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  1. Hi, I don't have a script. I want to be able to control the x,y. I don't know how to add the parameter from the portal into the function. I don't know the syntax, i guess that is what I need. Oreste
  2. Hi, I am trying to use the drawing example provided in the file. I have two concerns. I want to put in a single picture at a specified location. So I need the function to look like this. picture ( url, x, y) How do I do this. Oreste
  3. Yes Sharp! I mean the 360 works Scriptmaster. I want to put text over a gradient. kaostika
  4. Hi, Is there a way with scriptmaster to put text into a container. Kaostika
  5. Hi, I am trying to use SM with FM 10 on a Mac Air. It crashes on opening. I remove the plugin from the Directory and it works. Kaostika
  6. Hi, I am going to try the webdings as you suggested. They are better than the container since I can control the color better.
  7. http://topazsystems.com/ They have filemaker support from my conversations with them. Kaostika
  8. I finished it. I use case functions to turn of the container when the date runs out of range. Kaostika
  9. Here is what I was using repeating fields for. The ends of the fields will be mask so that the rounded edge end in the right places. A combination of repeating fields and portals to create a 2 week progress calendar.
  10. Hi Comment, This worked! It is what I wanted exactly. There are a lot of times when a user has a form and I need to make it into a repeating field. Portals, are very flexible, but sometime it need to be a rock. Kaostika
  11. It is for a gannt type chart. I can use portal records to define a repeating field. In this way I think I can better control the look of the fields. I use 9 on 10.5.2
  12. Hi thanks,You idea works but the portal has two records. I want to get one of the numbers in the record to match the repeating fields. Look at the photo there is a portal in the top middle with a 10 and a 4. I want to put that date in the 10th and 4th repetition. I will take advantage of the is valid calc. Kaostika
  13. Hi, I have a solution in which I need to put the value in a portal into a repeating field. I have a portal with 5 records. 3 of which have a number from 1-10. So record 1 have value 1. It need to go into a repeating field in the 1 slot. Related record 2 have a value of 3 so it need to go in the 3 slot of the repeating fields. Get the picture. I am trying different variations of getnthrecord, get(calcuationrepeatnumber) case and extend calcs, but I am not getting all the parts in the right place. Seraph_nyc
  14. seraph_nyc

    email from iwp

    Hi All, I am having trouble with email thru IWP. I am using open url script with a calculation to add mailto: & the email address field. When I use IWP it either is blocked by safari, if I disable pop ups it then opens a black webpage and opens up 2 emails. I want to get it to open one email only. I am using server 9 advanced and 9 advanced to design. Are there plugins to email from?
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