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  1. What's the secret to customizing the initial login prompt for WebDirect? I'd like to add some text about the login ID format for folks who are outside of our AD domain need to use to get in. Nothing fancy, just an additional sentence.
  2. Sorry. I realize I didn't explain myself like I'd hoped. I'm not talking about the script step compatibility view options. I'm looking for something that will/would flag an entire script as being compatible with one platform or another.. That way I could see at a glance which scripts wouldn't work without some tweaking for various platforms. Example might be: My Script (Win, Mac, WD) My Script 2 (Win) Something like that to show that a whole script was compatible with a platform.
  3. Anyone know if FileMaker can denote a script as compatible with various platforms (Win, Mac, WebDirect, Server, etc) in the Script Workspace? Barring that, is there a utility that can check your DB scripts and give you a table of there compatibility?
  4. Maybe it's just our enterprise's network but our FM clients never seem to reconnect on a loss of network (wifi, wired, VPN, anything). We always get the endless "Reconnecting..." dialog on the fat client even on the shortest of disconnects and phantom disconnects where the network link is never truly lost. Go clients seem happy as a clam to reconnect in almost any scenario though. Anyone have a suggestion on what to look at to try and improve this? Thanks -David
  5. Recently my FMPA 17 client on one of my machines has decided to go bonkers and show me a blank launch center on opening. It's literally just become a white window with "FileMaker Pro Advanced" on the title bar and that's it. If I click around, it is responsive and will occasionally pop open options and such so I know the content is there it's just not visible. I've checked my video driver (updated and rolled back), reinstalled FMPA 17 several times. Uninstalled Visual C++ libraries and reinstalled. Uninstalled anything I can think of that's video related. But, nothing changes the status. I can launch a database from an fmp://<server-ip>/database.fmp12 URL and it will load. The layout content is visible as normal but dialog boxes are blank like the launch center. Has anyone seen this and know a solution? I have come across posts from folks relating the same issue with previous versions but none of those lead to a solution. Thanks -David
  6. I love the new pre-existing self-join portal option for displaying a portal that is reflective of the current found set and navs to the record clicked in the portal on the currently layout. I was hoping to add some functionality on top of this by buttonizing the fields displayed in the portal so that if a Shift modifier key was pressed when clicking, the clicked record would open in a new window to allow side-by-side comparision of the current record and the newly opened one. Otherwise, if the Shift key was not pressed during the click, the script simply terminates and the default nav behavior takes place. However, it looks like the behavior of a pre-existing self-join portal is to always nav to the record clicked even if a script is launched from the click. The end result for me in this scenario is that I have two windows showing the same record. Anyone know if what I'm trying to do is possible with the pre-existing self-join portal or am I spitting into the wind? Nothing I have tried can override the behavior of going to the clicked record after the called script has completed. Thanks
  7. Seems like FM16 (both fat clients and Go clients) are unable to handle container audio content that has been inserted with the "Insert Audio/Video" script step. Previously in FM15 I was able to get create interactive audio containers that would give me the playback controls on data that was inserted with the "Insert Audio/Video" script step but now, the player controls are present but the audio no longer plays (no error in the fat clients - just click play and the play bar blinks to the end of the line and nothing). Go clients are the same. I can tap the container and be prompted for playback but it errors out with "Cannot access the media". I can export the container and get a valid sound file back from it so the data seems solid. If I attach a sound clip (WAV format) in the container as a regular binary file, Go can play it back and I can script an export and send event to launch the sound in the system sound app but I can't get the internal FM player to play "embedded" sound content any longer. Has anyone else seen this? Is it a known bug? I am at v2 on FM16 fat client and Go client. Thanks
  8. Thanks for suggestion, Lee. But, unfortunately on an iPhone, there's not much screen real estate to begin with. So, popping into a calculation field that mirrors another text field still calls up the on-screen keyboard which educes reading space even more. I also have some conditional formatting at play and going into edit mode clears those format changes during the edit session in the field.
  9. Anyone have or know of a technique to employ to create a scrollable, read-only text field? This is mostly for FMGo (smaller iPhone display). In large text blocks flagged as read-only you either have to expand the text field to cover all expected text and scroll the entire layout or hack something together with a web viewer showing the text which requires a fair bit of html crafting to get the formatting to look right with the other layout objects. I'd like a more seamless solution (if one is possible) that keeps the hacking down to a minimum. thanks
  10. Anyone know of a way to scan the integrity of an fmp12 file from the command line so it can be automated with each backup from FM server? Best practice is to test your backups occasionally but to scan them with every backup would be best. I recently ran into a situation where one of our main FM databases went corrupt (and would not recover) while online (no power outage, no service restart, nothing I can point to as to why it occurred). I was able to go back to the previous day's 5pm hourly backup and get a healthy copy so the data loss was minimal (about 3 hours of business time). The backups for the current day (3 hourly backups worth before I caught it) were also corrupt. If I hadn't caught it, the backup system would have pushed out valuable data as it timed out old hourly's. I could have gone to the offline backup but that's time consuming in a large environment especially if you don't know the break point of when an unrecoverable corruption occurred. So now I'm looking for a way to make sure data loss is always as minimal as possible. Thanks David P.S. This is FM16.
  11. Unfortunately I had to convert the FMS service to run under a domain admin account to get it to run scheduled tasks with the access I need. It's disappointing that these strange bugs pop up with FM frequently and have no known solution.
  12. FM Service is running under local system. ID to run the system script under is a domain account. Server had been up for 84 days prior to today's reboot so nothing has changed since it was last working.
  13. I have a couple of sequence scripts configured on our FM14 server (under Windows 2008 R2) and for some reason, the system level scripts after the internal FM scripts no longer launch under the identity I specify in the schedule config. They always launch under System and that's causing access problems. The server has been rebooted and I have tried brand new schedules for the tasks but nothing changes. Anyone seen similar behavior and have a solution? Thanks
  14. Bruce: Not sure what you mean. You mean conflict between exclusively using my own system vs.utilizing another solution? If that's the case, the Simpre system is overkill for the simple need I have.
  15. DWData: Your script is pretty much what I have currently to launch the slideshow (without the var adjustments. I can control the script and stop it with a button to halt scripts but the issue is that I don't want any of the other buttons on the layout to be used while the slideshow script is running. Bruce: interesting slideshow DB. Not quite what I need since I need to integrate the slideshow with my own system though.
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