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  1. Hi All, I'm new here so aplogies for the dim-wit question, I've been searching the net looking for my answers and have so far been unsuccesfull. I am trying to set up a version of FM7 client to run on a G4 running OSX (Panther). What I want to do is allow someone to FTP a new database up to it and for it to be hosted. In order for this to happen they will need to close the DB first, FTP it up and reopen it. I have the FTP server working but can't find any way of allow a remote user to close/open databases. The names of the databases will be fixed so I can hard wire the names. I have seen the Troi plug in that allows scripts to be triggered but it does a hell of a lot more and I would ideally like something simple and free! I have some scripts that run on the client machine but if I share that DB over the web and press a button to run the script nothing happens. Also, on the old FM5 installations I have I could serve web pages using FMPro using the web folder and the web companion. How do I get that working under OSX, is there another Web Companion extension I need to get? Yours confused and hoping for some guidance. Rich.
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