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  1. iPad generation 7 Filemaker 18 Go (I tried Filemaker 19 Go as well) Filemaker 18 Server Yes I thought about stripping down t layout and the theme is basically made from scratch. I'm waiting to hear back from one of the field engineers to get a better understanding of when the scrolling "stutters". Thank you so much Steve for trying to help me. Caroline
  2. Hi Steve, I'm hanging there and you? Hope you are well with this Pandemic and all the other crisis! Well the related records in the portal depends, but they can have up to 60, and it doesn't just do it on the first scroll. It seems to get stuck actually when you are on it a while, which is weird. So yes when you are on the same record.
  3. We have a Filemaker Go on iPads and there is a layout with portal rows, when scrolling through it hesitates and you must wait to scroll down. We have offline files on the iPad, although it happens when we connect to the Filemaker server as well. Any suggestions? Thank you, Caroline
  4. Nevermind all I was a Pandemic moment and wasn't thinking right, it works now.
  5. We have containers that we drag and drop PDFs into, that are externally stored and the field on the layout is formatted as a PDF. I know I've done this in the past where I wrote a little script that sets a temporary path and when it's clicked the enduser can view in Adobe. The script is simple: it sets the a variable to a temporary path, then exports the field contents to automatically open. I cannot get the script to work. It seems so simple... maybe my mind isn't working right today. So my next idea was to make popover button with the pdf container in, interactive so when the user click
  6. The problem is the fields are repeated for each tab panel and they need to be, they are filtered to display for each item (in this case Chimney/Appliance)
  7. We have a lot tab panels with the same information on them and they are filtered. And I wanted to add 1 new field but that would be extremely time consuming, I was looking for a way to speed up the process.
  8. We have a layout that has multiple tab panels, I want to add a field in the same place in all the tab panels at once without clicking on each panel. It's probably simple but I can't seem to figure it out. Thank you for your help in advance! Caroline
  9. Our people out in the field take photos which go directly into the container fields, we would like those photos to automatically transfer to the camera roll/gallery. I know there is an export command and that would allow the techs to export and choose the location, save image etc... But that is a tad too complicated for them. Any suggestions on how to automate this process, the script for export field contents doesn't have a choice to save to camera roll. Thank you! Caroline
  10. Hey Steve, Happy New Year! I just downloaded it now and will try it, although it's looking for a plugin. Anyway I got the shortcut to work on the Home Screen with the URL but can't seem to use our custom icon that displays on our database. Only the list of Glyphs that are already installed.
  11. Okay well i have the shortcut app, so I'll try again. Thank you. I just messaged you so just ignore the message...
  12. The database is on the iPad, so I'm not sure I understand. Maybe my thought processes are still sluggish from NYE! Lol I put the URL in but it doesn't find it.
  13. Hi All and Happy New Year! We would like to have a shortcut to our database on the iPad, so instead of clicking on Filemaker Go and going to the launch center and it displaying databases., we want the endusers to click on the database shortcut so it goes right to the login screen to make it one step and more intuitive for the users. We have an offline file on the iPad, and there is also the file hosted on the Filemaker. We sync the offline with the online version via MirrorSync. Anyway we trying to eliminate confusion on which file to open. Thank you, any help is always appreciated!
  14. That is a good idea! That is a good idea as well and I use that method on another "list". I Filemaker (Claris) would change the way the value list work with the sorting function.
  15. That would be the easy way and elsewhere on the layout I use the method you suggested. But they are short on space on the layout.So I was trying to accomplish this with one field.
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