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  1. GManNAtl

    RESTfm Installation

  2. GManNAtl

    RESTfm Installation

    I have apparently installed RESTfm properly because when I go to the report page everything is Green and looks fine. However, when I go to localhost/RESTfm and get the prompt to authenticate nothing works. I do not get any errors at all, the prompt just comes back. I have tried using Server and database credentials but nothing works. I did have this working on a previous server and did not have any issues of this kind after getting everything "Green" as mentioned before. Server version 15 running on Windows 2012/IIS 7 Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. GManNAtl

    FMP14 CWP Value Lists

    If I am not mistaken getValueListTwoFields requires 2 parameters. The fieldname and also the RecordID.
  4. I found the problem, Just in case someone runs into this at some point it is on the layout configuration dialog. Uncheck "Deliniate Fields on current record only"
  5. I have just attempted my first integration and it went great. Everything is working except a strange visual problem. In month view only the record that is selected (one week) shows the fields as formatted in the inspector. Any of the beginning and end dates that run to the previous and next months have conditional formatting and they always display properly. I have checked all the formatting for all states on the "Dx_Text" fields and everything is properly setup. I have also made sure that in the body section both use active state and alternatre rows are off. I copied it straight from the example file and have gone back and forth and everything looks the same. I have posted an example in the link below so you can see an example. One other strange thing you will notice is the conditional formatting of May 31 and Jul 1-4 are different on the "Title" area of each day. I find this bizarre as well, but I have compared the conditional between these two fields "D1_Date_Display" and "D6_Date_Display". Thanks for any help with this issue!
  6. GManNAtl

    Change Font on Inactive Tab

    Thanks Mark, I actually found it about 5 minutes before your reply! I am just now learning the new theme features in 13 and am loving it.
  7. I have searched and surprisingly can't find the answer to something that seems so simple. I am trying to change my fonts on the tab controls, but can't seem to change them for the inactive state. Anytime I try to select them even in layout mode it makes it active and only changes the active font. I have tried what seems to be every key combination when selecting them but nothing works. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Simple answer - "See LayoutNames function" I apologize to both comment and BruceR. You did see the issue for what it was. I got distracted and completely missed your reference to this function. I was simply stuck on the fact this would be a Get function.
  9. Listen I didn't mean to antagonize anyone. The only reason I said that at all is the first two replies simply pointed me to the design functions!! They didn't address anything to do with the problem which was pretty clear as BruceR stated. The title of the post was We all come here for help and I do appreciate anyone willing to take the time to reply, however it doesn't help anyone to post info that doesn't even address the problem. I didn't call them names, or insult anyone in any way shape or form. I only wanted to point out the fact that I understood the design functions and that they overlooked my core problem. If there is any antagonizing going on it seems to be coming way after the fact. Anyway, I have my answer, which is that it's not possible without a script in the second file etc. This is what I had suspected all along.
  10. With all do respect I think the fact I wanted to get info from another file was very clear in my first post if you read it again, either way I digress. Here is what I am trying to do and I am a bit closer but it's not beginning to look possible. I dug into how SQLExplorer works and it is using the ExecuteSQL function with the special Filemaker_Tables feature. This works well, but does not give layout info only the underlying Table names so this won't really work with what I am trying to do. The purpose of this is for a code generator I am working on. I have a database that generates PHP_API code and it works great. I use a combination of Zurb Foundation, jQuery, and AJAX to create list and detail views of my database with one click. It creates field masking, validation, modals and everything automatically. Currently, the only problem is I have to manually enter layout and field names I want for each view. I wanted to enhance the system so that instead of entering the database, layout, and field name info manually for each page I could just "point" it at a database to collect all the layout and field information and generate the pages for an entire database in one shot. Not a big deal for my purposes as I can just copy and paste the script into the database in question. I was just looking to make it a little more modular so I could eventually share this with other users. Anyway, it doesn't seem that without touching the "second" database this will be possible. My other thought for users of advanced would be to pull the info from a DDR XML report and then generate all the code from there which is looking like a solid option other than the advanced requirement.
  11. Did either of you even read my post? I know how the design functions work. The problem is when I move to a new window and run for example Get(LayoutCount) I get the number of layouts in the original file not the number in the file of the active window.
  12. I have created a script that gets the layout count and then loops through to get all the layout names. The script works fine except I need it to get the layouts from another window. So, in the script I move to the window name in question and begin the loop but it gets the values from the original file not the currently active window. I guess this is the way it works, so is there any way around this? There is not relationship between the files nor do I necessarily want one but if it is the only option I guess I can go that way. I know with databases like SeedCodes SQLExplorer it can be done and in this dbase you do actually add the remote dbase to the relationship graph, so that's why I believe that may be the key. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. GManNAtl

    Layout for Proposal/Invoice

    I have built many layouts using the typical approach of basing the layout on the Line Item table and using a list view with header and footer and it work great. However, I am designing a solution now where the line items currently are not products as much as they are brief descriptions of the work to be done of varying lengths. I plan to move them away from this to a more structured "Parts" table, but the transition may not occur for a while. Obviously, by using the standard method I would have to make the body part and associated "Product Name" field large enough for the longest description. Then the short "part" descriptions will introduce large gaps of whitespace on the report. Even if I based it on the parent "Invoice" table and used a portal it doesn't resolve the issue and introduces even more problems. How can I structure the report so the height of line items are dynamic? I don't see a native way to do this, so I am assuming a work around. The only thing I can really think to do is script breaking the line items down so they become several line items when they reach a certain length or something similar. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.
  14. I just checked the second part of your suggestion and that fixed the issue. I guess you have to give Full Menus for this to work! Kinda stinks, but I'll live with it. Thank you very much.
  15. Yes, the record gets created. I hadn't tried it in Pro only Go previous to your suggestion. I ran through the script with the debugger and everything is working properly. The behavior is the same on Pro though. When I get to the layout that is based on the "Media" table with nothing but a container field I can't right click and import within Pro either. I have quadruple checked and the account has full access all the way across the Media table.

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