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  1. I'm having a problem getting BE_SMTPsend to successfully send an email with an attachment. No problem sending without an attachment, but when I add an attachment, I get an error 2 (not sure exactly what that means, but without the attachment, no error) These are the argument strings with and without attachments: I have tried both relative and direct file paths for the variable $attachment. Examples are: Both of them return an error code of 2. Since the 'send' without an attachment works, all the values of the fields/variables other than $attachment mu
  2. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water....... Thanks for the heads up.
  3. I've got it going without using OAuth or an app password. Following the process below on my google mail account, I got into security and a 'less secure app access' option. Google doesn't recommend using it, but by turning it 'on', I (and my clients, when they turn it on for their gmail accounts) will be able to send email from FM through gmail, just like it used to work before Google upped their security game. Here's the process: 1. go to http://www.gmail.com This should open your gmail account and display your inbox (at least it did for me). If not, you may have to log
  4. Ok, I have to confess my ignorance. How/where do I find OAuth and do I set this up once and pass it through my FM 'runtimes' to my clients? Will the same OAuth setup work for all my clients? Where can I find the process for the App password? I've looked in FM for OAuth and have looked in the 'manage account' options for a gmail account without any success. I doubt that in general my clients have business accounts with google. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. As I suspected - a security change (improvement?) with google/gmail. I'll see if I can make this work. Thanks.
  6. For years - at least fm 12 and most recently through fm 15 - I have used the script step 'send mail' successfully to send email through a gmail account. I have done that successfully as well with the base elements script steps BE_SMTPServer and BE_SMTPSend. Sending mail through gmail has recently stopped working in several different solutions that use these routines. Other, non-gmail accounts, continue to work so something seems to have changed with the way gmail handles requests from a Filemaker solution. I have verified the SMTP settings in the solutions against the settings specified
  7. I have a widely distributed solution that uses the runtime option in earlier versions of filemaker. I don't believe runtimes are an option in 19.
  8. Can I upgrade directly from FM 15 advanced to FM 18 advanced?
  9. I have successfully been using the base elements script step BE_SMTP_Send for sending email via gmail. I have verified the gmail SMTP settings. The error returned and the curl trace are attached. Any insight? I have also tried the standard 'send mail' script step and get an error with that as well.
  10. I integrated this into my applications and deployed them. Again, I have no idea what the issue was that caused this procedure to stop working, but the case is now closed! Thanks again to 'Comment' for all the attention and help.
  11. Well, that does it. Using your code I finally got the import without the parsing error. With kid gloves I'm going to integrate this script, or if I have to, this file, into my applications. I have no idea what's different here from the way I was doing it in my applications, but at this point I'm not going to lose any more sleep! Thanks for sticking with me and promptly replying to my notes! I'll add a note when I've got it deployed
  12. It's not intermittent. It started about a month ago and has continued ever since. I have 2 different applications deployed (via runtimes) and all my users (that I have heard from) are experiencing the issue Did you import from the file on my web-site without incident? I did some more testing using the xml example files from the Filemaker support/downloads site. I ran a test on my computer, using the attribute import as supplied. All was ok. I ftp'ed the xml file - mdso_attrib.xml - to my web-site, modified the import records script step for the http option, and got the sa
  13. I apologize for missing your October 15 post. I still have the problem. The style sheet (RM5currentRelease.xslt) has been uploaded for reference here. I have compared it to and it matches the style sheet available from the 'Technical Resources', XML example files, on the Filemaker support/downloads screen This style sheet and procedure for retrieving the data from the xml data source on my web-site has been functioning literally for more than a decade but for some reason has recently ceased to function. I have been using BBedit to update the XML file on my computer and then uploadin
  14. BE_SMTP_Send is successful when I 'send' an email message without an attachment. The same Send, when adding a single attachment using the file path to a pdf attachment fails with an error code '2' (don't know what that means). The file path that is used is obtained from an 'insert file' script step. I've tried using the file path in both a container and a text field. I've tried both file: and filemac: formats for the file path. What am I missing?
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