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  1. We have a script that emails automatically, it uses the send mail by SMTP, we would like the logo in jpeg format to be embedded. The script is trigger when the status changes, so the SMTP is the best solution. Maybe I am missing something but I cannot see how to do this, we don't want to have to use a plugin. The body of the email is basically a calculation putting together fields based on the customer. Attaching the logo does not produce the desired result. There must be a work around... Thank you in advance! Caroline
  2. @mr_vodka Thank you for the information. I will look up the reviews. Have you had any experience with the this products?
  3. A lot of ideas, I did look at the video referenced by Fitch. And triplicating every field as global fields sounds a tad overwhelming at the moment. I need to tackle this today so I'm debating my options. So when you say using a dummy slide control to go to previous/next record, I imagine that means just a button to touch to move forward & back. Gosh they really want to swipe (Lol)
  4. Hello, We have Filemaker server, and the techs in the field are sometimes in areas where the wifi/cellular service is sketchy at best. I was wondering what the best solution would be. I guess put the database on the devices (iPads) themselves and then create a script to import the offline data? I heard there are plugins to sync the data with the server. Just thought I'd throw it out there and see what experience other people have had. Caroline
  5. Hi All, Our database has properties and for each property there are multiple inspections per appliance, sometimes year to year sometimes quarterly. Anyway, we want the technicians in the field who are using iPads to view the history per property by swiping just to make it simple. Every swipe would be a different inspection for that property viewed in chronological order. Property part is "static" while they "page" or swipe through the inspections. I was thinking a slide control would work nicely, and each slide would be a different record for that property. I'm looking for ideas to jumpstart my thought processes, apparently my brain is having a hard time functioning today (and it's only Tuesday!). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Caroline
  6. @comment Thank you, working well.
  7. Okay, great thank you! I was headed in the right direction, the OnLayoutEnter I missed. I will try it and let you know how it goes. Caroline
  8. Hi All, Basically the layout we have has many tab panels, and I have a forward and back button that navigates through the layouts. What they would like is when they come back to this layout it goes to the last tab panel (s) they were out. I would think a script that stores the isfrontpanel (layoutobjectattribute) in a merge variable but I am having a hard time figuring this out. It seems like it should be simpler and perhaps my brain isn't working correctly this morning (it happens! Lol). Can't see the forest for the trees. I included a screen shot as an example.
  9. I did look at the VL and download some sample files. And yes a lot to digest and I totally get the head banging, trying to decide the best solution to the problem and for me at times hesitant because it is a lot to digest! I think you are right, the VL is the right way to go and I like the web viewer idea with a popover button. I will make the time, this customer I've been working with really loves their database (they did everything manually 18 months ago) and so it has been a real time saver. So the extra effort is well worth it... In the mean time I made tab panels on the property layout with each tab being an appliance 1, 2,3 etc.. filtered an inspections portal and the estimates portal on each per appliance number pertaining to that tab. This buys me time. Next I'm going to tackle the VL so they can have their information compiled. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.
  10. Hey Steve, I was wondering if you would have some insight. How are you? I'll explain better ('splain it to me Lucy, LOL) So the customer id is actually a property location (there could be more than one owner of a property over time, that is taken care of). So one property location can have many inspections and estimates. And one property could have more than one appliance (we are talking fireplaces and chimneys, the great northeast, you hear me). Previously everything was "driven" by customer id but easy enough to turn it into a property id. And to answer a question you had, the estimate turns into an invoice but not in Filemaker by sending the total amount to quickbooks, basically posting totals. Filemaker creates a work order, contract and the details. The hierarchy is, Property address- appliance- estimates and inspections.1- many-many. Fireplace 1 could have an inspection and estimate every year. Fireplace 2 as well. Hence, I could search by the property address and appliance (i.e. living room fireplace) and see the history of the inspections and estimates. And right now I could search by property and appliance, but they would like a neat orderly format that doesn't require a search. Perhaps I need to create a table with appliance & property, (I had some ideas)...... no still the same problem listing all estimates & inspections (since they are in 2 tables, am I wrong?) Okay enough babbling and thinking out loud. I will check out the link you sent. And you are correct, there will be no flattening this file, there are much more pieces to this puzzle.
  11. I have a database that has the tables customers, estimates and inspections. (there are other tables as well) Anyway i currently have a layout per customer which has two portals, one that displays the estimates per customer, one that displays the inspections.When you click on one it takes you to the details of that "form". It works nicely but now they want to see one portal with the estimates & inspections listed in one portal. I thought what I would need is a join table but somehow I have become baffled. All three tables have the customer id. Inspections & Estimates have appliance ids as well. The end result is to view by customer all of the estimates and inspections per appliance id. I can make a sub summary report but they would like: Customer Appliance 123 Inspection Estimate Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I might need to be more descriptive. Caroline
  12. Thank you for replying to my topic. I got sidetracked with other issues. So whats getting slow is Picasa and the NAS. So we are looking for a central location for the photos, and that it's easy enough to edit (annotations, light edits) And correct they are basically taking the edited photos to upload some into FileMaker. As simple a a drag and drop. The customer does fireplaces and chimneys so the images are used to guide the technicians and also for before and after history.
  13. I have a customer that has 3TB of photos in the program Picasa. They use it to edit images and then put some in Filemaker. Currently the images are on a NAS. The problem is it seems to be getting slower and slower. Picasa is discounted so I'm looking for a replacement that can handle the large amount of images they take on the job site and interact with Filemaker, seamlessly. they run on a windows platform but would like to perhaps introduce iPads to the mix in the future. Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but I thought I'd give it a go. Any guidance on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Solution at last! Anyway this is what I put in my web viewer object, "https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/query.asp?searchtype=ANY&query_type=queryCarrierSnapshot&query_param=MC_MX&query_string="&CARRIERS::MC#
  15. Hi Steve, Yes you were correct, pass a value from our database to the web form. Thank you so much for your reply. I'm going to try it right now! Caroline
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