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  1. In the Preferences dialogue there is a tab for Permitted Hosts, check the host you are referring to is listed here, if so delete it and this should reset your warnings. -- Orlando
  2. I have been trying to run 360Depoy to release a dev copy of our system to our prod server, and keep receiving this error And the process stops, it seems to move the first backup to the prod server, but get no further. On occasion I get a timeout error while it is closing the databases to kickout users. It does only seem to be my machine this has this issue, another developer has no issues running the process. Any ideas what I can do to get 360Depoly to work? Many thanks -- Orlando
  3. I didn't want to comment directly in the thread since it's literally ten years old, but just wanted to say thanks for the custom function here: https://fmforums.com/topic/51439-cut-carriage-return-from-text-field¶/?_fromLogin=1

    1. Orlando


      Wow, that is quite a while ago:) thanks for the message, and I’m glad it was useful for you.

      — Orlando

  4. Hi, Check your active state condition on the segments, matches the inactive state, the only time I have seen this occur with individual button segments is when its active and the active state has a different padding. -- Orlando
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if FTPeek supports SSH Key Pair Files or in any way? We have built a system using FTPeek to upload and download data to a 3rd party SFTP site, all working great, except the 3rd party now want us to setup an SSH Key Pair and provide them the public key, and control the security from our side, but I am unable to get FTPeek to connect without errors. Has anyone done this? Many thanks for any help that you can provide. -- Orlando
  6. Hi, I have got FTPeek working with another companys SFTP site, and all is going well, until I needed to connect to another server of theirs. If I use exactly the same function for SFTP, with correct IP Address username and password I get “Could not authenticate SSH client: FAILED” Another test of adding 990 to the IP Address “###.###.#.#:990” and specifying “ImplicitFTPS” I get an error “The remote computer does not appear to support the SSH protocol” I am able to connect using FTP Voyager with the same details, includeing "FTP over SSL (Implicit) Port 990" I have also trie
  7. Position Title: Junior FileMaker Developer Description of Duties: We are currently looking for someone to join our existing team of 3 in-house developers as a Junior with a basic understanding of FileMaker Pro as a development platform for a four to six month contract. This is a good opportunity for someone who has been building databases in FileMaker at a basic level and wants to continue to develop their skills using FileMaker further and build on the knowledge they have. Bestinvest looks after over £4 billion of assets for its clients. It was founded 25 years ago and is back
  8. Hi I am using the SendEmailWithAuthentication funtion to send batches of email from my database, however when I input the body of the email as HTML source code, direct from Dreamweaver, the emails are more likely to be marked as SPAM as apposed to just inputting text into the field and using the GetASCSS function to convert it to HTML. Is there anythink I am missing or a particular way the HTML needs to be presented to not flag up as SPAM? Many thanks for any help you can provide Regards -- Orlando
  9. Quite right Comment, I actually posted the wrong function. It does not need the reformatting at the start, but yours is still simpler. Thanks -- Orlando
  10. Hi Jalz Here is a very simple Custom Function I use for this. It simply checks there is an @ symbol before a period ".". [color:blue]xCF_EmailValidationBasic ( email ) Let ( [ Filtered = Lower ( Filter ( email ; "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789-_.@POSSABLE_USAGE{}~^?=/*'&" ) ) ; LocationAT = Position ( Filtered ; "@" ; 0 ; 1 ) ; LocationPeriod = Position ( Filtered ; "." ; LocationAT ; 1 ) // Locate the period, but only if it is after the @ symbol. ] ; // Start Calculation If ( LocationAT ≥ 1 and LocationPeriod ≥ 2
  11. Hi beaglepro. The simpliest way to do this is to use the date functions, and adding 3 to the Month parameter. [color:blue]Date2 = Date ( Month ( date1 ) + 3 ; Day ( date1 ) ; Year ( date1 ) ) This will also take into account of the end of the year and move it on if necessary. Also if you want the first day of the month change the Day parameter to "1" I hope this does the trick -- Orlando
  12. Hi there Dan, You should be able to see the licence key you have used for each copy on the info screen of the About Filemaker window. In FileMaker, top left on the OS menu, next to the Apple Icon, click on "FIleMaker Pro > About FileMaker Pro..." and then click on "Info" and this should give you all the details you are looking form. I hope this helps. Regards -- Orlando
  13. Hi Mark As Mr_Vodka said, you need to make the calculation unstored, you need to make sure you have selected the "Do not store calculation results" option (see pic) As soon as I did this it worked fine. Regards
  14. Hi spongebob I have had this problem in the past and it turned out to be an issue with the font assigned to that field. Double check the font used on the field is installed on your machine, and probably best to use a standard font such as Ariel if not. I hope this helps Regards Orlando
  15. Hi Dave I think you want to replace the first line, Go to Related Record with Go to Field, and specify a field in the required portal. That is if you are starting from the layout with the portal on. Otherwise you will need to specify more about the context of where you are starting and the table structure, and what the script needs to achieve. Regards Orlando
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