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  1. Thank you @bcooney - I'll look into it. Happy New Year to you!
  2. Hi, I want to create a preferably automatically-updated table (Monthly Sales Report) that tallies the daily sales qtys for multiple items - see PDF attached. PM = Past Month totals; Tot = total of the individual columns ie Single, King Single, Long Single, Double, Queen, King. If not an automatic solution, could I create a looped routine to generate data for each item one by one and then populate a page in another layout (copy & paste routine)? I also considered creating sub-summaries and sorting by date, but I couldn't see how to create an elegant summary such as the attached PD
  3. Thanks Wim, It is a bit of a conundrum - safety vs savings. I might split the difference and combine into 3 topic-related super-files and at least save a bit of hosting money (they charge per file, hence my interest in minimal files). So is there a procedure to follow? For instance: Step 1: Create the new table Step 2: Create relationships to match existing file but linking to new table Step 3: Copy fields & value lists into new table Step 4: Export from old, then Import records into new table Step 5: Copy layouts Or should I swap Steps 2 & 3? No way of copying relationshi
  4. In order to (cheaply) have my FM solution hosted, I need to combine 12 files into one. I am using v12. Some of the files are quite large (over 100Mb) and most have lots of relationships, value lists, scripts but no custom functions. Very complex. It seems that there is no automatic way to do it but is there a step-by-step for v12 since links will be broken if I do it incorrectly. Help please! Happy to upgrade if that will help in any way.
  5. Hello fellow latvian Peteris! Sorry for not using proper terminology. My colleague is merely viewing and interacting with the files - not uploading them. Some pages/layouts have several calc fields and refer to several related files etc. My colleague may add client data, change dates, print & create PDFs etc. Is that clearer? So I guess I am asking "how can I streamline the files to minimise the refresh time". Does it matter what is on other layouts other than the one being viewed? Does the overall file size matter or does FM just stream what is necessary? Thanks for any assist
  6. Thanks Vaughan, I agree it should work, but for some reason it doesn’t. It is definitely eps, not native ai, and I have tried saving as 1 bit and 8 bit preview. Was also inserted, not copy/paste. Any other ideas? Is it something to do with differing settings between the two computers? What about "store only a reference to the file" setting? What difference would that make?
  7. My colleague connects to our programme over the internet but complains of slow upload and intermittent dropping out. Host: Sydney, Australia using v8.5, Mac 10.5.7 and 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Peer: Wollongong, Australia using v10, Mac 10.6 and 2.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. Internet connection: ADSL2 (Optus) via Static IP address Programme: consists of around 10-12 modules (files) with various interconnected relationships. File sizes vary from 10Mb to about 90Mb. I have set up the Energy Saver settings to over 3hrs but the computer is in continual use anyway. What other informatio
  8. Host has inserted a masthead pic in Illustrator (vector) eps format and printing/PDFing works fine for this user. However, any other user cannot see the eps image nor print it. Why? The host is using FM 8.5 and the remote user (either on a network or via internet connection) is on either v8.5 or v10. Jpeg format seems to work fine but does not output text as crisply, so I would like to get the eps option working. Any ideas?
  9. Hi Stanley & John, Thanks for both your suggestions. FYI - Hosted from Filemaker Pro. No images, do have big files, lots of layouts in some of them, some sorting involved, lots of relational data (Clients, Suppliers, Quotes, Invoices, Job Traffic, P/Orders are the main ones). The local file is a good idea but a lot of work I would think. Still, I may explore it further. Does anyone in Australia know of some tweaks with ADSL to get it working faster? Regards Martins
  10. I have a host programme (several databases) being accessed remotely at home. Both ends use ADSL 2+ and connected through routers but even so, it is incredibly slow to view at home and often drops out for no apparent reason (usually when not being used continually). Is there anything I can do other than reduce the file sizes (two of the databases are around 50-80Mb)? They are all relationally linked in multiple ways. Thanks Martins
  11. Thanks for your help Vaughan, I’ll look into the Object/Scripting solution. Martins
  12. Thanks for that. However, I am finding that it does not return to the last open Tab, but only the front tab (which is rather annoying!). I seem to recall some script steps similar to the one you describe as being in FM9 in my current version. Should I explore that option? Martins
  13. I am using tab control in one of the layouts but when I switch to another layout and back again, the visible tab has changed from the one I had open. Why is this happening? Further to this, is there any way of controlling which tab view shows when using a script? For instance, when running an error-checking script, can it direct the user to a specific tab view in a layout or does it just go the layout and the user has to figure which tab window is to be corrected? I can’t see any options/preferences in the software. Martins
  14. All of a sudden the pop-up menu part is working (my FM/host crashed so maybe it needed a re-start?) but I’d still like an answer to the second part of my question. Martins
  15. I’ll look into it. Thank you. Martins
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