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  1. Hi, Im trying to set up IWP on my Windows 2008 server, using FMSA 11. I can get this to work when I host the file from Filemaker Pro, however I'm confused about what I need to do when hosting from the FMSA console. I have the server configured correctly I believe. Im using the IIS web publishing engine and have the IWP turned on in the Admin console. The file has the check marks next to it in the console indicating that the access is configured correctly in the file itself. I also cannot get the FM_Sample file to display either. When I run the test I receive the following error on the test page... "HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ron
  2. Im sorry if Im posting this in the wrong place, but here goes. I have a potential client in a French speaking country. They were requesting both english and french be displayed on each field and that the drop down menus hae both englaish and french choices. Is there a way to have more then one language loaded for the FMP client? and I am assuming that I would need to develop that database on a french only version of FM11. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I would try the following: uninstall FMS Restart the server reinstall FMS * Make sure that you have the correct version of Java and Bonjour installed This has helped me in the past with the same issue.
  4. We have had a issue with the driver in FMSA11. Its giving an error upon performing the function in our application. I called FM support and they gave me no information about the differences between their new ODBC drivers and the DataDirect drivers that we had built our application on. This is a big disappointment. The errors indicate that the problem is a permissions issue or perhaps that the character string in the SQL statement is not being accpeted due to its length (which dosent really make any sense). I'll keep you posted as to the resolution if we find one. Regards, Ron
  5. Just something to keep in mind. FileMaker Server Advanced 11 uses it's own ODBC Driver and no longer uses the DataDirect. This is great by the way since I've seen the Datadirect files get dinged up on occassion. I assume this will add stability. If you are using the ODBC on a 64-bit System there is something to keep in mind. Filemaker doesnt support Windows 2008 Server 64-Bit ODBC Data Source Adminsitrator. In our situation we publish to a SQL Server database from FMS and I see that in order to set up the System DSN you will need to run the 32-Bit ODBC Data Source adminsitrator, which is located in the C:WindowsSysWOW64 odbcad32.exe. It took me searching through the Filemaker setup document to find this. Hope it this may save someone the effort if they run across it.
  6. No response and yes they did confirm it. I suspect as you suggest that it wasn't fixed prior to completion of the coding... Just really something to be aware of, not a major problem.
  7. As I posted a few months back an I was able to identify that an error occurs under the folowing conditions invloving FMS 10 on a Windows 2008 Server. If you set up FMS to customize the "Server Name" in the General Settings on the Filemaker Server console (not taking the default name of the server), the client will crash when attempting to insert an object into a container field. This was a registered issue at FMI. Now I see that the same issue exists in FMS 11. What gives? Either eliminate the ablity to edit the server name or fix it... It's not that it's a game breaker, but just incase anyone is deploying FMS 10 or 11 on a 2008 server, leave the server name as is. Ron
  8. Under the Edit>Sharing>FileMaker Network make sure that the "Dont display in Open Remote File" dialog is unchecked.
  9. I have noticed that since upgrading to Windows 7 that I cannot display a quicktime video in a container field any longer. It does not give any errors, however there is no image in the quick time application as it attempts to play in the container field. Has anyone else noticed this and if so do we know if FM is aware that this is an issue? Thanks, Ron
  10. I'm experiencing an issue playing quicktime video in FileMaker 10 on a Windows 7 Ultimate platform. The video plays and the progress bar moves, but dosen't display a video (the video are is white). The video I tried dosn't have sound so Im not sure if the sound is affected. Has anyone else experienced any problems like this? I'm still testing and will be attempting to replicate the issue on other PC's running the same platform to see if there is a consistant problem. Thanks, Ron
  11. I'll tinker with this... It looks like a nice script that may work for me and I thank you for the suggestion!
  12. Thanks, We did test different naming scenarios and found that it wasn't an issue with type of characters. Rather the issue is anything that changes from the name of the server that is automatically given to it during the initial installation of the FileMaker Server. The developers are aware of the issue and the resolution to it so hopefully it will be addressed in the next patch.
  13. You're correct in this, however the issue that I have encountered is that when the users hit the carrige return (or the enter Key) to start a new paragraph, it will not count as characters entered from that point to the point of the cursor on the new line, thus pushing the txt farther along in the text field and defeating the purpose... Again, If you can suggest an alternative I would be very appreciative.
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