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  1. if you have a field called "CreationDate" which is the day the orders are entered, you could do this for the "DateSold" field: Case ( DayOfWeek(CreationDate)=2; CreationDate-3; CreationDate-1)
  2. try what I had suggested, ie, adding a new field for manual overide, if this field is empty, calc uses user input, otherwise it will use whatever you have input in the overide field.
  3. Welocme to the FMForums...without knowing exacly why you would want to do that, you can use "Auto-enter calculation." You could, however, have an overide field, so that if the overide field is empty, use the calculation, otherwise use the value in the field. For example: field_c = if (isempty(field_z);field_a*field_b;field_z) where field_z is the overide and whatever you input in field z will be the value.
  4. Assuming the PO# is in the "Productnumber" field and the ID is a unique not empty field, you could create a self relationship based on "Productnumber" Then, make the field "Total_Locations" a calculation such as Total_Location = count(Location_self::ID)
  5. This looks great. Has anyone done this for Windows?
  6. Go to Mikhail Edoshin's Weblog where he describes the method of bypassing the IWP screen and using your own. http://edoshin.skeletonkey.com/2006/12/how_to_bypass_t.html
  7. I couldn't get the PHPSA to generate a site that has passwords so I enabled the guest account and PHPSA llowed me to generate the pages. Now the issue is, how do I set the generated pages with a custom login/logout so that when a user logs in, they can view or edit only their records based on the login credentials? What I envision is a home.php page that will be used as the logger, then propagate this through the other pages. Thank you.
  8. I would recommend starting with FileMaker since it is more user friendly and you can achieve most of your regular office automation in less time than Access. The report in question seems to be a 'juiced-up' report from the included templates that come with FileMaker so, lucky for you(John Mc), you can get going from day one. The template name is "Expense Report." I agree with comment that this type of reporting could well be done using sub-summaries, but that doesn't seem to be the consensus over at FileMaker, Inc. The template used one of my 'pet peeve'... go ahead, take a guess.... WE WILL HAVE THE ANSWER AFTER A BRIEF COMMERCIAL BREAK...
  9. If [PatternCount (Get ( PrivilegeSetName ); "UserPrivilegeSet") > 0 or Position (Get ( ExtendedPrivileges ); "fmiwp";1;1) > 0] Go To Layout ["Main"] else Go To Layout ["Menu"]
  10. If (Position (Get ( ExtendedPrivileges ); "fmiwp";1;1) > 0) Go To Layout "Main" Else Go To Layout "Menu"
  11. Verify your file references by going to File > Manage External data Sources > Make sure the paths are correct, it could be looking at your original data source. If that looks okay, try File Save As clone. The
  12. You probably need to base your relationship "Pay By Check" to a stored calculation field to capture the transaction month: transaction_month = MonthName(payment_date) Then use this field "transaction_month" for the relationship key.
  13. A few questions for you before trying to help. We need to know: 1. Do you already have a layout for generating the labels? If not, start with that. 2. Are these mailing labels or some other type of labels? If mailing labels, FileMaker has a wizard to help you with that. 3. Do you have a way of distinguishing your users, for example, sales dept, customer service, etc. This will be key in properly navigating or finding relevant data in what you termed as "for people whose have specific data in certain fields." Once we know the answer to the above, we'll gladly help you. Welcome to the Forum.
  14. Remove the check mark in the field control behavior from "Allow field to be entered in browse mode" and also do the same for Find mode.
  15. Breezer


    It is quite possible, infact there' plenty of threads addressing this issue: Follow these links: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/192202/post/276524/hl/filter/fromsearch/1/#276524 You can also be creative and use a drop-down list by using comment's suggestion from this post: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/193018/post/280309/hl//fromsearch/1/#280309 Portal_Filter.zip
  16. Go to Related Record [From Table etc.etc.] SHOW ALL RECORDS Omit Record Show Omitted Only Go To Layout ["MyLaout"] Enter Preview Mode [] Perform Script ["PageNO"] Enter Preview Mode [Pause] Enter Browse Mode [] Go To Layout [Original Layout]
  17. To add to the suggestion by Fenton Open up the field options for the field, you will notice that there are two options for theserial number generation, one is Generate "On Creation" the other is "On Commit." If the records are creating via a script, you can use either "On Commit" or "On Creation" since you can add the script step "Commit Records/Request[]" to commit the record. Otherwise, I would recommend using "On Creation" that way as long as the record has been created, it will have the serial number. The disadvantage is if the user created the record in error, a "revert record", will not reset the serial number in the field definition.
  18. Not sure exactly what you need, but if you want to capture the Filemaker screen, you can use a script as follows: Go to layout[original layout] Enter Preview Mode[] Copy [select] Enter Browse Mode [] Paste [select;Test::ContainerField] Go to layout [original layout]
  19. In the privilege set for "Users", if the the "Available Menu Commands" is set to "Minimum" right clicking is suppressed. try and change it to "Editing Only"
  20. Thanks Soren and D J for pointing that out, all along I have been assuming it's required.
  21. yes, it needs you to explicitly tell it the result to set into the field is TEXT although you are using the date range. the field that you are trying to set is a date field hence to insert a date range you need to use "GetAsText"
  22. I assume anything that has no value in AttenNum is pending: Case ( not isempty (AttendNUM) and (AttendNUM)=0 ; "Decline" ; AttendNUM ≥ 1 ; "Accept" ; "Pending") OR USE IT THIS WAY: Case ( isempty (AttendNUM); "Pending"; AttendNUM ≥ 1 ; "Accept" ; "Decline")
  23. it is usually good practice to show the status area when in preview mode. How about modifying the script as follows: Allow User Abort [Off] Go to layout ["Print"] Show/Hide Status Area [show] Enter Preview Mode [] Print Setup [Restore; No dialog] Pause/Resume Script [indefinitely] Allow User Abort [On] Enter Browse Mode[] Show/Hide Status Area [Hide] Go to layout [original layout] NOTE: even when status area is hidden, when user hits the "enter" or "Return" key, the script will resume.
  24. need to use GetAsText: ${Territory}:language updated; GetAsText((Get(CurrentDate) - 30)&"..." & Get(Current Date))
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