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  1. I am using Scribe (version 2.15) to create a directory of names, addresses and biographical information in Word 2010 (on Windows 10 running in Parallels Desktop 11) but don't know how to make the one final adjustment that I need. The biographical information in my FMP 15A database is a text field with multi-paragraph data, and when that field is written into word with the following command, the paragraphs that appear in Word are separated by line breaks (created by Shift-Enter in Word) rather than by actual carriage returns (created by Enter). This means that a multi-paragraph entry is actually just a single large paragraph with sections separated by line breaks, so my custom Word styles do not work properly. So I need to get the line breaks replaced by real carriage returns. (ScribeDocSubstitute( "[bio]";Directory::Bio) I've tried to address this by adding placeholders ([..] where paragraphs should be broken) to the data that’s written into Word with hopes of then substituting carriage returns for the placeholders. ScribeDocSubstitute( "[bio]";Substitute(Directory::Bio;Char(13);"[..]")) This certainly puts the placeholders in the right places, and then I've tried to substitute the placeholders with carriage returns: ScribeDocSubstitute( "[..]";Char(13)) This does replace the placeholders, but line breaks rather than the "pilcrow" carriage returns are inserted. I've also tried copying actual pilcrow carriage returns from both Word and FM and pasting them into the ScribeDocSubstitute function, but line breaks still appear. It's pretty easy to fix these in Word with a simple find/replace or with a short VBA macro, but I'd rather not have to do manual adjustments. I've even tried creating an auto open macro in Word to do the replacements, but that requires a document in DOCM format rather than DOCX, and Scribe doesn't appear to work with DOCM macro-enabled documents. So how can I get true carriage returns into Word? I'm new to Scribe and am certainly missing something. Thanks for any help! James
  2. I have heard back from Matt Petrowsky, and he has changed a server setting that permits proper downloads of zip files with IE8. So all is well now. James http://james-mc.com Words To Live By
  3. I'm a subscriber to FilemakerMagazine.com and am using a web viewer to browse articles and pull titles and summaries to build an index of those I want to save. This all works well. There are usually links to download both a technique file and a movie file, and I can activate the links through the web viewer. When so doing, however, the movie files download and open OK, but not so the technique zip files. They download, but I get this error when trying to open them: "Cannot open file: It does not appear to be a valid archive." Downloading the same file from my Firefox browser gives a slightly larger file size, and the zip file opens properly. I have the web viewer set to interact with content and to display status messages and am using FMP11A (Windows XP) with all updates installed. I have the same problem when trying to download the same zip files in Internet Explorer 8, so the issue may be related to my IE settings. I've also found a couple of links that point to server-side issues that affect downloads with IE and not Firefox: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/iewebdevelopment/thread/bf4077dd-20bc-4f66-bf73-b79a2440cf30 http://forum.joomlatools.eu/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=5668 I have sent a support request to FilemakerMagazine.com but am wondering if anyone knows what I might try on my end. James www.james-mc.com Words To Live By Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much for the demo!! James www.james-mc.com Words To Live By
  5. Do you use Microsoft Office, Matt? And if so, what version? Thanks! James www.james-mc.com Words To Live By
  6. Thanks for the info, Brent. Which version of Windows 7 are you using? I use Office 2007 without any plug-in so should be OK there. James www.james-mc.com Words To Live By
  7. I am using FMP 11 Advanced and need to buy a new computer. I'm looking at Windows 7 64-bit OS but see that Filemaker doesn't officially support it: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5587/kw/windows%207%2064-bit On the other hand, Microsoft alleges compatibility: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/windows-7/en-us/Details.aspx?type=Software&p=Filemaker%20Pro&v=FileMaker%2c%20Inc.&uid=11&l=en&pf=0π=3&s=FileMaker%20Pro&os=64-bit I'm just wondering if anyone is using Filemaker on a Windows 64-bit OS and with what results. Thanks! James www.james-mc.com Words To Live By
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I'm going to get it soon, I think. James www.james-mc.com
  9. I'd be interested in how you like the course as I am considering purchasing also. James www.james-mc.com
  10. Thanks, Barbara! I'll head over there and get the update! James www.james-mc.com Words To Live By
  11. Can you give some more detail about which files you placed in the 11 package? My 10 package has lots more files and folders than 11. But if this works, it's great news. Thanks! James www.james-mc.com Words To Live By
  12. I don't know if any of the material in this article will help, but there is a hint in the comments about possibly pulling data in from PDF's: http://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/populating-pdf-forms.html James www.james-mc.com
  13. I'd love to see that demo if you ever get time. : James www.james-mc.com
  14. Brudderman


    The Generate Report button runs the Generate Matrix Report script where all the report magic is done. The script basically creates an HTML table from the data and then exports it as file (e.g., Web Viewer Example1.html). The URL of the path to this file is then loaded into the web viewer, where it is displayed. I would guess that a clever person could use the same technique without the HTML and separate the columns by tabs and put the results into a global text field as Comment did in his example. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm that clever. James www.james-mc.com
  15. Brudderman


    You may not have seen this, but there is an example file that shipped with FM 9 called Web Viewer Example.fp7. One of the examples in that file is for a matrix report (click on Reports) that generates HTML displayed in the web viewer. It may give you some ideas as well as it produces the kind of output you're seeking. James www.james-mc.com
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