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  1. Woot, thanks a bunch! The labels are like a page of the same thing, so I don't know why it didn't occur to me to just create new ones from scratch. It's just like a sheet of _this_mixture_, _these_contents_ tiled to coveron a pre-printed page of sticky labels.
  2. Hi. Please bear with me. A friend of my wife's has asked if I could 'fix' her Filemaker application on MacOS 9.x (not sure which version, guessing 5/6). She bought a home-based aromatherapy business including the iMac and its applications and client base (I guess). The original owner/programmer is unreachable. The problem is, when she prints labels, there is a field that doesn't show in the label document. It's a warning, "External Use Only". I have looked around in page/print setups, document prefs, layout views, etc., etc., and cannot find this field. She wants to modify or remove
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