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  1. hello out there I have a few questions. Which way is the better one for scripting? Should I use one big script for my database? I jump then to the right position with scriptparameters. Or should I have many little scripts which I call like the normal way when I need them? What is better for the performance of the database.
  2. Isn't it possible to let the scriptmaker stay opened all the time? How do you handle this if you write new Projects and always have to open the Scriptmaker? Clickmania Is there no other way? Other programms to write scripts? I am a littlebit frustrated : sorry.
  3. I do have a script which should perform a search. I used the command 'Constrain Found Set [Restore]' the criteria is 'Field_1="Hello"' Cool this works , every record which value in Field_1 is Hello is shown. Now I thought to put the searchvalue "Hello" into a global field in another Table which is referenced to my searchtable. Then I used again the command "Constrain Found Set [Restore]" the criteria this time is 'Field_1=Table_reference::Field_search_value' . But this time the script, or better the search, stopped and told me that the value 'Field_search_value' couldn't be found. OK - ounds logical. What do I have to write that the criteria takes the CONTENT of the referenced field? Is there a way or is this like the same with variables, which FM isn't able to use in searchstrings? sorry again for my bad english =) correct it if you would, this helps me for the next time :
  4. if the table "addresses" is NOT sortet and the self realation "adresses 2" IS sortet, then I have the odd behaviour : If BOTH ARE sortet, then it's more friendly and puts the choosen one to the visible end of the portal. I don't know why but that's the fakt I realize. Maybe this happens cause if I press the button and call my script, the script don't take the ID of the record. The script grab the number of the record. This means: I click on record number 9 in sorted portal "addresses 2", then call record 9 in the "addresses". And this is not the same person as in sorted order :. Please correct me if I am wrong. I use the funktion "Hole ( Ausschnitt ZeileNr )" I don't know the right translation maybe "get number of portal row" At the moment I am staying on the tube. How do I jump to record with an given ID or an given Record ID (indidual given by filemaker) :)
  5. Guys you are all great : @fabriceN: : whoooo... In this point I am still a beginner. Am I right that I have to buy the LayoutProperties 2.0? At the moment about $200 are a littlebit to much for my wallet. And a littlebit to complicatet at the moment for me. I hope to reach your skill level someday. @comment: I discovered one thing by myself. My portal was in sort order. But I forgot so sort the source table. Now I have sorteted both. The behaviour is more friendly now. The portal jumps to the chossen person and put it in the last visible position of the portal. : @LaRetta: I hope I didn't annoy you but your solution is the one I also discovered by myself. I prefere to jump to the forst visible position with the choosen person, plus I made a field which marks the person a littlebit more with color, that the user realize, that this is the person he had choosen. thanks for the debate which is/shoul be the best solution : This is what our mind expands ... with kind regards, glzm0
  6. : OK I'll try: I have one Table and one relationship to itself. In my Layout you can see the informations I filled in for the person. In this Layout there is also this portal which shows a list of all persons from the self relationship. I made an invisible button in the portal and linked it with the funktion "go to relation record" (sorry for the bad english =) in german is "Gehe zu Bezugsdatensatz") Then I see the whole infos for this person. But the problem is, that the portal always jumps to the first entry in this list. The behavoiur I describe is only given for the portal. The rest works like it should : . So what does the customer do when he scrolled the list in the portal all the way down to the records with the persons beginning with "s". When he now clics on a person the portal jumps back to first entry and the customer had to scroll all way down again to get to the letter "s". How can I solve this, that the portal stays in position. I don't know why this hint from LaRetta doesn't work. The Checkbox wasn't aktivated (reset scrollbar...) all the time. I can't recognice any different behavours if the box is checked or not. In my layout the customer is only able to read. He can't change any datas. Maybee this is the problem that there are no editable fields? also no editable fields in the portal. :(
  7. This box is already unchecked. ******* it doesn't work. Thanks for your fast help anyway : anybody any other hints?
  8. I do have a portal with 8 rows. When I click on one of them, then the "Detail-Infos for Person XYZ" appear above the Portal. This works like a charme, but ... The Portal jumped back to the first position in the portal list. So if the user scrolled a lot and want to get some infos of the person, he has always scroll again all the stuff only to get to the last few persons. And maybe he also forget in which position he was after that magical jump? Is there a way to keep the position in the portal? Maybee fetching the status which position or row I clicked in the portal, and then jumping to the calculated positin instead of the normal first position? I hope you understand what I want :
  9. that sounds logical. ok I hope to get my problem fixed. Thanks for the 80% of the first step :
  10. from Amazon. Drag the picture F9 for exposé : choose filemaker and drop the picture on my picture field. Is it posible to script this that the picture get copyed to a specific folder and then make the reference in this picturefield : Thanks again for the hint with the option in the save dialog. Maybe I write an applescript which will do the procedure. Or any better ideas?
  11. *******, why I didn't recognice this option? I always put picktures in there by Drag&Drop : Thanks for that hint. Is it possible to build a script that when I drop the picture, the picture is gonna send into a folder an save as a reference?
  12. Hello guys, sorry for this post but my search failed. maybe my bad english. In earlier versions of FileMaker it was possible to paste images not into the database. You was able to link to them. My database is growing and growing, and I cant finde the old declaration of the container field for the behaviour of it. I don't want to paste the pictures directly into my database I want to see them but the old way over links. Can anybody tell me where do they hide this funktion in version 8 of FileMaker? Thanks for any answeres.
  13. I think I didn't understand what you are meaning =) in Filemaker 8 we now have two kind of Tabs. The normal Tabs I am switching with the tabulator-key to get from one field to the next. And then we have the new Layout-component TABs. My question is: if there exits three Tabs in my layout, how do always get to the same Tab if I am switchen to another layout and then back?
  14. Hey : that's a good answere :, but how do I do this? Can somebody tell me a (ore more) way(s)? with kind regards; glzm0 EDIT: The Thing with the Tab as described above didn't work for me :
  15. Hello everybody out there, I tryed the search and also looked up manually. But this Forum is getting bigger and bigger. Is there an easy way to create a theme for my work? I don't want to copy&paste al the times my layout I like. I recogniced that the delivered themes are .xml files. But there is the next problem for me. It takes hours till I know which number stands for which colour. So are there any helper apps which makes it easyier for me to create standard themes? I hope I described my problem in a right way that you know what I mean : (******* I have to learn more english)
  16. Hey I got it : Thanks for your hints. It works in different ways. I don't know why I overlooked the normal "paste" option in the scriptfunktions :. This works like I want this. I scan with my iSight. That's the reason why it's not possible to fill in the value directly into the field after the scan. First I have to start my Barcodescanning programm. This sends the scanned value to the clipboard. Now everything is working. I am realy glad for you hints. Thank you very much. wkr R.W. aka glzm0
  17. Hello, how do I fill some field with the content of the clipboard. It's ordinary text. Do I have this to do with AppleScript or is it possible with scripts from/for FileMaker? I scan my Barcode with an external application, the UPC-code was send to the clipboard. If I activate the my databse I want to press a button which fills the content from the clipboard in my field. I tryed the forumssearch but didn't find any usefull hints. Maybe someona can help me? : wkr R.W.
  18. Hello again! I want to know what I have to do if I want to autofill a field with content from other tables. Ok here I try to define my problem a littlebit exactlier (sorry for my funny english) Table A fields: userID; userName; userPath Table B fields: userID; orderStatus; item I choose in Table A the 4th record. Now I switch to Table B. If I make a new record in Table B, I want that automatic filled the field userID with the content from the 4th record of Table A field userID. I dont want to add the userID by hand it should happend automaticly. What have I to do for this? thx for any further help.
  19. Hello guys! I plan to make my own DVD-archive. Please don't discuss like: "... there are good solutions outside ..." I WANT to make my own one . OK now my problem: How should I solve the problem if more than one user is using this application (database)?Yes they can work at the same time on the same Database, but I think that would never happen Following I planned before: One file; 1xUsertable; 1xMovietable; 1xMaintable the movietable contains all DVDs. the maintable contains calculations and some variables. And now the usertable? I don't know if I should make FOR EVERY USER A OWN table, or should I put ALL USERS IN ONE table. Is it possible to create a new table with the filemakerscript or applescript funktion? thx for every answere. sorry for my bad english. I hope you'd understand what I want from you
  20. Hey, thx BrentHedden. For the first it works very well . But other ideas also welcome =) - may the best one win thx. wbr Rocco
  21. Hello. I'm also new to this forum =). I hope somebody can give me some little hints how to solve my problem. I want that I can easylie jump between my records. If I'm pressing the button "D" I want to jump to all record start with a "D.." I'm from germany so I don't knwo how you call this funktion in a normal DB. thx for help. wbr Rocco
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