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  1. I'm running Server 12 with anywhere from 10-15 stations at a time consisting of a variety of v12, v13, v14 as well as Advanced on the client side. Recently purchased a few license keys from eBay and I'm getting unique license key errors on my network. The keys definitely look unique to me, but maybe they're not? Anyone aware of license key "types" that cannot simultaneously run on the same network even though they are unique?
  2. Wow, thanks for all the replies. Here are some more details: Table Home has field gHidden related to field Show in table Messages. As long as Show ≠ "Hidden" the record is supposed to show in the portal on the Home layout. The home layout has a button that runs a script to create a new record in Messages in a new window. The Messages layout has a button to commit record, close window, refresh window. I think my original suspicion regarding global fields is wrong. The portal does refresh properly whenever I'm editing existing records in table Messages. It only requires the manual refresh after a creation of a new record. Hopefully this sheds some more light. Thanks.
  3. After creating a related record in a second window, I have a script that closes the window, returning me to the original window where my portal is then the final step in the script is to perform a window refresh. Unfortunately, the portal does not show the updated record until I manually perform a refresh either with the keyboard shortcut or from the menu bar. I think it has to do with the relationship being based on a global field (I've tried both global text and calc fields with the same result). Is there an easy workaround that I'm missing? Thanks.
  4. Strikethru appears on the computer side, but can't get it to show on the iPad. Anyone else able to get it to work?
  5. Great. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Filemaker website says this combination works, but how is it in real life? Am I missing anything significant by not going to Server 13? I'm currently running FMS 10 on Mac OS 10.6.x. If I go to Server 13, I'd have to update my OS as well as Parallels and I'd rather avoid that. Also, how do the concurrent user licenses work with FMS 12? Or is that specific only to version 13?
  7. Well, what I ended up doing is just scripting the constrain to search in a new window. Close the new window if the search is invalid and close the old window if the search is true. Seems to work okay for now.
  8. Thanks for the examples. I'll do some experimenting.
  9. I'm trying to script a constrain that returns the original found set in case no matches are found. With the native Filemaker search, I know clicking on "Cancel" will return you to the previously shown records. With a scripted search, however, I get taken to a screen with no records. I'm using custom dialog boxes and capturing find errors. Thanks!
  10. I'm trying to design a database for a business that (let's say) furnishes executive offices at large companies. Each contract is negotiated, so what Company ABC pays for a chair is not necessarily what Company XYZ pays. I'd like the solution to be expandable by the user without getting into the schema, so I'm thinking: CUSTOMERS table with Customer and CustomerID ITEMS table with Item, Price, CompanyID and NegotiatedPrice. LINEITEMS with Item, Price and NegotiatedPrice, the latter 2 as lookups from ITEMS Each time a new contract is signed, the user can add a new record to the CUSTOMERS table. I'd have to script a duplication of all records in the ITEMS table with the new CompanyID and blank NegotiatedPrice for user to fill in. If the user wants to offer a new item, a new record can be created in the ITEMS table and I'd have to script as many duplications of that item as there are Customers It's this duplication process that bothers me a little bit. With 20 different contracts, the ITEMS table will have 20 items called "Corner Desk" 20 items called "Guest Chair" 20 items called "Wall Clock" etc. albeit with different CompanyID and NegotiatedPrice Is there a better way to go about this? TIA to all.
  11. Yep. That was it. Thanks!
  12. I have a database with a customers table and related appointments table. I use a related field 'Appointments::Date' on the customers layout and with FM8 this would show the date from the most recent appointment. With FM9, it shows the date from the first appointment. Is there a way to switch back? Or maybe a better way to go about showing the last appointment date? I also use a calculation to show how much time has elapsed since the last appointment. Thanks in advance.
  13. Does hosting an IWP database on Server 8 have any benefits aside from increasing the number of concurrent users?
  14. I registered a domain and I'm using a web-redirect service from No-IP.com so visitors can type in (for example) www.mydomain.com instead of an IP address to find my database. I also have URL masking turned on so that www.mydomain.com continues to show in the address bar instead of the host machine's IP. The problem I'm having is if I redirect straight to the database (bypassing IWP homepage) the IP address remains masked, but none of the buttons in my database work. If I redirect to the IWP homepage, I can select the database with a click and it works fine, but URL masking stops working. I don't know if this problem is specific to my service provider, (No-IP.com) but any recommendations would be most appreciated. I forgot to add that I can bypass the IWP homepage with URL masking turned off and the buttons work fine.
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