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  1. I've just set up Email to pull down 20 new emails at a time, and it's taking ~45 seconds. (2012 MBP, FM 19, OS 10.14.6) This is an IMAP Gmail account for testing. It seems really slow to me, what say the group?
  2. In the past I've deployed the Email plugin to receive email for a single email address. Now, I am asked to build a basic email client app in FileMaker. What I want to do is set up a way to allow each user to only pull/receive mail from their unique email account across a single domain name, and possibly sending from their own account. I'm thinking the best way to store each account's specific email address is to create a users table. Then on login, then on the receive or connect functions/script step, pull the user's email address from the users table. Would this be the best way to do th
  3. Question re: rolling up a 49 file solution into 1 or 2 files. 2 files would be for a separation model. Are there currently any tools to aide in this conversion? I'm thinking NO! My plan was to copy in all the tables, then create layouts, copy value lists, etc.. Now add relationships. After this bring in the scripts, fixing the broken ones. Then, either fix broken calcs, lookups, etc, OR re-import the fields. Next, copy/paste layouts...... and on and on..... ANY IDEAS?
  4. Thanks Lee and Dave. OK, I'll wait until I'm home from vacation. Replies are much appreciated.
  5. Hi Lee, Just updated my profile here. I'm on OS 10.9.5 and using FMPA 14
  6. BruceR, 'ya know, I had that same thought before I started this thread.................... However, I was hoping for a knowledgeable reply!
  7. I just downloaded the trial version, and the warning I get when trying to open is: This application requires OS 10.10 any thoughts? TIA, Larry
  8. I have a ScriptMaster Module created and installed that only uses CallScriptImmediately. c_SetOrderSubStatusStaticField = Case ( Order Sub Status = "backorder" ; CallScriptImmediately( Get (FileName ) ; "SetNonCalcSubStatusBO" ; "BO" ) ; Order Sub Status = "willcall" ; CallScriptImmediately( Get (FileName ) ; "SetNonCalcSubStatusBO" ; "wc" ) ; IsEmpty ( Order Sub Status ) ; CallScriptImmediately( Get (FileName ) ; "SetNonCalcSubStatusBO" ; "" ) ) Order Sub Status is a calc based on a relationship and is not indexable. The Script that is being called, "SetNonCalcSubStatusBO", is a
  9. What is Plastic doing when the CCSetTestMode is set? Is it sending that switch to Auth.net, and AN does a "pretend" process. It would be great if I could set it to test mode and leave AN to process transactions. This way, I can still process business transactions, while testing while momentarily setting the test mode to on. Does anybody know what this CCSetTestMode does? TIA
  10. I'm in the final stages of testing and I find running a void transaction returns the following error 3|2|16|(TESTMODE) The transaction cannot be found.|000000|P|0|||0.00|CC|void||||||||||||||||||||||||||1CA8E92FDC9DCC9CBE375ED0269108C4|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| I had run the process payment just a moment before. I guess my question is: Is this a problem in my coding or is this what to expect when testing agains the test account that comes with Plastic. TIA, Larry
  11. I'm seeing the freezing in FMP 11 as well.,,,,, actually FM's not responding. Mac 10.6.4 FM 11 updater installed
  12. I'm speaking of the date the email was sent, it's part of the header. This evening I'll take a look at the calls and see if I can get the sent date to populate. Thanks a bunch, Larry
  13. I've just downloaded the 360 works email demo, and it works pretty well…. however, the emails that have downloaded do not show a date/time. Is this a setting? Is this a bug? Snow Leopard, MacPro, intel, FMPro adv 10, using POP. Thanks Larry
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