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  1. Hi All! In Filemaker 18 and earlier it was a possibility mark this: Enlarge the contents of the window for better readability I cant find it in Filemaker 19. Anyone know more? Thanks in advance. -Per
  2. ... and what is the shortcut yo activate/unactivate? And for the arrow? Thanks in advance -Per
  3. Windows 10, Pro. 64 Bit. Version 1909. What shortcut do you use? -Per
  4. Hi, I have got a problem: In Scripts it was an alternative to Activate/Inactivate script steps. That option is no longer avaible in my FM 18. Also it was possible put an arrow as marker in the left side of the script. That is also away. Is it a bug after last update or is it obnly my computer who have the problems? -Per
  5. Hi All! I have a script importing currency into Filemaker. Today I do as follow: 1. Startet the script which open an URL to my bank currency webpage. 2. I have manually open Excel file: C:\EXCEL kalkyler\0 Valuta 1.xlsx 3. I go to the open webpage and CTRL+A and CTRL+C 4. I go to the open Excel and past CTRL+V 5. Then the script continue import the Excel page into Filemaker. 6. Ready to use the new currency in my Filemaker apps. Question: Is it any possibility to let Filemaker open Excel automaticly or by a plugin or? Thankss in advance -
  6. Hi All, I work with a hugh upgrade from my Filemaker 5 solutions to Filemaker 18. Is it possible using 360Works Plugin Deploy 2? Use fm5 migrate to fm12? -Per
  7. Hi All, I have a hugh problem: I'm still working in FM 5. It works very well at Windows 10. It is a backoffice program for travel agents with a lot of automatic functions. My registers are very large and full with fuctions so I dont have money or time to migrate to a newer Filemaker version. All my plugins work well except Productive Computings Chgange Printer Plugin. It start and work well but sometime between 45 min to shut down Filemaker it stop to work. When I shut down I got a messeage that the "Plugin stop to work after 45 min. Please Register." After registration the P
  8. Hello All! I have a hugh problem. Today it works fine on my XP SP3 but the day I have to change computer I have to change platform from XP to 7 or 8. I have a huge number of registers working together so its no option to migrate those to FP7 format or re-write for FP7 as it would take to long time. Today I work with Shubeck Pdf plug-in which combine several pdfs within my script and put out an email with the pdf as attachment. It works great with ghostscript version 8.5. I have borrough a computer with Windows 7/64 Bit for testing purposes. I found ghostscript 9.01 for windows 7/3
  9. Hi all! Does anyone of you run FM 5 on Windows 7 or 8? Do you have plugins from Schubeck pdf? Does it work? -Per
  10. I dont know if you understand me - my English is not too good, but I try again: Its a register for auctioneers. When they sell a item they want to show the public a picture of the item at the same time as the clerk see the items data - Explanation etc, and see the field for price and buyer. The clerks window is showed in the computers monitor and the audiens picture is showed at a large TV monitor. -Per
  11. The clou with Chenge Printer is that you dont save the printer in the script. If so, you have to change all your scripts if you buy a new printer. With Productive Computings Plugin you just change the printers name in the printerfield in qa linked register. Its no big deal change scripts if you only have a few but with large solutions then its a big job. What Im looking for is something build in so I dont need to buy a Plugin. -Per
  12. Thanks IdealData, but I think you have misunderstand me. Its the same post I need but with different layouts. -Per
  13. Hi All! I have a solution there I want two different outputs: 1. One layout should be visible at the computer monitor. 2. On a TV-monitor a different layout should be visible of the same post. How should I do to get this? -Per
  14. I hope next version of FM have the "Change Printer" function as in Productive Computings Plug-In. Just copy the printers name to a field. If you change printer you dont need to change within the scripts, just change the field. In one register you have all your printers for different uses: Printer 1: HP 4050 Printer 2: Dymo LBELWRITER Printer 3: Canon MP800R In the register you should print from you have following script steps: PCCP_ChangePrinter( Printers::Printer 2 ) Print PCCP_ChangePrinter( Printers::Printer 1 ) -Per
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