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  1. tomp

    parsing error on XML import

    The attached XML file works fine as a 'file' import. But when importing via http (using the same XSLT file), the import gets a parsing error. The xml file and the parsing error description are attached. What's different when importing via http vs. a file import? Where/what is the expected 'white space' when doing the http import? RM5currentRelease.xml
  2. I have been using 'PackageMaker' in macOS for distributing my FileMaker runtime solutions since macOS X was deployed years ago. PackageMaker is 32 bit and will not run on macOS Mojave when it is released. Mojave is likely to be 64 bit only. What is a 64 bit replacement for building distribution 'packages'?
  3. Without the optional HTML and attachment parameters, my BE_SMTPServer/BE_SMTP_Send function calls successfully send an email. When adding the optional HTML and attachment parameters (HTML is null, attachment is text), the email fails with a returned error code 2: CURLE_FAILED_INIT (2) Very early initialization code failed. This is likely to be an internal error or problem, or a resource problem where something fundamental couldn't get done at init time. The attachment has just been browsed for and 'inserted' into a container field, and the file reference for the attachment established via 'getastext(<containerField>' This is the function call in the script that results in the error code of 2: BE_SMTP_Send ( parameters::smtpReplyToAddress; parameters::text3; parameters::text2; parameters::text1; ""; $bcc; parameters::smtpReplyToAddress; ""; parameters::newsletterAttachmentText ) This is the function call that successfully sends an email: BE_SMTP_Send ( parameters::smtpReplyToAddress; parameters::text3; parameters::text2; parameters::text1; ""; $bcc; parameters::smtpReplyToAddress ) Can anybody help with what BE_SMTP_Send is objecting to when including the attachment parameter?
  4. tomp

    deploying FM apps

    I probably didn't make myself clear. I deploy FM runtimes for FM applications that I developed for mom-and-pop businesses in a niche market. I have been using 'packagemaker' for deployment for years, but have learned that Aple does not currently have, nor do they plan to have, a 64-bit 'packagemaker' available when support for 32 bit apps end on OSX. Mike Duncan said: "I use this one: http://s.sudre.free.fr/Software/Iceberg.html" Is iceberg a 64-bit application? Or would I have the sam issue with it (the 'post date' for the link is 6/22/15). Don't want to invest a lot of 'learn' time if it doesn't resolve my issue.
  5. tomp

    deploying FM apps

    What installers are people using to deploy their FM apps on Macs? OSX Packagemaker is 32 bit and soon won't be supported.
  6. tomp

    splash screen shows in Runtimes

    Thank you. That did it. Had no idea how that worked. I noticed that my QBO Connector Plugin was already in the 16.0 Extensions folder. Guess that went there automatically when it was installed. Thanks again. Mission accomplished!
  7. I have un-checked FM Books Connector in preferences/plugins for all installed FM versions, yet when I create runtimes, the splash screen shows every time the app is run. I don't think my clients see it, but it wastes 30 seconds of my time every time I run the apps. These apps do not use FM Books Connecter. Since I've un-checked the plugin in preferences for all my installed FM versions, what else do I have to do to suppress the splash screen in the runtimes (it doesn't show when running FM Pro or FM Pro Advanced)?
  8. We are having an issue with the ipad occasionally getting a 'host not found'. The 'external data sources' have the proper IP address of the host computer, but even with the ipad right next to it, the 'host not found' message occurs. Is there a way to make a hard connection between the ipad and the host for filemaker-sharing?
  9. It is seen with the other list of files that came with GO (assets, contacts, etc.) When it is clicked, the cursor just begins spinning (I assume meaning FM Go is not responding) and never stops. We have deleted and reloaded FM GO and reloaded the app file to the ipad without resolving the issue.
  10. the version of FM Go that will not open the file is 15. the file was created in FM13 advanced and recently updated in FM15 advanced. I have not been able to contact the other ipad holder now (the one that works), but that was installed some time ago. My guess is 13.
  11. I have an FM GO application that opens and runs on one ipad but not on another. What might be the issue? FM GO just spins when trying to open the file; other files provided with FM GO (e,g, contacts.fmp12) open just fine.
  12. Everything is working fine in the solution, except that I need to add a field to one of the tables in the solution. File/Manage/Database hangs the system causing me to 'Force Quit' the application (same result in Windows 7). File/Manage the other options works fine. I have gone through 'File/Recover' and the recovered file gives the same result. Other files/solutions do not experience the problem. I'm using FMPA 13. Any suggestions?
  13. One (and only one) of my users is getting the following message everytime a character is typed into a text field: 'cannot load main spelling dictionary' Is this an internal RM dictionary? Or is it looking for some other dictionary? Suggestions as to what to do? (I don't want to turn the spell checking off) This is the only symptom of any problem/corruption with the runtime. Could some security program have stripped the dictionary during the download/installation of the runtime?
  14. tomp

    URL handling inconsistencies.

    I'm having a similar issue - Win 7, FMP12. I'm using 'set url' in web-viewer to post data to a a web-site. I build the url in a common field and 'set url' in Web Viewer to the common field. The url is 1598 characters long. The receiving site accepts the post, but ignores the last 500 characters of the post. It successfully and accurately processes the first 1098. If I copy the url from the field in FMPA12 and paste it directly into a browser, the entire url is processed correctly. Is there a size limit on the url the web viewer can handle? Or an issue when using a field or $var to 'Set URL' in Web Viewer? If I use Open URL it works, but I don't want my user to have to manage meaningless windows that open and stay open in their browser as a result of Open URL. Here's the url with credentials and site names edited out: https://api.xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/upload/qqqqqqqqqqqq/yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.asp?line1="wwwwwwwwww","zzzzzzzzzz","1","1","7/22/2013","362"&line2="RV","101","RV","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","3","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","4","3","3","3","3","3","3","3"
  15. I am using 'open URL' to 'post' data to a web-site. My script creates the URL for doing this. The browser (both FireFox and Safari) returns a 'Request URL too long' for some postings. It seems there is a limit to the url length the browsers will accept, although I have not been able to confirm. I could 'script' around this using multiple 'open URL' statements each posting part of the data, but each 'open URL' statement creates a new tab in FireFox. Have not tested on the Windows side but suspect the same result. Is there a way to suppress the 'new tab' result when using the 'open URL' script step? An 'endless' list of tabs to get the data posted is unacceptable to my users.

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