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  1. Hi Thankyou for your reply. I cannot open your file as I use FMP 11 and not 12. If you can, please upload your example in FMP v11 so I can view it. Thanks
  2. Hi I have three tables: Client, Orders and OrderItems. One client can have many orders and one order can have many OrderItems. Very simple relationship, right? Problem: I am trying to create a layout in which you select a Client and all the orders for the client show up in a portal setup. I am doing the following to achieve this: 1. New layout with only a body, no Header 2. Layout table is Client 3. Client field from Client table with a drop down list showing all the clients 4. Portal of Orders table. Displays data from Orders and OrderItems When I select a client from Clients drop down list, no data shows up in the Portal for that client. I know there are orders for the client. Why is this happening ? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am using FM v11. Thank you
  3. Hi I am using FileMaker 11 on windows XP and exporting the file in Excel 2007... I have exported data a lot of times before but never had this problem. Thank you
  4. Hi I have an Order Management System. I create a Revenue Report based on the month and year given by the user. When this report is exported into excel, I get one row of data and one empty row. I do not use any Group By while exporting. It is a simple export of data. When I look at the report in FMP, everything is fine. If anyone has come across this, please let me know. Thank you...
  5. Hi, I have recently started working for a company. They use an Order Management System using FM 11. They have a Revenue Report which after displaying on screen, they use the File->Export option to export data from it. Problem is : when Export is clicked, it asks for the name of file and type (we export in .xlsx) then there is an option for Worksheet name and after clicking OK, then the system crashes. The people here have been using Recover command to recover and they start using the recovered file. This file works fine for a few days and then crashes again. I cannot recover and start all over again from a recent backup as FileMaker suggests, since this problem has been there since a long time. Is there any other way to solve this problem ??? Please suggest. I am attaching the screen shot of the error. Any help would be highly appreciated......Thankyou Hi I thought I had attched the error file, but I guess not. Here it is... Thankyou...
  6. Not sure if my question goes in this topic or not but here it is: Can anyone tell me how much data can be stored in a FM 11 file. My Order system is not very complicated. Till now the file size is 10KB. Thanx
  7. Hi I have a "Bookings" report that displays orders booked in the month & year that the user provides. This report is sub summarized by Purchaser ID, Client ID, Sales Rep Last Name. Purchaser ID & Client ID are stored in Order Lines table. Sales Rep Last Name is stored in Sales Rep table. When the Report is displayed on screen, Purchaser Name is displayed for the Purchaser ID (Purchaser Name is from Purchaser table). Order Lines table and Purchaser table are related by Purchaser ID. Problem is when I try to export this report in excel, If I add Purchaser Name to export, then "0" is exported. If I export Purchaser ID, it works fine. I want to export the Purchaser Name. I don't understand what I am doing wrong. All other data gets exported fine. Thanx
  8. Thankyou....I will try something else then...
  9. Hi I have a Main Menu layout from which a user will select a Report. When this option is selected, I run a script that Goes to a different layout -> Opens a new window, so that the new layout displays in a different window. This is fine but my Main Menu layout also takes the same dimensions as the new window. I want the Main Menu to remain in Maximize mode and the new window on top of it. Is there any way I can do this ? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Hi I have a table that has 4 fields in it that I need to display in a value list. Field1. Primary Key of the table Field2. Title Name Field3. Location Name Field4. Foreign Key I created a calculation field in the table which joins all the 4 fields. Calc field = field 2&"*"&field 3&"*"&field1&"*"&field2.I put Title Name as the first field in the calculation field since I want the calculated field to sort on Title Name. Then I created a value list which would display this calculated field. Problem is the value list displays a lot of garbage first and then displays the good values. This garbage data is not present in the table when I look at the calculated field directly in the table. Now if I change the calculation field to Calc field = field 1&"*"&field 2&"*"&field3&"*"&field4. THe value list displays fine now but I cannot sort on Title Name anymore. I need the value list to be sorted on Title Name. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou
  11. Hi All I have a layout (layout1) that has a portal in it. This portal is displaying 2 fields (field1, field2). There is a "add" button outside the portal on layout1. When this button is clicked, it takes the user to Field1 of the portal with the drop down list open. Now once the user selects data from the drop down list of field1, I want the cursor to land on field2 of the portal with the drop down list open for field2. I cannot get this to happen. Any help in this would be highly appreciated.. Thankyou
  12. Hi Is there any way in FM 9.0 to lock a table from deletion. We have a "Customer" table that is getting records deleted. We do not have any script to delete any records from this table but it is still getting deleted. I was wondering if there is any way I can lock this table so the records do not get deleted at all. This I assume will be at the FM Security level. Thanx
  13. Yes, all users are using FM Version 8+ Thankyou
  14. Thankyou, I will see if there is another layout. We only have this happen to one client. Either the display name of the tab gets mixed up or the tab itself disappears and only a blank space remains at that place. thanx again
  15. I have 4 tabs on a layout. Job Details, Schedule, Estimate & PO. The Tab names are displayed from Nav_Tabs table. For some reason, the tabs and the tab names get deleted from time to time. Has anyone else had this happen. Any help or any idea would be highly appreciated. Thankyou
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