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  1. I recently built a new pc, purchased a high end monitor and installed FM 19. Suddenly my opening layout is 1/4 the size of the screen and I'll be darned if I cannot figure out how to have my Opening Script resize the opening layout automatically to fit the screen or at least be 3 times larger than it opens now. Yes, I'm sure it's a simple fix but I'm not seeing it. I'm tired of holding down CTRL and scrolling the mouse wheel to size it up. Any help will sincerely be appreciated. Please help. Thank you.
  2. Thank you all for your help. And thank you for the "trivial" script translation....that's exactly what I needed!!!!
  3. Nowhere on the internet, including in this forum is there an example of a script showing the way to use Get (LayoutName) , with example that I can find. If you know of a more simple way to accomplish my goal, please share it and be specific. Get (LayoutName) isn't a mandatory.
  4. Great thinking however there are 18 layouts in this solution and yes, all based on the same table occurrence. I could place the layouts next to each other in the menu order and go previous and next for each button but would rather identify the present layout and have it go to the other of the two. Any help on doing that?
  5. Thank you for your response and suggestion. All records are within the same table and I just need the script step to identify which button the layout is on.
  6. I'm looking to create a script and place it in a button to exist on two layouts (BACKUP and MAIN), to accomplish the following when activated from either layout: Copy current ACCTNUMBER If current layout is MAIN then go to BACKUP layout and show the same ACCTNUMBER record. else if current layout is BACKUP then go to MAIN layout and show the same ACCTNUMBER record. ....I'm sure it's a no brainer but right now I'm totally missing some small step to start the script ....help?
  7. Quote

    It's amazing what can be accomplished when you don't know you can't fail.


  8. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.....that's the ticket! ...and thank you also LaRetta! Great people here....simply great!
  9. Great question.............the record typically exists and would not be created on the spot. So, yes the info is required before they would create an account. It seems simple but it also seems complex to accomplish. To me, it's akin to having todays day and date show up automatically on each record, automatically. No?
  10. Thank you. The purpose is for the person keying in a new account to be able to see a field that tells them the number of budget months available to offer the prospect.
  11. Let's say I want a field named BB to auto populate, relational to the month in which I viewed the record. July, would have BB show a 12 August, would have BB show a 12 September, would have BB show a 12 October, would have BB show a 8 November, would have BB show a 7 December, would have BB show a 6 January, would have BB show a 5 February, would have BB show a 4 March, would have BB show a 12 March, would have BB show a 12 April thru June would show BB a 12 What's the way to accomplish this, perhaps using a value list? Or, would you suggest another method?
  12. In a nutshell, I'm looking for a field to be populated in every record, at all times, that reflects the current number of budget months available and the budget months available is derived from the current month. If someone signs up in July and I look at the record in October, the number of budget months will be different and that's perfectly ok. I'm thinking that having the current month reference a value list would do the trick? I'm having difficulty structuring the field to auto populate each record.
  13. LaRetta! Hello there, you dear woman.....TOO long no talk..... When someone signs up for a propane account, the particular month they sign up in determines the number of months they are offered budget billing. So, I'm looking to have the budget_months_avail auto populate.....and even for existing records, not just ones newly created. It goes something like this: July = 12 August = 12 September = 12 October = 8 November = 7 The number of budget months available is predetermined, so I could use a value list. My thought is to have the budget_months_avail field automatically trigger of the records current_month field. The trick is to have it work and autopopulate for all records, not just newly created ones. It does not have to maintain the budget_months_avail when the person signed up. There's the long and short of it. .....Thank you in advance....yer a dear...yes ya are.
  14. I totally appreciate you helping me and your suggestion is working but it does not automatically update all existing records. It only enters the number when I create a new record. How can I have the field populate correctly, depending on the current month, as I view existing records, please?
  15. Field populating determined by the current month FIELD value. How to? Hello all. I'm looking to populate a "Budget months" field automatically for all records and have it update automatically, month to month, relational to the current month. I have a "current month field" in place that always reflects the current month. The "current month field" is a text field". For all twelve months of the year, I would like to have the "Budget months" field auto populate similar to the following: Current Month / Budget months March / 8 April / 1 May / 4 As you see, each month would have it's own corresponding number permanently assigned, that would not change. I need to have the "current month" field automatically populate a "Budget months" field. What's the best way to accomplish this, please?
  16. That would work.........this is the first time I'd be using that avenue to display information ( put the mail date field from the mailing database on the layout of the primary database.) It sounds like that will do the trick, as the field contains many mail dates. I'll give it a shot tonight and read up on the procedure.....thank you VERY much......
  17. Hmmm...define relationship...................ok..........................That would then afford me a filed to be auto populated should there be an address match? If so......it would need to copy (show) the mail date in an appropriate field? If so.....how would this be accomplished?
  18. In Filemaker 12, I have two databases. One with all records and another with mailing addresses and dates when mailed. When in a particular record (in the primary database), I'm looking to have a button that looks in the second database(the mailing database) for any records that match. If a match is found, I'd like the date mailed imorted into the primary database, into a text field (date mailed). This will tell me if it has been mailed to and when. My scripting capabilities are not up to par for this project. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  19. Thank you Lee and doughemi. I did check Brian's Trim4.: Let(~trimmed = TrimAll(AddressField; 1; 2); Substitute(~trimmed; "."; "") ) Did not do the trick........doughemi's solution is now working fluidly!!! Thank you both again.....This is one AWESOME FM Forum!
  20. Here is my concern. I have an address field with house number, street name and street type, like this: 100 Main St. Sometimes, when I import addresses, there are spaces at the beginning or at the end of the address, as well as more than one space between the street number and the street name. A field calculation seems required. What's the best calculation to have these extra spaces removed, yet leave ONE space between house number, street name and ST, Ave, Lane, etc. ? It would be great to also remove any "periods". A field calculation seems required for my auto enter and manual enter, to correct all. I'm thinking the same calculation could be used for my field collectively housing the first and last name as well? Many attempts to resolve this on my end have failed. Any thoughts or maybe a solution? Any help is appreciated greatly.
  21. Removing extra spaces in address and first/last name fields. :-(

  22. LaRetta, LaRetta, LaRetta......I have seen the light....and now have my 3 scripts working! Thank you so very, very much! It was so simple, I couldn't see it until now.
  23. LaRetta, I seriously thank you for your patience and guidance......I'm still plugging away at this............and I'll get it....I just haven't "seen the light" as yet.
  24. I'm trying it now........I'm just not understanding how to map the fields in the script...hmmmm.........
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