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  1. Sweet! That works great!!! Thank you Dana! Is there a function in this forum to send me emails when ppl reply to posts?!?! I can't find it.
  2. Yep, I'm positive. I can't enter any of the fields that are 'unmodifable'. However, I just made a duplicate of the Venue ID field ... with the calculation as described ... and now I'll just search via the duplicate field. A bit of a pain, but works. Hey, is there a function on this forum to email me when a reply is posted?!?!?! I can't find it! Thanks Ralph.
  3. Ummm ... I can't enter the field in Find mode manually. Are you sayin I can by script? I don't think that's what you're saying. I know I can copy the contents of the field by creating a global field with a calculation of the Venue ID ... But when I go in to find mode, how do I do a search with the serial I've copied?
  4. Hey, I'm tryin to write a script that will do a find on "Venue ID" ... however the field is a Serial Number (type field) with the option of NOT allowing users to modify. So, how can I go about preforming a search when I can't even enter the Venue ID field in Find mode? Yikes! Thanks for any help!
  5. Hi, I've setup a few databases ... I have my opening file that opens all the other databases needed. I've set passwords so that when I log in I get admin rights ... when the user logs in, the only get limited use. Is there a way to find out who's logged in from the password they type in when the file opens? I don't really want to have to create an user and passwords database just for login. I've got an If statement on the user in the startup script ... so: If["Status(CurrentUserName)="Me""] ToggleStatusArea(Hide, Lock) Etc ... but if I needed to logon to the database on another user's computer ... this won't work, right? Any ideas?
  6. Thanks Queue ... I CAN'T believe it doesn't remember the PRINTER DRIVER! HOW DUMB IS THAT!? I read that you think there are plugin's that could possibly do this? Can you point in the right direction?
  7. Ok, so I do my Print Setup ... then I create my print script ... but it won't go back to the printer I've set for a specific print script! AGH. It just keeps the one that's currently active. For example: I have a brother printer select ... I run my print script and it uses the brother printer. I have a PDF driver selected ... run my print script and it uses the PDF driver! NO NO NO NO ... that's NOT what I want!!! PLEASE HELP ME. .... I did use: Restore Print Setup. Anyone?
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