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  1. Apologies for the delayed response - Manhattan, KS has been preparing for a significant flood event, and I've been distracted with my "other" duties at the Manhattan Fire Dept. When I referred to other income sources, not consulting, I was thinking along the lines of product/solution creation and sales, with the potential to create on-going, recurring revenue. Think SAS. Not aimed at the Filemaker community, but at other vertical markets. (Not a real fan of that phrase, but I think it gets the point across). I have only begun to review the changes in 18, but it does seem that the F
  2. This may warrant a new thread, but I think the question is germaine to the original. I'd like to expand the question to ask: "How many are making a living these days, by creating Filemaker solutions or related products, not as a consultant?" I think we're at a time where FM needs to step up their game to support product development. There has been some talk along these lines a Devcon for the last couple of years, but I'm not in the loop enough to know if this is actually happening. I'm really excited about where FM is today (been developing my own solutions for business and
  3. I have a layout that crashes every time we try to open it, but only the first time of the day. If we open it once and allow it to crash, then open Filemaker again, usually on either the second or third try, the layout opens fine, and works well the rest of the day, unless we shut down FM and restart. This seems VERY odd to me - any ideas? Don't really have any idea where to begin to troubleshoot this one. I do get error messages on windows event viewer - but I cannot decipher the language. Image is attached of these error codes. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! D
  4. It seems to be working now - I didn't change a thing, but about 30 minutes later, it is now functioning on the iPad as I had intended.... this is odd! Thanks Comment for your input.
  5. Yeah - that was an error in posting, not in the script. The second two pics were NOT supposed to be there. The script reads as in the first image... 3 for iPad. Still no go
  6. I've been working on this much longer than I should - I must be missing something simple. I have this script set to run on first window open - would like to be taken to an ipad specific layout. Any idea what I'm missing here?
  7. Every once in a while I come up against an issue that reminds me how little I really know about Filemaker. Creating summary reports is often the issue. I think what I want to do is possible, but I'm stumped. We track violations by address. Every time a violation is found at an address, and new record is created. I would like to create a report that tells us how many times an address is cited once, twice, three times, etc. in a given time frame. I can pretty easily create the summary report that groups by address, and then tells me how many times that address is cited. I need to take it
  8. Good idea Wim - I'll give that a try. Simple, and hopefully effective!
  9. I seem to recall finding a suggestion on this issue before, but cannot figure out what to search for! I have a very brief script that updates today's schedule for my inspectors. If there is no change in their schedule, there's no way to know for sure the script ran. I'd like to flash the screen, or in some manner indicate the script has run. Ideas?
  10. LaRetta - Fantastic! Validation worked perfectly, and so simple. Thank you!!!! BTW - I have the import set to perform without dialog, so the error message does not show to indicate failed import - it just doesn't import.
  11. I am creating an import feature for a web form that generates a csv file. I can't count on the user to always select the correct files to import, so I need to find a way to check for a matching record, and NOT import if a match exists. There is a unique ID# generated for each form submitted as a csv file. I also need to allow auto-enter functions so that a field is set to a particular value on the destination file. I would like to limit user input as much as possible, and script as much of this import as possible, but the schema and logic is escaping me at this time. Any suggestions?
  12. Additional info: the 28 wraps to second line on any mag level other than 100
  13. I have a screen size guide that I have new users open so I can quickly get a feel for how much screen real estate they have to work with. I had what appears to me to be a glitch show up yesterday. The text wrapped from far right to a second row - and I can recreate this issue by changing the magnification level to 75%. Any idea why text would automatically wrap to a second line?
  14. I am taking a new look at how I build in email functionality, and I have created a system that seems to be working well, but I wonder if I'm missing something, if there is a better way, or if I may be painting myself into a corner for expandability down the road. Would appreciate any feedback. I am using SMTP rather than client due to all the challenges we have faced in the past with Outlook/Windows upgrades. A key feature is that I need the outgoing emails to be from whomever is using the FM system, so that reply emails go directly to my user, rather than a generic email account. I accompl
  15. James - I wondered if it might be a 64/32 issue. Thanks for the input!
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