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  1. @Beverly - I see what you mean about the indent. It seems like FMI could make the left padding match the field's when the labels are placed above. @Josh - I'm so used to seeing the smaller, bold label that I forgot it won't be that way anymore. Still though, there was an issue with the Field Picker not aligning the labels with the fields so they all had to be adjusted up or down. But then I realized the labels are always center aligned and the fields are top aligned (by default) so some consistent padding and alignment will fix that too. @OW (good to see your hairy smiling face!) I'l
  2. Sorry for the two-part question but they seem to go together... I'm starting to rewrite my FMP5.5 to FMP11 UI. I'm graphically challenged so with the intention of making use of the larger displays, I'm looking closely at what some of the industry leaders have put out. So far, every FM Theme sample or product, or example that I've run across for single-line fields, field labels, or buttons use both padding and alignment when it seems that having only padding or alignment on 3 of the 4 sides is necessary and would be more useful. For example: 12pt Left-center aligned text
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