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  1. Woot, thanks a bunch! The labels are like a page of the same thing, so I don't know why it didn't occur to me to just create new ones from scratch. It's just like a sheet of _this_mixture_, _these_contents_ tiled to coveron a pre-printed page of sticky labels.
  2. Hi. Please bear with me. A friend of my wife's has asked if I could 'fix' her Filemaker application on MacOS 9.x (not sure which version, guessing 5/6). She bought a home-based aromatherapy business including the iMac and its applications and client base (I guess). The original owner/programmer is unreachable. The problem is, when she prints labels, there is a field that doesn't show in the label document. It's a warning, "External Use Only". I have looked around in page/print setups, document prefs, layout views, etc., etc., and cannot find this field. She wants to modify or remove this line from the labels. Can some kind soul point me to how I can locate this field for modification/deletion? Thank you very much for any assistance.
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