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  1. As our London office employees would say...brilliant, that worked rather well. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the idea. I will give that a try.
  3. When importing using update existing and the source file has less records then the target file (error 727) what can I do to identify the records that did not get updated so that I can delete them. I am updating only some of the records in my database. I know I can delete the found set and then use "add new records" when importing but I am trying to update two hundred thousand records and it takes 10 times longer to delete the records then it does to import them. My database has a couple of million records. Filemaker shows me how may records were updated with import dialogue on but is that information accessible using a get() function? If it were I could omit records for 1 to update# and delete the rest.
  4. I have a script that updates my Filemaker database by importing information from other SQL databases. In this script is a dialogue that asks the user if they wish to continue as it takes a few minutes to complete. I decided to schedule this script to run from the server every couple of hours but wanted to still be able to let a user run it if they needed to update the database in between the scheduled updates. So, I left the dialogue in but wrapped it between ( If and End If ) checking for MultiUserState = 2 so the dialogue step would not execute if running on the server because show dialogue is not compatible. Well the script fails when running on the server (Schedule "Inventory & AR Update" scripting error (3) at "Inventory & AR Assistant v1 : 120.0 Update Control : Show Custom Dialog"). When the script is run from the server MultiUserState should return 1 and subsequently the Show Dialogue should not execute, correct>. I also have Set Error Capture to On. MultiUserState returns... • 0 when network sharing is off • 1 when network sharing is on, you’re accessing the database file from the host computer, and either all users or a specific group of users (based on their privilege set) have network access to the database file • 2 when network sharing is on, you’re accessing the database file from a client computer, and either all users or a specific group of users (based on their privilege set) have network access to the database file
  5. I have a layout in which I have specified 3 columns and printing down in layout set-up. I also have two sub-summary parts and a body on this layout. The first leading sub-summary is defined to page break before each occurrence. When I preview the report it does not page break but rather starts a new column. Is this the correct behavior? If it is, it does not seem right and does anyone know how to get it to page break with the printing down option?
  6. Resolution to my problem. In my work environment a program called AppSense runs as a service denying access to any program or file that "meets certain criteria" as I am told. It was specifically targeting the plug-ins on my pc but no one else. As soon as the service was turned off on my pc by an Administrator the plug-ins showed up in the plug-ins tab. Now they are trying to figure out why.
  7. I've copied the file from their machines and even re-downloaded from CNS, restarted and re-booted, checked permission all to no avail.
  8. I have SMTPit Pro installed in my extensions folder and I have a ten user license. I am using Filemaker Pro Advance 13 on a Windows 7 machine. Recently all my plug-ins no longer show in the edit preferences / plug-in tab. Nor do I have access to any of their functions. All scripts using plug-in functions show a <function missing> description. My co-workers running Filemaker still have access. I also have Filemaker Advance 11, 12 13, and 14 installed on my pc. Only Filemaker 11 shows the plug-ins. I am at a loss as to what to do to get my plug-ins working again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I just completed a new solution which I loaded onto our test server for further testing in a multiuser shared environment. I immediately noticed that everything was running slowly. Upon opening, a script runs that includes an import step from a SQL database using ODBC and takes about 20 seconds to complete. In single user mode on a network drive that same step takes less then a second to complete. I then noticed that all of my scripted finds take very long to complete, like 25 seconds or so. Long enough to make the solution very painful to use. In single user mode those scripted finds happen instantly. By the way, If I perform the same find manually on the server it finds the records immediately. I also have a popover button that takes like 5 seconds to open the first time. After that it opens instantly. In single user mode it opens immediately. I have many other solutions running on this server a lot larger then this one with no performance issues. I am at a loss as to why this solution runs so slowly on the server. I have recovered this file to no avail. I've also cloned the file with no records and imported the data to no avail. I also see no unusual server events in the log viewer. I am looking for ideas to solve this problem and would appreciate any help you may have. Thank you all. The solution is relatively small compared to other solutions running on this server.
  10. Is there any way to update the "items list" in a list box field or combo box field of a PDF form using Scribe? I can update the field contents easily enough but not the items list.
  11. I set up a privilege set that has custom privilges for records on the "main" table. The calculation is... Access = "Public" or PatternCount ( Get(AccountName); List( Creator;AccessUserList )) > 0 Translated this says that if the field Access equals "Public" or the Account Name matches a list of names which includes the creator of the record then you have full access to the record. In Filemaker 11 all the records that you had No Access to disappeared when a find or a Show All was performed. After converting to Filemaker 13 these records show up when a find or a Show All is performed but have the words <<No Access>> on all the fields of the layout. Is this the correct behavior for Filemaker 13? If you don't have access to a field how can you do a search on it? What is going on?
  12. If you are using this select statement in an import statement then try this. Put the following in the "Calcuated SQL Text" part of the function. Good luck. Substitute ( "SELECT ATTENDANCE.ATT_COMMENT,ATTENDANCE.ATT_DATE, ATTENDANCE.ATTENDANCE_CODEID, ATTENDANCE.ID, ATTENDANCE.PERIODID, ATTENDANCE.SCHOOLID, ATTENDANCE.STUDENTID, ATTENDANCE.TOTAL_MINUTES, ATTENDANCE.YEARID FROM ATTENDANCE JOIN STUDENTS ON STUDENTS.ID=ATTENDANCE.STUDENTID WHERE ATTENDANCE.YEARID=22 AND ATTENDANCE.PERIODID>0 AND (ATTENDANCE.ATT_DATE Between '<from date>' and '<to date>' "; [ "<from date>"; MAIN::ReportFromDate__gxd ]; [ "<to date>"; MAIN::ReportToDate__gxd ] )
  13. If you have a portal on a layout and you click into a field on the portal will that loc k the record?
  14. Thank you. One more question if you don't mind. Simply selecting a record (making it current) does not lock it. You have to click in a field to lock it, yes?
  15. I have a solution running on server 11. One person executes a script that finds records and then does a Delete All Records [No Dialog] while someone else is editing one of the found records. Will Filemaker delete everything except the record being edited (locked) or will it skip the delete step entirely leaving all records undeleted? Also, if two tables are conected via a cross join (X) and there is one record in table A and one hundred records in table B and you are modifying the one record in table A are all the records in table B locked? Thanks in advance for your help.
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