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  1. thanks consultant, my Filemaker solution is something like IDEA CaseWare and acl auditing software and users can import their different financial data from different sources and the solution make users able to analyze their data with some important auditing functions like benford's law and histogram and ... for fraud detection. and make their auditing worksheet with the solution's dynamic reports. now, as you said i must transfer the user's selected tables and fields and foundset as the solution functions' parameter to a static table, and then make computations and reports on the static fields. not bad, but in records larger than 500000 based on the number of parameters of analytic function or script, the process of transferring data and making computing fields is become very slow because the solution involved with disk writing and committing data. but if i can use the partial data lists variable instead of a single big data list variable and GetFieldStat, first parts the data to smaller lists with length of maximum limitation of calculation text, maybe by using a loop and a counter variable, and then apply the functions to any parts and then apply the function to the all parts' result,the calculation of analysis totally be ran in memory so faster, and a little records be wrote to the report's field and the the worksheets be showed.
  2. http://www.briandunning.com/cf/493 Evaluate ( Function & " ( " & Substitute ( Field ; "¶";";" ) & " )" ) this custom function has limitation of calculation character count for big lists of data and caused filemaker be crashed. i must develop some analytic reports on some unknown and user defined tables and create some dynamic reports with some scripts with sophisticated analysis function like benford low and histogram, after user choosing the name of table and field. now because of the custom function limitation, i must do the calculations and compares on data list that be copied to the variable from source field, one by one, and in big list of data running the scripts with my method is very slow. i can't use the custom function with this definition. can anyone help me improving the function to work with unlimited list of data ? or can anybody show me some other functions without this limitation?
  3. yes there is but there isnt status bar
  4. not status area , i said status bar, a bar placed bottom of a window and has some information about the place that mouse is over there.
  5. hey. i'm testing middle east version. in right to left display of field, when you are in the field and press left arrow key cursor goes right and vice versa. is that a bug or my miss using?
  6. you are right. i'm testing filemaker pro 10. and i'm using standard menu. in script dialog i can't find status bar command.
  7. hey. there is not any status bar in fmpro and advanced. how can it be shown? i didnt find its on/off command in view or window menu.
  8. i am redeveloping an accounting system from vb6 and sql server in fmp. in vb i create sql server temp tables and work with them ( Insert Into #DocItem( ItemRow ,AsstantCode ,DetailCode, DetailCode2, DetailCode3, [Value], Article , ItemAttachMent , ArzCode , Amount , ArzValue ) Values ...) now in fmp when execute such sql in my scripts, an error dialog arised :"Invalid Object Name '#DocItems'".
  9. i have 2 tables: eps and price. they are related together by date field. how can i have a portal in eps form that has 15 most recent related record from price table in itself? i do it by deactivating "vertical scrollbar" but when exporting to excel it export all related records.
  10. i have two tables named eps & price: 'eps' fields: id company ReportDate eps 'price' fields: id company date ClosePrice in the stock exchange in my country shares closed some days before eps report date and aren't traded to some days after report day, it hasn't any rule how much days a stock was closed, maybe 1 day closed, maybe 2 months closed, i want to know the price of closed stock in the trade day just before closed day for eps reporting and just in the trade day of opening. somebody help me please.
  11. the case was done with alpha five v8, sorting, finding, summarizing, done in a few second without any indexing time, filemaker vs alpha five is just for fun, its a plathing only for kids.
  12. number of fields up to 49 fields and sort and find must be done on every fields, so every fields must be indexed, after indexing find worked good bud sort was so very slow.
  13. anybody have compared a filemaker database with other relational databases in sorting a table with 3000000 records that have 20 text fields?
  14. there is a main filemaker database, when startup, it must perform a script from other filemaker file,the second has password because it shouldn't open lonely, but when the script performed from main file, i want to login to the second without any dialog, and i want open it with script, and write its username and password manually in startup script. how can i do that?
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