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  1. I have a report summarizing data on neighborhoods and on zip codes. There are two totals: revenue and people (Both summary fields) The two totals are fine in the summary reports, but I cannot get an average on the two totals What I would like is total rev/total people = Avg. Price I would like this to appear on the report by neighborhood or zip. I can get the total rev/total people to appear on each line with the same value on each, the aggregate total, but not breaking on each sorted field (neighborhood or zip). So far I have tried getSummaries on both totals and also running totals that restart on zip or neighborhood depending on which report I am running, but I cannot get the average to show up. I would appreciate any help this is surprisingly annoying because it seems like something that should be easy to do. Thanks
  2. The only way I have found to make the vertical lines work when you have variable long text to accommodate is to make it a calculation based on the number of characters. You can make the number of lines of the border part of a case statement. In my situation, I use VerticalLine (a couple of pix wide field with a left or right border turned on) placed across the entire grid, and once I get it more or less aligned I group all the vertical lines and send them to the back. This way every time you add a return (a new line to the field, you get another couple cm of border). It takes a little while to get the length right and it helps if you keep consistent the font and size of the font in the field with the variable notes. It seems like a pain, but in fact it works and it isn't that bad. In my case I had to examine a couple of fields across the grid to determine which would drive the need to make the row larger or smaller, in your case it looks like you only have to measure one field to see how long it is. Case( MaxLength≤40; Replace(VerticalLine;1;1; ¶); MaxLength>40 and MaxLength≤80; Replace(VerticalLine;1;2; ¶ & ¶); MaxLength>80 and MaxLength≤120; Replace(VerticalLine;1;3; ¶ & ¶ & ¶); MaxLength>120 and MaxLength≤160; Replace(VerticalLine;1;4; ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶); MaxLength>160 and MaxLength≤200; Replace(VerticalLine;1;5; ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶); MaxLength>220 and MaxLength≤264; Replace(VerticalLine;1;6; ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶); MaxLength>264 and MaxLength≤308; Replace(VerticalLine;1;7; ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶); MaxLength>200 and MaxLength≤352; Replace(VerticalLine;1;8; ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶ & ¶); )
  3. I store donation info in one table, and donor info in another, and compile a series of summaries (FY Giving, Annual Giving, special campaign totals, etc.) in a third. Typically the summary info gets created as a batch, but recently we want to track it on an on-going basis, so as a new donor gets added to the list, I'd like a new summary record to be created also. In the summary table I use the getsummary function so we can query on results based on giving levels.
  4. Is using a script the only way to have a new entry in Table 1 trigger a check for an existing record in a Table 2 and if no matching id is found, create a record in the 2nd table?
  5. I can script a save as PDF, and the script nicely overwrites the file if it isn't open, but I'd like to save the file to a version using a time stamp. So it would be like File_andtoday.pdf
  6. Is there a way to produce a vertical line separating columns in a report, excel-like, if you have no standard row width? The final notes field is long, and makes some rows two - four lines deep, while some rows are single lines. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. I find the merge fields don't really line up well in a paragraph format, so I'd prefer to use a calculation. Is there any way to force the format in the number within the calc? Thanks again.
  8. I'd like to us a number in a thank you letter but can't get the calculation to show a comma. So here is the calc "Thank you for your donation of$" & getastext(trans_amount)& " your donation will. . .etc." Is there a function to add a comma to the number? Thank you in advance.
  9. ljm

    Adding a child record

    You are right. The relationship between BadEmails and Email was not working, because the email record had been deleted and moved to BadEmails. Once I moved the relationship directly to people it worked just fine. Thank you for pointing that out.
  10. ljm

    Adding a child record

    You are right. Bad emails could relate directly to People, but it doesn't relate to Notes (not yet). This is the one thing I do with enough regularity that I need to get a good technique that I consistently re-use. Thanks again.
  11. ljm

    Adding a child record

    The relationship is through two other tables. The relationship table it is so packed because I use about 15 tables for various kinds of info. There is a central table called People. (The hub) People is related directly to Notes (spoke) People is related directly to Emails (spoke) Bad Emails (spoke once removed) is related directly to Emails Bad Emails<->Emails<->People<->Notes I am working in bad emails and writing something to Notes. I can swap the whole layout do something directly in Notes add a new record based on an id from Bad Emails and write what I need, but I thought there might be a simple way to do this with the portal. Thanks.
  12. I have two tables: - email addresses - notes. I have set up a layout with notes as a portal, and using a status on the email address I'd like to be able to add a note to the portal that is address is invalid and it's being removed from the record. Every way I try to script this I can't get a note record written in the portal if the portal does not already have a note in it. I have checked to see if you allow creation of record is checked off (though on the relationship table these two tables are not directly related) Any thoughts about what step I am most likely missing? I've tried both go to portal row first and next, and then replace the field "Note" with a calculation. I get an error message: "This operation cannot be performed because one or more required related records are not available and cannot be created." I know conceptually the problem is that there is no Note record to write to, but can't figure out how to add a new record in the portal. When I use the script step of new record it adds a parent record. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. I think the thing would be to build a little script that would allow something like this: Replace Field Contents(textformatremove(current_field)) This way any field could have the formatting removed. I am not that clear about how to make the replace work on the current field if any one has a suggestion on that I would appreciate it.
  14. I have a database of contact information and as the data grows, more and more of it is cut and pasted from emails, spreadsheets etc. Unfortunately a lot of the fonts/sizes/colors of text are also embedded in the text that is getting pasted into the fields. Is there a way to impose standard font/size/color on the text in the field?
  15. Hello, I'd like to use my FMP data (8.5)a simple email list with the Constant Contact interface. I haven't done anything like this before, but I've heard there is a CC API which allows the information about the email (Subscribe/unsubscribe/bounce etc) to work with my dataset if I can figure out how to implement it locally on our webserver. Has anyone done this? Would you recommend it? I think the churn on the emails the first time might be a few hundred, so its not a big deal, I'd just like to get on the right track. If this is the wrong forum for this question sorry! Linda
  16. Is there a simple way to occasionally archive a few records which may have data in a number of tables to a secondary db which has the same structure as the first? I'd like to be able to move records out of the main db on a regular basis, but not delete them altogether. Thanks
  17. It is a group name field that I sort on so the example should be like this Rec 1 Group Name = Linda Rec 2 Group Name = Linda Rec 3 Group Name = Linda Rec 4 Group Name = James When I sort by group name I can count the members of the groups, but would like a count of groups as well, hence the unique.
  18. I am trying to get a count of all the unique names in a list - I can get a count of all the names in the list, but am stumped on how to get the count to be just the unique values. For instance Linda Linda Linda James would return 2 Thanks, Linda
  19. Thank you for this lead. I have made some variables in my script as recommended, but I am using the variable Get(CurrentDate) which appends the date 4/4/2007 which seems to pose a problem, those slashes don't get interpreted correctly. (I think) This is the concatenated variable $FullFileName S:DEVELOPMENTBAILIS FUND2007 dinnerWeekly Fin Reports Weekly_Report_4/4/2007.pdf which then generates an error message - "2007.pdf" could not be created on disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk" I see that this is related to the directory overall, based on the earlier post, but I can't get the file name right either. Is it the slashes?
  20. Is there a way to specficy the PDF report name as Weekly Report & today's date as the actual name, some MS variable or something you can use? It would be very helpful, otherwise it seems like the user will have to go in and rename the report so they don't keep getting written over. Thanks
  21. I have a parent record of Names and a child table of Contacts for those folks. I also have a related data masterfile for contacts so I can track which contacts are active. I have been trying to create a table occurence using a global in the Names Parent set to Active which relates to the "Active" field in the master, if the contact is active the field is set to active. I am trying to use this to to make the drop down list of contacts show only the active. I have used the debugger to show the values of the global and the value in the child db, and they seem correct, yet the drop keeps retrieveing the active and non-active contacts. I am missing something fundamental, but don't know what it is. Thanks in advance.
  22. I'd like to create a history table for mailings sent to a group of records. Is there a simple way to create as a batch the new records in the history table? When I've done this in the past I export the id only to new records in the table, then fill the other fields for that group with the values required. Would the best thing be to write some kind of script? Ideally someone who understands filemaker will do this kind of thing, but I'd like the process to be somewhat robust. Thanks for any suggestions.
  23. Thanks! I guess I will take the advise to become a member of FSA.
  24. Is there a plug in or custom function that would help in writing a log file that would write an entry of the stats available in the Define Database Table tab upon login and exit? The log table would show the username, the status of each table in the database and possibly a few more statuses that would be summaries of a few of the tables. I've looked through the scriptwriter to see if there is anyway to export or save table stats but don't see anything short of the big DDR and then I'd have to be able to do something with XML. . . Thanks in advance.
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