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  1. Yes indeed. TBH, for me, the first step is to get my head round the pros and cons of card windows. It would be handy for me to see which script steps were taking the time; but that's a secondary concern at the moment. As you say; I really just need a "wait - stop hitting buttons!" message!
  2. That's the issue - the script has to go to other layouts so I think that means I can't use Card Windows for this job? I suppose I could just use a different Layout with a "hold on" type message and freeze it.. I'll try to get that bit right first and then look into whether a progress bar using a gif, plugin or updating variables is needed or feasible. Cheers!
  3. Hi Folks, I've just moved my database to a server. It works fine, but it's slower and a couple of the scripts now take enough time that I could do with putting up a wait / progress bar. The issue is that the scripts dive into other layouts to create records in other tables. Am I right in thinking that I can't use a Card Window and then change layout behind it? (I haven't actually used Card Windows before...) I suspect that this isn't an unusual thing to do - what are the standard tricks? Many thanks all! Best wishes, Mike
  4. Thanks guys! I'll try to have a go at it today and see how it works - I think it's the New Record / Request step I've not used in that way before that I'll have to research a bit first.. Best wishes, Mike
  5. I've now split the one variable into three; one for each word using the middle words function. Is there are way to Find OR in Specify Find Requests - there seems to be no option other than AND; and no way of bracketing Find Requests. Apologies for the questions; I've always had to use trial and error with Edit Find Requests before, and at the moment, it's mainly error despite going through the books & searching the forum.. Cheers! Mike
  6. Thanks for the quick replies. I've attached the script below. Each record has a Term field which is set to either Autumn, Spring or Summer. I've set a global checklist to select any one, two or three of them. It looks like it's searching for a field with both / all three words when more than one is selected in the global. Hope that helps clarify a little! ScriptImage.bmp
  7. Hi Folks, I hope you're all well. I'm trying to use a Find step in a script, to find multiple words from a Global field checkbox in a field in the same table. It works fine when just one word is selected, but fails when two or more are. I've tried different operators, but = and == don't work either. Is it possible to get this kind of thing to work, or is it only do-able in related tables? ------------------------- hmmm, having asked the question, I suppose I could separate the list into it's different words, give each a variable and Find for each variable. There are only three possible words so a max of three variables to set. Can't remember the text function off the top of my head, but pretty sure it's possible. Is there a sleeker way? Best wishes! Mike
  8. Looking closer now! In a bit of a rush now - try putting the time taken box below a blank box with both set to slide up & select the "objects above" option. Unless, there's another object out of sight that's not set to slide up" Sorry - I'm not an expert at this - tends to be a bit trial & error for me too! (I take it the last screen shot is from a preview btw?) Good luck!
  9. In your screenshot - there is no up arrow to indicate that you've set the fields to slide up. That option is in the inspector under Sliding and Invisibility. - Did you try it and find it didn't work? Also, they are all currently aligned top rather than bottom. To get the format you want, my first call would be to: 1. Set Activity, time_taken and Charge text boxes to all slide up. (probably also ticking the options for all items above and also resize part.) 2. Bottom align time_taken. Good luck!
  10. I don't do these often, so you'll hopefully get better ideas, but I'd make the Units and Unit boxes the same height as the activity box, align bottom and set them both to slide up (which looks to be the trick you've missed out). But - it would look messy if the units boxes stayed blue... Cheers, Mike
  11. That's ace - so I don't have to bother working out how to find the recently imported records - for once things are easier than I expected! Thanks guys
  12. HI folks, I've got an import new records script I'm working on. After I've created new records (based on Excel rows) are they always left in the found set? As far as I can tell that's the case, but don't want to rely on it! After the import I'd like to then set a couple of fields based on variables, and can't see another way to find the records that have just been imported to do that. Cheers, Mike
  13. MikeKD

    Filtered Portal

    Well this works, pretty much I think.. If anyone can see some improvements, I'd be glad to hear them! Case ( not IsEmpty (Resources::PickWork) ; Resources::PickWork = Piece_forResourcesMenu::WorkID ; IsEmpty (Resources::PickWork) ; ( (IsEmpty ( Resources::gSearchPieceTitle ) or PatternCount ( Piece_forResourcesMenu::Piece Title ; Resources::gSearchPieceTitle )) and (IsEmpty ( Resources::gSearchPieceComposer ) or PatternCount ( Piece_forResourcesMenu::cComposers ; Piece_forResourcesMenu::gComposerSelect )) ) )
  14. MikeKD

    Filtered Portal

    Ah, I think I've got it - I'll use Case, testing for PickWork being empty or not. Will have a go when I get the chance... Cheers! Mike
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