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  1. I can't access or download PDF's in a container field when the solution is hosted via Webdirect. Is this problem fixed in FMS15? Thanks for your help - it's much appreciated.
  2. Same problem here. Cannot view PDF's in a container field. Is there a workaround?
  3. As Pooh Bear once famously said "I can't read" Thanks very much. Works a treat.
  4. Very helpful indeed. I was able to get this working right away. And I am sure the users could deal with entering decimal figures. Thanks very much indeed for all these replies. I have been helping students with a video assessment, thus the delay. I couldn't get the Auto Enter calculation to convert the entered data to a percentage. I am not really experienced with Auto Enter calculations so I will be using the links supplied to research. I have attached screen shots - not sure what is wrong here. Once again, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge - much appreciated.
  5. I have a simple solution where teachers can enter an overall mark for a task. One teacher now wants to be able to deduct a percentage of that mark for poor grammar, spelling etc. This is not a commercial situation, so three fields would be acceptable. I'm not sure where to start, except for three number fields: mark; penalty; final_mark. Any tips much appreciated.
  6. The solution has a standard A4 form on the left side and a web portal display on the right. When I upload it to Webdirect I only see the left side form. I'm doing something wrong in the design part - I seem to be limited to standard portrait and when I try landscape it makes no difference. I need the web viewer and the form in the same display. Any tips most welcome.
  7. I am trying to work out RoboPrint but I can't get past the first stage, because I can't have 2 Filemaker programs sharing files. Is the answer to turn off Filemaker sharing on the server? I'm confused about this.
  8. That last comment is especially useful, thank you. On the layout - I understand what layouts are capable of. I mean that I am using layouts as a way of presenting data choices. As for updating the schema - unavoidable in this environment. I am the person who shows admin the value of Filemaker. They would not pay for the license without me. If the project grows, I recommend they hire a developer. It's really as simple as that.
  9. Actually, this is to create records, not find them. I want this scenario: a user chooses their year of enrolment and their subject area from two different pull down menus. Then they click on a "new record" button. This fires a script which takes these two pieces of data; and from them, switches to a layout which only has the subjects that were available in that year. The student ticks boxes for the subjects in that year as completed; or not. Then they print the result and take it to a meeting. This is for postgrads who are getting further degrees and an advisor needs to just look at a printout
  10. Thanks for this. I have completely redesigned the project. I have cut the fields down to less than 40. I do have another question please. I want to use a calculation to go to a layout. I've found examples but they are not right for this. I need a calculation to get the results of two fields, combine them and go to a layout. As in: 2011 and maths = go to layout maths2011. So I need to use 'get' and 'case' - am I on the right track? Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks very much. I'm a novice - do you mean that a field for a subject like SCDE100 in 2011 and 2012 are not created separately? Each year has a list of subjects that have some new codes and some old codes. I'm not gathering results. I see what you mean about optimising the data but I need to get my head around it. I have access to Lynda.com so I do have resources if I know what to look for. Would the key concept here be - displaying data using formulas? Thanks again.
  12. I am writing a database to gather information on student's degree pathways. I have 4 years of intake; 2011 - 2014; the discipline - maths, arts etc - 7 choices; then the subjects they have completed or are completing. In total this is 900 fields. This tool is not for official records; it will be used to calculate which subjects certain students still need to complete. So record numbers will not be large. My question is this: should I break up the table into years? This is the way I am planning to design the file: a student will login in via IWP (moving to 14 eventually) then select a year and
  13. Ok. Cancel that I turned off page margins and it's fine.
  14. I can't seem to make a wide layout in vs 13. I have files made in 12 which I just extended by dragging sideways and longways. This layout needs to be wide and I used this type of layout on FM server before and it's fine on the web. What happened to the new layout section? It's kind of strange now. Anyway, I looked for the line to drag out on the screen and it won't budge. I need 2 pages wide and 2 pages long - it will never be printed. Thanks very much.
  15. Thanks for both contributions. They both worked very well. Since they perform slightly different functions, I got a 2 for 1 deal! ;-) Much appreciated.
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