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  1. Is there a function that will return an error or 1 if the file I want to upload if it already exists? The idea is that if the file exists, I do not want to overwrite it, I want to capture the error or result then give the user the option to rename the file that is going to be uploaded.
  2. I'm having a FMS13 server install issue. I've uninstalled and installed FMSE about 5 times. I cannot get my plugins and or web server to connect. I've used the uninstall app and removed all folders and prefs from the Library folder. I install version 1 then apply the updates, v3, v4 then v5. Nothing. Running 10.10.1 and running java 7. Anyone have any ideas before I completely wipe my MacMini server? I have the Yosemite server app, but all services are off.
  3. Same issue here. Been trying to work around it all weekend to no avail.
  4. Hoping someone might have some insight on this. I have a FM Server script that is bailing without any error. I have put email scripts on key parts of the script with last error, and some other info. It works until it gets the the IF statement and apparently exits. I put email steps in each part of the If Else If Else chains so I can know what it is executing. None of those are running. I get Last Error after a Perform Find of 0 and the records found of 3501, which is expected, but nothing else happens. The interesting thing is that after a few changed in the scrip a few days ago I finally ha
  5. I want to know if FM Server 12 can update a external MySQL db in the same manner as the client can using ODBC connection (ESS). It works great when running the scripts on the client, but seem like it won't work in the same manner via server and server scripting. I am using all relevant drivers and it does work with my solution, but I'm looking to move, automate and schedule this process to the server itself. Thanks in advance. Michael
  6. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has compared access speed between local versus cloud hosting. I have a pretty intricate solution using many plugins and runs shell scripts. The servers are located in our office in NY and just opened another office in LA. I have our LA and remote users access via VPN. Trying to determine if access speed, returning records from queries is quicker if hosted in the cloud versus our current set up. I think the biggest issue is upload speed on our end and download speed in the user's end. Thanks, Michael
  7. This worked before >10.6 now it doesn't or it works sporatically. I have a script that grabs the metadata from a track in iTunes (including artwork) then creates a record in FM and sets specific field. It all works except for the container field I'm trying to set with the artwork. I get this error "error "FileMaker Pro Advanced got an error: Object or property is the wrong type." number -10001 to item" With the code to set the container field omitted, the script works great. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's my script that is run within FileMaker so the on Make
  8. I wish FileMaker would finally push tasks like these, sorting and portal sorting, etc. onto the server, if it's being used. One of my only complaints.
  9. This works awesome!!!!! Can you shed some light on how I might amend the code so I can just add a list of files to the zip instead of copying them to a directory first? My goal is to grab a bunch of files, get their locations, then create a zip and add each file to it. I guess it would be an amend, but I really thought/remember that via command line there was a way to list files to add. Any light that could be shed would be awesome. Thanks!
  10. I love ScriptMaster and it's ability to zip a file. Does anyone have a clue on how to make it grab multiple files and zip them into one file? I'm trying avoid putting all the files into a directory and zipping them. I thought you could in the command line set your destination file and just list the files you want added or zip one file and then append it to the newly created zip file. One I do that, then I would love to see if I could rename the files either before zipping or after without effecting the master file. I know the easiest way to do this is to make a copy in a new directory an
  11. I've successfully have a way to transfer from iTunes to FM and back. Haven't tried with GO.
  12. I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to test FM11's portal filtering with large databases that are hosted FM server. I have a solution that has 500k+ songs that are categorized. I've used portal filtering in previous versions using plugins and as well as not. I've used keywords as well as song title and lyric to filter on. Before I adopt FM11's portal filtering, I wanted to gauge my expectations. Would love to hear about anyone else's experience. Thanks! Michael
  13. I'm looking to add a feature to a solution that is similar to Yousendit. Want to have an alias URL generated by FM. Send the user the URL. The user clicks the URL which goes to a hosted FM Server. FM returns the download URL to users browser and starts downloading the Zip file. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  14. Good day. I've been trying to use a global variable ($$GVar) in a field definition calculation to no avail. I thought this was possible but might be confusing in with the Let function. When I test in Data Viewer, the calc works, but when it's in the field definition calc, nothing happens. Just need some verification. Thanks, M
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