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  1. Ok, I get what you are saying. So something like this would be better-- So this works for one, but not both. Works if fk_BoxID has a value- How would it work if there is a value within AltBoxId. My issue still remains: The catch or issue I am having--Case( fk_BoxId "" then use fk_BoxId to get box Height; fk_AltBoxId "" then use fk_AltBoxId to get box Height; "Error") With the new method, I can see Width for those products that have a value for fk_BoxId. But if fk_BoxId is blank and there is a value in fk_altBoxId then the relationship needs to use that value. (this was why I thought I would need width, height, and length within the product table. I was thinking I could do a calculation with an if statement.) New file attached Sample.fmp12 Sample.fmp12
  2. I have attached a sample database as this is hard for me to explain. But I will give it a go. Any help, I would be very, very grateful as I can not figure this one out. Outline: Two Table-Product and Boxes Primary Key:Boxes:pk_BoxName Foreign Key: Product: fk_BoxName and fk_AltBoxName Relationship: What I am trying to achieve--In the product table I am trying to fill in the Width, Height, Length by way of a calculation. The catch or issue I am having--Case( fk_BoxName "" then use fk_BoxName to get box Height; fk_AltBoxName "" then use fk_AltBoxName to get box Height; "Error") The issue is I need to check fk_BoxName and fk_AltBoxName use for the relationship. Only one can have a value else "Error" What I have tried: Case ( fk_BoxName ≠ "" ; boxes::Height; fk_AltBoxName ≠ ""; boxes::Height; fk_AltBoxName ≠ "" AND fk_BoxName ≠ ""; "ERROR" "ERROR" ) I also tried lookup for my calculation without any success. My guess is lookup might be the way to go, but so far no go. I have attached a sample database with both table and the above Case in the Product:Width. Any help or suggestion would be very appreciated. 😎 See-->File Maker Pro File--> Sample.fmp12 Sample.fmp12
  3. I have either a txt file or I can do a copy and paste. I have 1600 records and I would like to find by part id, 50 of the 1600. I could manually type in each of the 50, but there has to be a better way. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Thanks all Bruce, Lee, Josh. Perfect Trim( getValue( substitute( yourString; ";" ; "¶");1)) I had misspelled by field number when I replaced the your String above. All is working correctly now and is exactly what I was looking for. get Value was much easier. I will have to do some homework on getValue. Thanks again
  5. Thanks Lee for the update. Josh I must have type something wrong let me try again.
  6. Hmm that not working very well. If I have a field(call it List) with it value being "Cat; Dog; Horse; Pig" What calculation would I use to get Dog? What calculation would I use to get Horse? What calculation would I use to get Pig? If this were php I would just separate each at the ";" , and put into an array. Lastly then call the array. File Maker is a little different for sure.
  7. Sorry Lee. When submitting the system hung. So after about a minute I hit Submit again. Waited two minutes-Nothing. did a refresh then it took it the third time after about 30 seconds. Not sure the reason for the delay. But the Double post is probably from me hitting Submit twice.
  8. I have a field string->Dog; Cat; Horse; Frog; People I am trying to make a calculation field that will put the value within separate fields. So I got the 1st one--Left(field;Position(field;";";1;1)-1) This works to get the word Dog. But my next calculation field is not working- Left(field;Position(field;";";1;2)-1) Of course I did not get to Third, 4th, 5th. what am I doing wrong? Can someone enlighten me.
  9. Huh, that is interesting. I will have a question, but let me see if I can do some leg work to figure out your find request. P.S. Thank you. Yes, I am reviewing your script now. Both work great. Just working on logic so I can understand
  10. Regarding the Find Script Above-I think my issue has to do with I need to use Extend Found Set ?
  11. This is interesting. Let do both. I have attempted to do both. Related Record Script--I did a relationship. I then did a script with related records, but nothing happens. Find Records Script-I think I am close on this one. The only issue is when I run it the find will only bring back one record. For some reason my loop does not seem to be working. Thanks for your feedback and help. Below is my current update file with both of my scripts. Data.fp7
  12. Fair enough. Attached I have a Database called DATA It has two Tables: 1) NamesTable 2) Lookup What I want to do is have the NamesTable only show those 50 names found within the LookupTable. Currently, the NamesTable shows 500 names. I do not want to go to the NamesTable and type 50 names into the find dialog box. There has to be a quick way. I think I would either need related record here or something with a script and find. Data.fp7
  13. I know this can be done, but I am not sure where to begin. Related Records only give me one item back. I have: Table 1 has 50 records one field(part #) Table 2 has 10 records one field(part #) I want to use table 2,10 records to find those records in Table 1. So in the end, I will be seeing Table 1 with only those found records. Thus max would be 10 records(if all were found) out of the 50.
  14. BruceRconsultantLooks like it time to upgrade. dwdataWOW, it works. I have not looked at what you have done yet, because I was to excited to message you. VERY COOL!!!
  15. BruceR: I have version 12 could that be the issue? Mine does not looks or reacts anything like yours. Thanks for working with me. Chuck
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