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  1. Hi, You guys are genius ...that did the trick .... now ...How do I "slip" back into narrative text after the last field formatting SITE_ASSIGN2 i.e. SITE_ASSIGN2_NAME SometextSometextSometextometext What goes in-between the field SITE_ASSIGN and Sometext :? Thanks for your help and quick replies....
  2. Hi, I am using FM 10 Send Mail. In the message box I have placed the following information: "Dear "&applicants::first&" "&applicants::last&",¶¶" & "Congratulations on your appointment as an ALC Elementary Nurse for Summer Session 2009. You will be working for the following program(s): " & applicants::SITE_ASSIGN1_NAME & applicants::SITE_ASSIGN2_NAME The applicants first-last fields are text fields and I am having no problems formatting a SPACE between them . The Applicant Site Assign fields are calculation fields and while I do see the field information when sending the email and I am having no luck trying to format 1SPACE between SITE_ASSIGN1 and SITE_ASSIGN2 .... How do I do that ? Thanks, Jim
  3. Hi, I am having exactly the same problem -----and I am wondering about your solution -----I get how you are creating a local FM file, through a script, to enable value lists --- The question I have is: How are you pushing edited data BACK to the MySQL table after editing in a local file using the method described ?.....
  4. Hi, My apologies in advance for the semi-stupid question. I am confused by FM implementation of "key" relationships. There does not seem to be a way in the relationship graph to create an "OR" relationship. For example: If I create a "many to many" relationship from a social security key and would like to find a related record on social security OR last name ...there does not seem to be a way to do that in the relationship graph. Am I missing something? ..is there a way to "trick" FM into doing OR relationships?...do I have to script this functionality? Thanks in Advanced
  5. Steve, Thanks for your offer for help, this thing is driving me nutty! It still is not working. Most of what you said I had already figured out and tried, but let me explain what I have got here and maybe you can point me in the right direction The installs: - I have Filemaker Server Advanced 8.04 with a DB named Employees.fp7 being served - On the same puter I have a client version of Filemaker 8.5 Advanced - I have the Troi Activator installed, configured, and working in the Filemaker Advanced 8.5 folder Troi Activator - I am using the Troi Activator "everyday example" that comes with the Troi Activator package - I have tried EVERY file path/name permutation known in the universe and it does nothing - I transferred all of the "everyday example" code into my Employees.fp7 file and just tried the following combination Get(Employees.fp7) ........."IMPORT NEW RECORDS" (name of the script) I also cleared out all past events, scheduled a new event, with date and time ......nothing happens! - All aspects of the Troi Plug-In are working---except it does not TRIGGER A SCRIPT My Questions: - Do I need the Troi activator plug-in installed into the FILEMAKER SERVER folder on the puter? - I have tried installing it into the Server folder ---I see it in Filemaker Server Admin Plug-Ins tab ----bit it is giving me a "not loaded" message even tho I have loaded it and checked the "loaded" check-box - I have Troi installed in the Filemaker ADVANCED 8.5 CLIENT ----that should work--right? I mean if I fire -up client advanced and then go to the remote Employees.fp7 file....the plug-in should work ...right? - Is there something in the way I have PATH configured that is still possibly wrong.... should I use Employees instead of Employees.fp7 ? arrrggghhhhh...this is driving me nuts...should be working CODE: I do not change any code except for the exaple below ..... In the "schedule it" script (part of the Troi Activator- everyday script example) I have: Set Field [this::gErrorCode; Actr_ScheduleEvent("-addSingleEvent"; Timestamp(this::gNextDate ; this::gDailyTriggerTime) ; "Get(Employees.fp7)"; "IMPORT NEW RECORDS" ; "" ; "";)] Jim E Hi Jim; That function in Activator needs a few options passed to it. The syntax is: Actr_ScheduleEvent( "-addSingleEvent" ; T Timestamp(Get(CurrentDate ) ; Get(CurrentTime) + 3 ) ; Get(FileName); "Trigger Script 1"; 1214232 ; "blahblah" ) The meaning of each line is as follows: adSingleEvent" queue an event Timestamp(Get(CurrentDate ) ; On what day will it run Get(CurrentTime) + 3 ) ; at what time will it run Get(FileName); From which file will it run "Trigger Script 1"; Which script in that file will it run 1214232 ; This is a unique id to ident the event "blahblah" This can be any text ) The parameter for filename was a lot more important in the old days when Filemaker used seperate files to store tables. You would use this feature to tell Troi which file you were going to execute the script in. For most of what people do these days though, its all performed in one file
  6. Hi, I have Troi activator plug-in. I am using the simple "daily activate a script".....in the demo. I have transferred all fields/script steps etc into the file and machine that will be activating the script. All buttons/fields/ etc seem to be working normally except the script does not execute. I am wondering if I have a file path problem in the "Schedule It" script .....maybe some help please The tutorial has: Get(FileName); "triggerscript"; "123", "abc" I have entered: "filename.fp7; "NAME OF SCRIPT"; "123"; "ABC" and it does not work I have tried: "path applications/path FM Server 8/path FM Server 8 data/ path FM server 8 Databases/filename.fp7"; "NAME OF SCRIPT"; "123"; "ABC" and it does not work Should I be using the Get(FileName) function?...or is it the path?...or?....have anything to do with FM Server 8?..any help would be appreciated Jim E
  7. Hi, Stupid server scripting question from a dummy! I am "pushing" (cron job) from a MySQL DB into a folder on the puter that houses Filemaker Server Advanced 8.5. I then have written a script step (importing records) from a FM client on a remote machine that accesses FM Server and "updates" a file and adds new records by importing from the MySQL file....and it works! My trouble is --- 1) I want another user , with an FM client, at a remote location to be able to use the same script step and update records--- 2) The "import" script step is not web-compatible 3) Even if the script step was compatible it still opens a dialog box for you to navigate and fing the MySQL(.xls) ...impossible to do because it is located on a remote non-mounted volume.... I guess my larger stupid question is: How do you make script steps within FM Server that become usable/workable on a variety of remote machines with an FM client?..... This must be EZ ...I don't get it ...it is so different than php and MySQL....
  8. Hi, i am running FM 8.5 client on a Mac in my office. i am trying a little test to see if I can import records from a remote Mac server into my FM DB. The remote server does not have any version of FM installed. I have placed a .tab in the Public Folder on the remote server, and on my FM desktop client I have tried to access/import the file on the remote server by: 1) Turned FM network sharing on a selecting file in prefs 2) Using the script import step ....and navigating to the file using the FM steps.....and having FM insert the file path... and doing it manually 3) Trying a variety of alternative file paths...for the hell of it...using the actual server address etc.... I get an error every time ...."cannot locate file" .....or cannot locate "?" It's gotta be EZ ...what am I doing wrong? Jim
  9. uhhhh....WRONG.... the fields are already text....it has something to do with the way EXCEL 1) formats fields on import 2) and auto removes the first character..if it is a zero....
  10. Hardware/Software Mac G5, OSX 10.4.6, FM7 Description: I have one table (APP) to hire/assign employees to a job via a pull-down value list. In another related table (JOBS) I have budget codes assigned to the specific jobs. (19 digit numeric. Example: 0172620330361409200). When I assign an applicant to a job, the 19 digit budget code is auto-entered into the budget code field in the APP table. When setting up this relationship I noticed that the APP auto entered the budget code into the field (as expected) but formatted like: 1.762e+17 …if I clicked into the field it would change to the expected 19 digit code. I solved this problem by changing the formatting of the field, so I no longer see 1.7262e+17 any longer….just the expected 19 digit code The Problem: I am required to submit this data (Export) in .xls format. When I export the data from FM (.xls, merge, SLK, FM, .tab ….you name it I have done it) and then drop the exported file onto EXCEL, the field with the budget code either reads: 1.7262e+17 OR (strangely) it enters the last 18 characters of the budget code (ex. 172620330361409200) and will not display the beginning (19th) character which is always a zero….. Stranger still …..I cannot seem to change the formatting of this import in EXCEL …it will not allow me to “force enter” the beginning zero in the budget code! I have tried every conceivable trick I know to solve this problem - copying/pasting budget codes into different fields and then importing - trying numerous field formattings - changing field types and definitions - writing copy/paste scripts and then importing The Desired Solution: A nice simple/clean export from FM in any format ---drop onto EXCEL and see all 19 digits beautifully displayed… Anybody run into this problem before!
  11. Hi, I am using the "Actual Technologies" ODBC driver to import data from a MySQL database to an FM 7 DB (using MySQL 4.1, Mac 10.4.2, FM7). All columns import just fine , except one. I have a MySQL text column that I am trying to import into an FM text column and I am receiving an error in the FM 7 import field (text.dat) instead of the actual data. I am positive it has to do with the query. I am currently using a SELECT * .....and I think that I am going to have to modify the query a bit for that particular column ......trouble is ...I do not know how .... Anybody out there know?
  12. Hi, I have a MySQL table on a MacOSX 10.4 server and Filemaker Pro Server 7. I am using the "Actual Technologies" ODBC driver for this project. I have a number of fields I am trying to import from MySQL into a client FM DB. The Problem: Two of the MySQL fields are formatted as DATETIME and they serve as a creation and update AUTO-ENTER fields using the NOW() MySQL function. The fields are auto filled with a string that looks like this 20060125132456 (yr, m, d, hr, sec) ....when using the FM ODBC importer these two fields import and look like this 365: 12: 23 .....all other import fields work perfectly..I have tried changing around FM field types...nothing seems to work ...I would like it if the fields were imported either as a text string (just like MySQL) or with FM DateTime formatting... Is there an EZ solution? Is there a workaround? Is there a product I can buy (ODBC) that will greatly simplify communication back/forth between FM and MySQL and will resolve these field type differences automatically? Thanks, Jim E
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