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  1. Thanks for the reply, but i'm not sure what you mean by "pref"
  2. Hey, I am going to start an archive database where I am scanning my companies old paper documents using a BIZ HUB scanner... which makes the files pretty large. What are your thoughts on storing these files as reference vs. natively inside the database. Here are my thoughts: FOR: All files are in one place AGAINST: The database file size will be HUGE FOR: If I store as reference, if the files are moved and the "link is broken", won't that be a disaster? I've always stored inside filemaker, but this time I'm talking about a MAJOR scan and archive project. Thanks.
  3. Is there anyway to completely remove all borders (the status, red/yellow/green dots)? I want to make a layout with nothing except a pictures... sort of like the splash screen you see at the beginning of Filemaker. Can you do this? V
  4. I never thought of using a portal for the same reason, I wasn't sure that if the iPad user adds a record, would it automatically update the host without any user interaction. I'll try to make what you have suggested. The reason why I wanted to do it the other is because I want to be able to perform some other things in scripts on one machine after a record had been entered on another.
  5. Sorry i wasn't very clear. Basically I have a database hosted in FMS 11 and about 30 users. When a person makes a specific entry, say "Fire" (chosen from a drop down box of possible events), it automatically sends the server an email, which arrives in my inbox and the computer actually announces, "There has been a fire reported". This is done through scripts / mail / apple script. It's dandy because I have multiple things going on and I don't have to actively monitor one machine, it will announce an important event like that. I also use iCal / Applescript combinations to run automated reports every 24 hours, or I can email the system itself and it causes an applescript to run a report and email a pdf back to me. My question is this... I do all this stuff through the combined programming of filemaker, applescript, and apple mail.. But I would like to do more of this type of stuff through filemaker alone. How could i scheme a thing where if a person were to select "Fire" from a drop down box, it could trigger a pop up or a script but only appear on one machine, not all 30 users. I use Mail/Applescript because that "Fire" warning will then only go to me, and no one else. I want to do it all in FileMaker. I hope that was a little clearer. LJ
  6. Ok, sorry I wasn't very clear. Here's specifically what I want to do. I want to have a database running on an iMac that, can also be simultaneously ran on an iPad. I have people in checking in clients on an iPad. When they successfully check in a client (i.e. make a new record) that information is updated on the host machine in the back of house. Here's the fancy part though... a person isn't always monitoring the iMac in the back of house so.... I the iMac Database (host) automatically update the database to the newest record without a person actively monitoring and pressing a button to "go to the record last". I have tried this but when I make a new record on the ipad, the imac doesn't automatically go to the last record. I guess basically I want the activity on one device effect and update and move the activity on the other based on an event. Does that make more sense for what I am asking?
  7. Hey, Now that FileMaker Go is here I want to set up a solution where workers on the floor can use an iPad but in the back office, we'd have a mac serving the solution. My question is can you write a script or script trigger that would automatically update and bring the newest record made on the iPad to the current record back in the office? Basically I want our workers to be able to make a record on the iPad, and as soon as the record is committed it appears as the current record on the mac. Now I've tried to test it but can't get it to work. It appears, but it isn't the current record (the mac hosting doesn't automatically to the last record). I guess what I need is a way for FMP to know that a new record has been added and then go to that one. Any ideas? Thanks L
  8. I don't know if this is the right place for this topic, but here goes. I have a database hosted and multiple people using them at once. I want to know if there is a way for a user to perform an action that will then make my local database perform a script. For instance, if a user selects a certain drop down box category, it will set in motion a script that will notify my immediately. Currently I do this through a combination of apple script / mail. I just wanted to be able to do it all inside filemaker. I was thinking about doing it based on ip so the "warning" would only run if the computer's IP would be "X" so everyone would not see the warning i want to see... thanks...
  9. Hey All, I've run into a strange problem i've never seen or hear of. I have a layout that I select via button or drop down... for instance "Layout". When I select the word "Layout" form the drop down box, it goes to a blank screen and the word "Layout" disappears from the drop down box leaving no text (but the check mark still appears). I freaked out thinking something got deleted, but the records are still there (I know because it says in the tool bar viewing 12,000 records or whatever). I thankfully had a back up copy so I imported the layout objects and just created the new layout... .but when I went to delete the messed up one, i can't. It always appears in the drop down box (with the words initially) but when you select it, it goes to the blank screen and the words in the drop down disappear. Has anyone experienced this? Like I said, I freaked out at first because I thought I had a virus or somehow I deleted all 12000+ records. Any ideas?
  10. Hello I don't know know if this is the right forum, but here goes... Using FMP 11 over a MS Exchange server and cannot get it to send mail via SMTP. My Windows guy says all ports / permissions are open but every time I try I either get a generic, "cannot send email" or "SMTP was refused". Does anyone know what settings to use if you want to use a gmail account? thanks.. v
  11. Hello, This might sound like a silly question, but is there anyway to completely hide the bottom border where it shows the "browse", the percentage, and the toggle? I see you can 'hide' some of it, but I want it gone so the user does not have the option to toggle at all... Thanks. Vandy
  12. Thanks for your reply, I was sort of thinking that due to having the Power PC model and maybe not going to Leopard or Snow Leopard would be the best option. I'll just do the normal software updates for both FM Server / Mac OS,, but does it matter which one i do first? I was told to do FM Server first, so I hope that's right. Vandy
  13. Hello, I posted this topic about a month ago, but wanted to get some more input. I am currently running Tiger (10.4.11) and FM Server Awhile back I had a total screw up when Java was updated and Server couldn't support... I'm sure we all remember that. Consequently I've been a little hesitant to do any updates since. I am looking to go with Leopard (NOT Snow Leopard), but want to make sure I'll be doing the right thing before hand. So here are my questions and concerns... (1) Should I even bother going to Leopard? What's the advantage at this point? (2) In what order should I do the upgrades... FM first, then the OS or the other way around? (3) Last time I posted this topic someone said I should stop at a certain level of OS, does anyone know what that was? and why? (4) If you do upgrade, should you do the usual software upgrades after that or not? Thank you so very much for responding, I'm just a bit nervous as my company is a 24/7 outfit and I can't afford to be down in case of a major mishap or crash. I plan on taking everyone off line this week during the middle of the night to perform these updates. Thanks again, Vandy Here are my specs: FileMaker Server PowerMac Dual 2.3 Ghz PowerPC G5 4.5 GB of Ram Mac OSX 10.4.11
  14. I tried that but it causes some sort of message to prompt on a windows box (end users use windows)... plus, won't it be in their outbox / sent messages? Thanks though.... now i know i'll have to figure it out on the server box.
  15. Hello, Is there any way an event on one account triggers a script that would run on another user's machine? Basically I want to create something so if a user selects something from a box or checkbox it causes another account on another computer to perform a script.. why you ask? I want to make one computer and one account set up for email me stuff but I don't want the other users to know it's happening. I have it set up now so those emails are timed events through a combination of applescript and filemaker with mail rules in place. Any ideas?
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