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  1. thanks a lot man, it worked out really well.
  2. I have four variable called start date, start time, finish date and finish time. I want to calculate the total time but when i do a simple finish time - start time and if the finish time is in AM(the next day) and start time is in PM i get a negative time. basically i want to involve all the four variables to calculate the total time and store the value in a variable. Can this be done? or is there an easier way to do this? Sorry im a dumb newbee
  3. I want to enable a pop-up menu when a text field has a particular value. The only way i could sort-of get this to work was by creating a calculation field which would have a simple if statement. The problem is i cannot change the value of the pop-up menu since it is a calculation field it is stuck on the default value of the pop-up menu. Does anyone know another way to do this? One way could be if a script would run when the condition was met in the calculation field (the cal field would be separate from the pop-up menu. can we run a script in a cal field?). suggestions are welcome.
  4. thanks a lot steve, your suggestion worked. the value list had "pack" in it. I haven't made the DB. thanks a lot to everyone.
  5. I have a very strange problem, i have previously tried the "YES" method and it hasn't worked for me. So i reversed the method, left it checked and change the script to "NO" it does uncheck it. works one way and doesn't the other way. any ideas?
  6. I have no idea how to check a checkbox in a script, i have tried Go to Field[select/perform, "field name"] sorry for a dumb question
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