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  1. sorry for the article T-square. I really appreciate for the link. As we speak I am trying to implement the formula on my database ... thnx '
  2. I had two database and i tried to use the relationship on them. I got confused on the relationship so I deleted the relation and the tables on the relationship (define window). When I tried to see the layout, every field said: . I see the defined fields although it won't display on the fields. please see the atachment (hopefully it's is viewable)
  3. Hello all, Can anyone help me highlight the selected current record. More info: (sorry about my poor english) Fields: Dates, PO#, Customer, Item #, etc Layout: Fields are horizontally arranged (table format) Displayed: Viewed as List I am just trying to make the whole record highlight in a different color so it makes it easier to see the record on the same line. Thanks in advance R___
  4. Thank you so much Phil, I am in great debt to you. I wish I could do something in return. I didn't quite look at it careful yet, but I will definitely analyse what you did. I hope I'll get the hang of the portal issue looking at your restructured folder. Let me know if there is anything I could do for ya... drop me an e-mail ... Cheers!!! Ron
  5. Hey Phil, Thanks for the fix... but I am not getting what I am actually lookinig for :. I am not sure if my database is related properly, where the portals display the data. (hope i am making any sense)... Here is what I am trying to do : I have a Product database, Invoice database and a Order BD(Break Down) database. On the product database: I have existing products with confidential info, selling cost, description So... On the Invoice::Portals all I want is to input the model# and the description and u. price displays from the "Product ID Database". PS: I need the Order DB so later on I could check what my customers bought, or qty, or etc :. The problem is that on my invoice: The description and U. Price would not show. If there is a better way to approach what I am doing please let me know. ... TY much!
  6. Hello all, I really apreciate all the help I can get... Every database I am working with, I end up in the same problem and here is one of them ... I cannot get the description displayed from the invoice file... what am i doing wrong? thank you in advance :... 1.zip
  7. Lee, thank you ... actually I was faced with another problem with decimals using "<***>" keys, your solution actually worked better ... ty yours truly, Ron
  8. Thank you all ... I guess whatsoever solution I use... it would give me the same answer .... Thank you all
  9. RalphL... You are awesome... Can't thank you enough--- now I could write paychecks and stop writting 1200 checks by hand... or try a program that makes you sign up for payroll service or a program that limits the information input... ... ty... let me know if you need anything, will gladly help . You rock! Cheers ... Ron
  10. Hello all, I have this tiny problem, and been looking for couple days but can't seem to find the solution for solving the decimal calculation. So if there is a post on this issue, I apologize for re-posting and please post a link for me if possible ... I hope I could describe this as best as possible I am implementing a payroll check writter on my database but i faced a problem with the decimals. I don't know how to put it in words so please see this example: Shown on the Record: Gross Pay: 800.00 Fit: 73.62 Fica: 61.20 Sit: 14.37 ----------------- Net: 650.81 The real result (not shown on the record Gross Pay: 800.00 Fit: 73.623 Fica: 61.198 Sit: 14.374 -------------------- Net: 650.805 I have implemented the check writting created by Geoff Ryle, into my database, but it seems that it doesn't eliminate the extra decimal "5" even if the field shows 650.81 and writes: "Six Hundred Fifty and 80.5/100" instead of "Six Hundred Fifty and 81/100" Here is the cents calculation: Field Name: Cents Calculation: Round((Check Amount-Int(Check Amount))*100 +.00005, 2) Field Name: Cents Text Calculation: Case(Mod(Cents,100) = 00, "NO", Mod(Cents,100) < 10, "0" & Mod(Cents,100), Mod(Cents,100)) Hope this is understandable--- Bare with me ... Post link- related
  11. Thank you all... I implemented the codes... and it works... but I faced with another problem: decimals... ... I will post a new issue .. since is a different question ... I don't know but i thought I posted about the decimal issue but can't find my own post, even from "my home page "--- oh wells I guess I will have to post it again ... thanks to all ...
  12. thank you Patricia W... I just found on a web site from PC Advisor which it looks like it might work ... but anyways i'll put it up just in cased someone might need this ---Up'd on the top topic... it was developed by Geoff Ryle from Excelisys .... i thought I saw him on some of the posts in here ...
  13. Hello all, I am working on the payroll database. I could not find a way to convert the $ amount into texts... can someone help me tnx in advance ryleg04.zip
  14. thank you for the reply, i guess there is noway out of this ... I really apreciate your help
  15. Stanley, thank you! I think i got what you meant. I did not look up under reference filetext . Just by reading it, it looks like it will solve my problem. TYTYTYTYTY
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