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  1. Hide Empty Portal

    I don't know if it would help anyone, but it's taken me a little while to work out how to use GetLayoutObjectAttribute - it didn't come up in my FileMaker book :-/ Here's the expression that worked. PKinPickClientPortal is the object name of the pk field in the portal. GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "PKinPickClientPortal" ; "content" ) ="" Many thanks comment!!!
  2. Hide Empty Portal

    Thanks loads, comment. Sorry to take so long to reply - I'm on holiday with the family, and writing this database for my wife as light relief from drinking beer and swimming! I'll see if I can make that work - it's not something I've tried before. Very cunning though!! :-) Cheers, Mike Of course - that makes lots of sense!
  3. Hide Empty Portal

    Hi comment, Many thanks for replying - sorry to be unclear again.. the filtering expression is: PatternCount ( Client_for_ShiftMenu::First Name ; Shift::gFirstName ) or PatternCount ( Client_for_ShiftMenu::Surname ; Shift::gSurname ) or ( Shift::gSurname = "" and Shift::gFirstName ="" ) The relationship is through a global field in both tables set to "1" - so everything shows before the filtering expression narrows it down. I have used a search global before to search using a relationship, but really like the PatternCount method and would prefer it if possible. Have I covered all my areas of confusion? Cheers!!
  4. Hide Empty Portal

    Hi Folks, I'm sure this should be quite easy, but I just can't get it to work! I have a portal that gives the results of a search. I'm using PatternCount and filtering in the portal itself rather than using a relationship - this means I've got more control of the filtering. I would like to hide the portal if no records come up so I can reveal a create new button. (This is for an iPad so there's not much room on the screen) How do I do that please?! Many thanks! Mike
  5. Import Excel not working

    He is quite amazing TBH. But in fairness - the only reason I knew to select all records before the import was because of something you'd posted elsewhere previously. So thanks to you too :-)
  6. Import Excel not working

    Yep, pretty amazing giving the info I provided :-/
  7. Import Excel not working

    Thanks comment, Your guesses are right! Thanks so much for helping out again with so little information. Sorry I didn't attach a file - both database and excel files have personal information of students. The primary key is provided by school and is based on student names so would need to be changed as well as names DoB etc. Best wishes, Mike
  8. Import Excel not working

    OK - I checked the autocomplete box on import this time and it worked. Strange - I'd made a specific note to NOT check it when I did it last time!!
  9. Import Excel not working

    Hi LaRetta, The import does update the merged fields of matching records, but doesn't add (new) un-matched records. 1. Code is a text field in FM and is formatted as text in Excel - is there anything else I need to check? 2. The "?"s are so the field names are the same as the spreadsheet to speed up the field matching; I'm not sure that the excel file always arrives with the fields in the same order. 3. To my shame, I don't know how to find the import log (or that it existed!) - Googling now..... Many thanks! Mike mmm, there's no mention on the import log of today's imports: 2017-07-09 23:16:50.198 +0100 PupilGradeV096.fmp12 0 tables imported : 1 2017-07-09 23:16:50.198 +0100 PupilGradeV096.fmp12 0 Import completed 2017-07-09 23:21:02.479 +0100 PupilGradeV096.fmp12 0 Import operations committed 2017-07-09 23:21:02.479 +0100 PupilGradeV096.fmp12 0 ================================================================== Is the Import Log always in the same folder as the database file? Cheers! Mike
  10. Hi Folks, I'm having brain fade. My import isn't working and I can't work out what I'm doing wrong. Existing records are updated, but new ones aren't added. I'm importing an Excel file, matching existing records and adding new ones.I've attached grabs of the script and relevant dialogue. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong please?! Cheers, Mike
  11. Filtering by List field

    Ah, I think I've got it. When I refreshed the window, I didn't tick the "flush the cache" tick box, so the portal was giving old data. That's got the portal filtering working - will check the relationship filtering in a sec.. Many thanks, Mike mmm, it still doesn't work with relationship filtering. Still - using patterncount to filter the portal work really well - thanks for the idea comment (found on another thread!)
  12. Filtering by List field

    Here's the database - it's very much work in progress I'm afraid. The table names need work; some obvious choices were used elsewhere in the music department's database. I've kept in all of the composers (for a couple of threads in this forum that might have been helpful) even though, there's still a bit of work to do in tidying it up. Cheers :-) Music Resource Catalogue.fmp12.zip
  13. Filtering by List field

    Oops, sorry for my confusion - thanks for replying so quickly. I'm setting up a database of music resources: scores, parts, CDs etc. Each score or CD etc (Resource) can contain more than one piece, each of which can be by more than one composer. There's a join table between composers and pieces, and a join table between resources and pieces. I'll be adding lots of stock to the resource table so want a way to quickly search for a piece to add to a resource. I've set up a gSearchField which searches by relationship to Piece title, (that works fine) and would like to also be able to search for pieces by who composed them. The trouble is, that composers are in a separate table so I can't use them in a relationship with out a summary List field in the composers table being referenced by a calculation field in the pieces table. I think that filtering by relationship is probably the most sensible, because I think that there will ultimately be 1000s of pieces to choose from. Having said that - filtering by patterncount in the portal is very slick for the user.. I hope that helps a bit more - I think I'll need to attach the table (which may be useful for others anyway - the composers table has thousands of names on it now), but it will take a bit of doctoring to remove private tables. Cheers! Mike
  14. Filtering by List field

    HI Folks, I'm filtering portals but am struggling when it come to filtering by a calculated list field. My usual technique is to do by relationship, using great or equal to gSearchField, which usually works fine. EXCEPT when I use a calculated list field; which doesn't work using this technique with a relationship or with a portal sort. I thought patterncount might be a snazzy option for portal filtering, and although it works nicely with standard text fields, it doesn't work with with this calculated list field either. I have tried removing the line breaks with substitute, but that didn't help. I assume I missing something; any ideas please? I have a few ideas (e.g. scripting the calculation bit etc) , but I don't actually know why it's not working or what to do to fix it..
  15. Music Media resources

    I'm getting close to knowing what I want. One issue I'm struggling with is the relationship between movements and works. I had thought that I'd put them in two separate tables, but I think that they're often similar ( - e.g. A gospel song is a movement AND a work), that I mark their category with different checkboxes in the same table. I can then use filters and relationships to show only the ones I want. The more I think about it, the more I'm sure this is the right solution to that particular quandary. Incidentally, one of my tables is of composers - it's going to be quite comprehensive in a week or two - would it help anyone if I posted it as a CSV when it's done? Cheers, Mike

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