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  1. You need to use the external ip-address. Also you'd have to forward all the calls on port 80 to this server.
  2. Maybe you could try the function ExecuteSQL, using DISTINCT. The result will be a list, not a portal, but that may not be a problem.
  3. To make a runtime FileMaker needs the folder 'FMI Runtime Resources'. It should be situated in the program folder. Is it possible that someone removed this?
  4. Another possibility: http://www.practicemaker.com/windowutility.html
  5. When you make a runtime, Windows considers the runtime name as the application name. Might suit you?
  6. That's not FileMaker. It's Windows that does that. So from within FM you cannot change it. Maybe some Windows guru's (or a Window forum)?
  7. On my Mac I can print a script to a pdf. In Preview (or Adobe Reader) I'm capable of searching. This also works for several or all scripts. I assume this is still possible.
  8. hbrendel

    Extra Record

    Maybe permissions to delete are restricted for this table?
  9. Attach an OnRecordLoad script trigger.
  10. You have to add the Install Custom Menu script step to the script.
  11. The files the OP is looking for are in the package. Do a right-click on the .app file and choose 'Show Package Content'.
  12. I once made a function for this that is to be used in the Netherlands. The first part of it deals with country codes. Maybe you can tailor it to your needs. The function is here.
  13. Don't confuse popup windows with popovers. A new window in FM opens a new page in the browser. The FM13 popover works the same in WebDirect.
  14. In a modal window this is normal. You have to finish your business in that window before you can act normally. Also a paused script can make this happen. Going into Debugger often will show you what's going on.
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