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  1. Thank you for replying to my topic. I got sidetracked with other issues. So whats getting slow is Picasa and the NAS. So we are looking for a central location for the photos, and that it's easy enough to edit (annotations, light edits) And correct they are basically taking the edited photos to upload some into FileMaker. As simple a a drag and drop. The customer does fireplaces and chimneys so the images are used to guide the technicians and also for before and after history.
  2. I have a customer that has 3TB of photos in the program Picasa. They use it to edit images and then put some in Filemaker. Currently the images are on a NAS. The problem is it seems to be getting slower and slower. Picasa is discounted so I'm looking for a replacement that can handle the large amount of images they take on the job site and interact with Filemaker, seamlessly. they run on a windows platform but would like to perhaps introduce iPads to the mix in the future. Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but I thought I'd give it a go. Any guidance on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Answers

    Web object getting data from fields

    Solution at last! Anyway this is what I put in my web viewer object, "https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/query.asp?searchtype=ANY&query_type=queryCarrierSnapshot&query_param=MC_MX&query_string="&CARRIERS::MC#
  4. Answers

    Web object getting data from fields

    Hi Steve, Yes you were correct, pass a value from our database to the web form. Thank you so much for your reply. I'm going to try it right now! Caroline
  5. This seems like a fairly simple problem,. perhaps I am missing something. I previously had a web object on a layout that would grab information from 2 fields, so the result of the search would be displayed for that record. The web address I used before in my web viewer: Case( CARRIERS::MC# > ""; "http://li-public.fmcsa.dot.gov/LIVIEW/pkg_carrquery.prc_carrlist?n_dotno=&s_prefix=MC&n_docketno="&CARRIERS::MC# &"&s_legalname=&s_dbaname=&s_state=~~&pv_vpath=LIVIEW "; CARRIERS::FF# > ""; "http://li-public.fmcsa.dot.gov/LIVIEW/pkg_carrquery.prc_carrlist?n_dotno=&s_prefix=FF&n_docketno="&CARRIERS::FF# &"&s_legalname=&s_dbaname=&s_state=~~&pv_vpath=LIVIEW ") Now the website has changed and I can't seem to have it grab the information to display in the record..The website is: "https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/CompanySnapshot.aspx" and basically I want it to fill in the MC#, I've tried using the method I used before. I viewed the source of the website but cannot seem to figure out the correct syntax. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. We have had Filemaker 15 Server up and running of while but when we originally installed it was installed on port 444 (because of our router configuration). We wanted to reinstall using port 443. So I uninstalled per instructions, uninstalling, bonjour, microsoft items, java etc... Rebooted our Windows Server 2012. Ran installer and got the error message the port 443 was not open. Rand netstat -a -o from command prompt, it said Filemaker 14/ on port 443 was listening (PID 768 and 4), So used skill to kill the PID. Rebooted, still unable to install Filemaker 15, port not open. Then went into diagnostic mode, started the installer service. Installed successfully but then could not launch Filemaker server, could not even change firewall settings. So now we are restoring the server to the image backup. Would like to uninstall and reinstall again tomorrow using port 443, any hints or tips on what to check before an uninstall and reinstall. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would call FM tech support but they are not available on the weekends.
  7. In our database solution we have a table that holds other documents relating to the data. The enduser might insert a PDF or a JPG. So the table is made up of a container field, a job number (unique identifier). To view the file the user clicks in the container (script exports field contents and automatically opens). The thing we would like to do is when printing a job report if there are any "external documents", would like them to print as well. We want it be be part of the complete report. The container is setup for interactive content and start playback automatically. The script exports the container and imports it back in... on the Mac it produces the correct results, on the PC it prints as a pdf icon for example. Maybe what I want is not possible. Any suggestions.
  8. Answers

    PDFs and Runtime

    An update. The only problem with my PDF solution is it makes for very large PDFs and that would present a problem with email. After a month of tweaking, now I realize the size problem. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you!
  9. Answers

    PDFs and Runtime

    I could have sworn I replied to this.... so that was the idea I needed to finish my script for pdfs in a runtime. I put the landscape and portrait container fields on top of each other on one layout. And I put Hide when Page field ="Landscape" on the Portrait container, and Hide when Page field ="Portrait" on the Landscape container. So it grabs (copies and pastes) the different layouts from different tables (of course there are some loops to grab the multiple pages etc...) The end result is one complete report that can be sent to a pdf driver in runtime. Works quite nicely. Then it deletes all the records in the container table. So thank you everyone for your ideas and help. It's a work around but it gets the job down. Wahoo! Caroline
  10. Answers

    PDFs and Runtime

    So I wrote a script to go to each print layout, preview, copy and paste in the related containers, then print records being browsed where the enduser would need to choose a pdf printer driver. It's working quite nicely but.... I'd like the portrait and landscape layouts to be combined, is there any way a layout in filemaker can contain two different orientations I have specified a portrait layout and landscape, with a field that contains which type of layout it should print on. Any ideas? I attached my script. PDF Bundle script.pdf
  11. Answers

    PDFs and Runtime

    I am familiar with the virtual list technique, I hadn't thought of that option, perhaps that is an option, I'm sure though the PDFs are needed for email etc... If I'm missing something please advise.
  12. Answers

    PDFs and Runtime

    I suppose one way is a subscription to Filemaker (I saw it online before, that way the annual cost isn't too great). I did try to be creative, I created a table with fields for Job No and a container field. I created a relationships from the multiple tables using X operator (cartesian sp?). I wrote a script to go to each print layout, preview, copy and paste in the related containers, then print records being browsed where the enduser would need to choose a pdf printer driver to then save. Seems a tad convoluted but it would create a full report. I have not finished the script because it was tedious and I felt fried (know that feeling everyone?) :-) I really appreciate the feedback, any other ideas?
  13. Answers

    PDFs and Runtime

    Well I suppose Filemaker Go is designed for mobile devices. Most of the people using it will be using laptops.
  14. I have posted previously about the PDF creation in a runtime solution. People have offered suggestions although things like monkey bread software etc.. seem a bit complicated. I have created a runtime solution and this is the last piece of the puzzle. The customer is getting ticked off that this last part has become complicated. The PDFs they create are multi layout then I have append in a script to create one PDF across tables etc... One of my solutions was to have the endusers purchase a subscription to Filemaker and then we wouldn't have to worry about the limitations of runtime. The customer was not receptive to this idea. I've looked into plug ins but most are a little too costly. One day when I was searching I ran across a solution about moving the PDF libraries to the runtime solution. Someone had done it, and I didn't bookmark then link and cannot locate the information again. Anyone aware of this method. Any other suggestions, I didn't want to have learn iText etc... I have attached an example of the PDFs we create. Thank you, I've been pulling out my hair! Test.pdf
  15. Answers

    Tooltip on a Tab Panel

    Thank you eos, I just tried your technique, worked perfectly, thank you!!!​

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