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  1. I've updated my computer from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. My FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 does not launch. I get the message "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect." What's the solution for this issue? Update: I clicked on an fp7 file, and then Windows asked me to insert the FileMaker CD, which I did. Some files were quickly copied over, and everything works fine now!
  2. OK, guys, I finally solved the problem: I simply set the executable file to compatibility with Windows XP Service Pack 3. I'm still on Windows 7 Pro 64 (and seriously thinking about moving to Windows 10 Pro 64), and most of the time FileMaker 32 bit works fine on this OS, but sometimes the 64 bit property makes a difference! Who the heck knew about this?
  3. Many. many hundreds of calculation fields, all unstored. However, I'm going to be building a new dual Xeon 6146 Gold rig, with ECC memory, so maybe that will clear up the problems.
  4. Has FM conducted comparisons of floating point performance for the different versions of FileMaker?
  5. I write very complex commercial and custom programs for science, engineering, and business, often using FileMaker. I know that I'm taxing FM's abilities---and it sometimes chokes. With FileMaker 7, if I click on a tab to go to a different layout, the new layout appears instantly, even though the calculations have just begun. But in FileMaker 11, if I click on a tab to go to a different layout, the new layout doesn't appear until the calculations are completed. However, if the calculations are very complicated, the new layout appears almost entirely white! Now, sometimes FM will complete its work and display all the fields, as it should; in other cases, FM seems to be churning--Windows says the program is "unresponsive"--and the program does not complete. (And, no, I don't code "infinite" loops.) Has anyone else experienced this? What, if anything, can be done?
  6. I commonly use the same field names and some scripts in different Filemaker files. If I import a script I have to change the table name for all the fields in the script (although the actual field names are the same), which is a nuisance. Does anyone have a utility to do this automatically?
  7. OK, so now I have the export working and the Send Event script step which runs a Windows batch file to take the exported field and change it to Win ASCII and run the True BASIC program to get the output (in an ASCII file, of course). Now I went back into the script editor, and lo and not behold there is no script step to import a file into a field (a text field in my case). So now what??? What am I missing? Why would FM have an Export Field step but not an Import field step? Ah, I now see the Insert File script step--let's see how this does! Well it doesn't--and least not yet. I've tried text, calculation, and container as the aspect of the importing field--none work so far. If I use the "reference only" option and make sure the file has a .txt exention, FM will provide an arrow in the container field so that one can click on that and Notepad will open--displaying the data. But that's kind of a nuisance--I want the numbers directly displayed in the field. OK, this morning I added a line to the batch routine: type myfile.txt | clip. Then in the FM script I navigate to the importing field, select all, and paste. And voila the text is there! So, all's well that ends well. Still, FM needs to revise the Export Field script step to export to a Windows ASCII file and FM should add an Import Field script step to import from a Windows ASCII file
  8. Fenton's answer is for Mac, not Windows, and UTF-8 will not work--only ASCII. After some more hours of searching, I found iconv_for_windows, which can, in fact, convert UTF-16LE to ASCII. Then, I have to apply sed_for_windows to fix the line-endings. I think that FM should provide a patch for all versions from 7 to the present to allow the specification of the encoding for the resultant text export--like Windows ASCII.
  9. After some more hours of experimenting, I see that FM is exporting the field as MAC format UTF-16LE (as verified in EditPad Lite 7). The "type" command will not work properly with that format--nor will my back-end program. What I need in Windows is US 7-bit ASCII text format!
  10. I'm on Windows 7 Pro. If I load the file in EditPad Lite, I get the column of numbers. So why the heck doesn't "type" work for this file???
  11. Using FileMaker 11 Advanced, I'm exporting a single text field (via script) to disk to be read by True BASIC, which I'm using as a back end (because of the complexity of the math). I updated my profile, as requested. I'm using "type file.txt" from the command prompt; the result is just one number. But if I load the file into Notepad, I get the row of numbers. This whole thing is very strange
  12. Suppose I have a column of numbers in a text field and I wish to export that field. What happens is that only the last number of the column gets exported. If, on the other hand, I separate each number by a comma, one after the other (not in a column), the export function works: all numbers are exported. The problem is that some other applications cannot easily read a comma-delimited text file--they prefer to read a column of numbers. So: is there any way to export a column of numbers (contained within one text field) to the disk?
  13. The Reciprocal System: Macrocosmos Database is the world's only astronomy/astrophysics database for the Reciprocal System of theory. It contains numerous examples of every class of celestial object: galaxy clusters, galaxies, star clusters, stars, planets, moons, minor bodies, gas-nebulae-dust, and voids. It also includes calculations for the properties of the universe as a whole and calculations for the number of habitable planets. Property explanations are given in terms of the Reciprocal System. Also included are thousands of images and videos. For Windows XP and higher; download link will be provided at time of purchase. Available from www.amazon.com and www.transpowercorp.com.
  14. Lee, thanks, but that link doesn't really tell me anything.
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