't see how you can send a copy of the database page though? Am I just misunderstanding it?
  6. I've created a database using the company version of Pro6, and can't work out how to e-mail a record! I've been printing out copies of the records to send to people, and would like to be able to email a copy of the record, with all the field names and with the same layout. I've tried copying the record and pasting to word & outlook, but can't see how to retain the field names and layout. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks, Derek FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Windows 2000
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