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  1. I have FileMaker Server 5.5, and FileMaker Pro Unlimited 5.5 running on a Mac OS 9.1. When I chose open remote from another computer running FileMaker Pro 6 it finds the database on the server. When I go to the Mac to open the remote database there is nothing listed. I thought this was funny because the database is sitting on the Mac but I can't even see the computer. What's the deal? Mark FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Windows XP
  2. I have set up the server and the created a database using the filemaker. I created it in something called Dragon Web Serveys. I can change everything but I can't access the server from anywhere. Any ideas why the server is not letting me in. I am using Sever 5.5. FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Windows XP
  3. ok. I understand what you are saying but let me give you a little more information. I am using something called the dragon to create surveys. I don't know where it is creating the database. I open the dragon from a folder and the dragon runs on top of file maker. What do I do to get the database over onto the server. I might just be that I am confused but I don't understand. Mark
  4. I am using FileMaker 6 on windows xp and FileMaker Server 5.5 on a mac with OS 9.1. I can't find anything that tells me how to hook the two together. I have installed both products and I can remotely connect to the server but that doesn't get me anywhere. I don't know how to get my database from filemaker to filemaker server. I'm not even sure if I have set them up correctly. THe documentation that comes with the products is useless and I need help. Thanks. FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Windows XP
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