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  1. Found the issue. I have a customized menu bar. I just needed to add PDF's to the menu and it works now.
  2. I have the latest version of iOS on both my iPhone and iPad.
  3. I have a database built with Filemaker 11 that I have been using on Filemaker Go without issues. I just updated to the new version of Go and when I go to print a PDF it's greyed out on my iPad. I have no idea what triggers this in Filemaker 11. It has to be some type of security I have setup but can't figure it out. I can print just fine running my program on my Mac but it won't allow me to on my iPad. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!
  4. OMG do I feel stupid. Yes it was a text field. It now works perfectly. Only took me 4 hours of testing before taking 2 min. to post on this site and got the answer quickly.
  5. I need to add an expiration date so I created a global field that will take today's date and add 15 days. This is the expiration date. The problem I have is with certain days of the month. When I compare get(CurrentDate) to the set date +15 It thinks it's expired if it's installed on those days. Strangly this only happens on certain dates. My script looks this: Set Field [install_Date;Get(CurrentDate)+15] If [Get(CurrentDate) > Install_Date] Show Custom Dialog End program The problem is that this will not work if the install dates are on 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 but will work for all the other days of the month. Why is this so strange? It fails if you put in those dates in the month but not the others. Thanks for any help on this.
  6. That is perfect. Thanks for your help. This new web viewer is pretty cool.
  7. I am having troubles finding the right way to add database field info into the middle of a web url. Example - some websites use their search criteria in the middle of the url. It works great to add fields at the end of the url but I can't get it to work if the search is in the middle of the url. What can I add such as brackets and such to the field names in the middle of a url so that filemaker will change the url line to reflect the data in the field?
  8. I agree about Exeshield only protecting the executable, but you have to think how many people would have FMP that is running your app? It all depends on what type of app your are writing. Also they wouldn't be able to change your scripts and layout if you password protect the file. They could still use the program. Exeshield and FMP combo is not perfect, but it is still a cost effective way to somewhat protect your program to the normal PC user. It has worked for me so far, but I am not sure if anyone with FMP is using my program either. I wish FM would just create the DB as a one file executable and not put the DB as a seperate file. Problem solved....FM are you listening? I don't think there is a program that will lock down all the files. I emailed Exeshield support and he told me it will only lock the .exe file.
  9. I have kept my ext. as .usr, are you saying it is not a good idea? Also why do you need to associate the extension with FM? When you run the executable doesn't FM pick it up?
  10. Steve, Thanks, but I don't follow you. The only protection I have on the files are the admin password and the main executable file that is protected with a 3rd party protection software. I want to lock people out who have FM and can run the .usr file without executing the FM executable creates to run the program. There is only one database and that has the .usr extension.
  11. But the problem is they can still run the program even if they can't execute the executable file FM creates. I am not worried about them getting into the layouts and scripts since they are password protected. I just don't want them running the program by opening the .usr file with FMP7. I don't want to set this up so the user has to enter a password everytime. since I have the executable protected I thought that would pass through to the actual database and it doesn't. This is sorta puzzling why FM would do this. The executable is really just a way for a non FM user to launch the program, but someone with FM can just run the .usr file and bypass the executable all together and there is no affect on the database and the layouts.
  12. Is there a way without editing the HTML file? I thought possibly a field, but there is no way to set this as a report header. Is there a way to do HTML from a preview screen?
  13. I have created a DB and am able to protect the executable with a 3rd party product, but I can't protect the .usr file. Anyone with FM7 can run the .usr file and bypass the executable. Is there any way around this. I could put in a password, but that is a pain for the user. Plus how would I expire after 15 days? Would I need to give them a new password that doesn't expire? Why did they do this? Thanks for your help on this.
  14. Is it possible to create report headers when exporting reports to HTML? I have tried the XML stuff and that works, but the field names show the table::record and that doesn't look so good. I would just like to put titles on the HTML reports. Thanks for the help on this.
  15. I think I found it, but it is not that special. I think Oldsneekers may have been looking for icon software to use in FM7. Do you know of a pack that is loaded with icons to use as buttons?
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